Volume 10, Issue 2, page 7

deep feeling put into the reciting of t h i s
Psalm, and those with any insight could see
waves of color surrounding many of the group.
We then switched to the color violet -- which
produced almost the same reaction as the blue.
It seemed to step up the spiritual side, stimulate the imagination on the creative side. It
is no color for those tending toward the moronic mind; it is far too depressing for them,
as they do not seem able to respond to it.
Otherwise, it is a most harmonious color for
most persons.

We then decided it was time to experiment
with colors in the home. This took a great
deal of time, and 'grumblings from the men of
the house -- that is, some of them. They didn't
want the responsiblity -- nor, perhaps, the

One member -- I'll call her Mary -- decided that
each room in her house must be different -- each
color her favorite -- with no regard for the
wishes of the rest of the family. There were
six in the family, and the project was viewed
with much grumbling and fault-finding. Finally,
she decided to consult other members of the
household as to their likes and dislikes, and
the project started with the master bedroom ,
which she made a lovely peach shade, heavy on
the pink side. A rug with ro se designs was added
to the color scheme. To this, her husband added
white shades, with peachy-pink drapes. Light
green touches were added in pillows on the
lounge. The effect was most lovely and peaceful. This color stepped up the tone of both
she and her husband, and since it agreed with
their own favorite colors -- both of them being
on the less materialistic side -- it brought
about an inner peace.

Attention next was turned to the kitchen.
The three boys -- who were in their 'teens --
wanted gay colors, like reds, yellow, greens,
all atone time. The one daughter wanted bright
sun-yellow; she had to live in it -- eat in the
kitchen, unless company came. Again there was
confusion, and it closed on a sour note among
all of them.

The parents invited the children into the
bedroom and the color problem for the kitchen
was threshed out. Since the daughter is rather
of an excitable nature -- and all yellow would
be far too stimulating -- a soft shade of blue
was decided on, with wallpaper oTS one side
with touches of orange in it. The boys picked
out the floor covering, which was a light tan.
The only red in the kitchen was a china tea pot
-- which made an excellent splash of color on
the yellow tile. Curtains were added of a
lighter shade of blue and the table and chairs
were on the light tan side. These colors agreed
with all of them, and tone was decidedly
stepped up. Formerly, the kitchen had been a
dull green , which became a muddy green w h e n