Volume 10, Issue 2, page 5

In direct relation to the depth of the hyp- tism and self-hypnotism are scientific imposnotic state is the degree of complete control sibilities. The similarity and confusion of
manifest, and once the state is well estab- terms is unfortunate.
lished, all independent reactions to the phys- True suggestive-therapy is in no way assoical senses of the subject are nullified. The ciated with the hypnotic state. Neither is men.
subject thus sees, hears, tastes, smells, and tal discipline nor various forms of positive
feels only that which the hypnotist says that conditioning of the mind. These are construche does -- and nothing more! Only the will and tive and entirely opposite to the destructive
intent of the operator can be expressed thru process called hypnotism.
the subject. Hypnotism in any degree or under any conThe subject will carry out the commands of dition is destructive in nature. It tears down
the hypnotist only to the extent these corn- the subject's barrier of "will-protection". It
mands convey the real intent of the will of subjugates the will of the subject to another
the hypnotist. The subject will not murder or totally. It is a method of altering the intersteal or perform in an immoral manner unless pretation of stimuli without consulting the
the actual intent and desire to do so is with- will and intent of the subject. It does not
in the will of the hypnotist. The will and remove the weakness of personality which permoral values of the subject are in no way con- mitted the perverted interpretations to manicernedi Mark this well. felt in the first place. The changing of inSuggestion during a state of hypnosis is terpretation of stimuli under hypnosis acts as
impossible! All direction commonly spoken of a cover-up of symptoms, not a correction of
as "suggestion" is nothing short of an irre- cause.
futable responsibility upon the consciousness
of the subject. Under hypnosis the subject has Man became free when he recognized that he
absolutely no choice whatsoever. Auto-hypno- was subject to law. -- Durant
Science Often "Murders" the Only Apparent Dead
T WAS recently published in the press that
in one country in Europe a regulation was
passed by the health department according
to which all dead should be buried within
12 hours from the moment of death. To all
familiar with philosophy and metaphysics
this measure is considered as a murder of our
beloved departed ones by the authorities in
the hands of the embalmer and the physician.

It is well known to all metaphysicians of
all schools, ancient and modern, that it is
the soul, this spiritual entity, which manifests thru the physical body and its parts
during the life of man on Earth. There is a
close association and collaboration of the
soul of man and of the physical body, which
continues as long as the body remains in good
condition and thus the soul can use it for its
various manifestations and functions in life.
As soon as the physical body, either by an accident or by disease, becomes unable to keep
this union and collaboration with the spiritual
soul, then the separation takes place and the
physical body returns to the earth to disintegrate into its material elements, whereas the
soul disassociating itself from the body returns to the spiritual realms of the cosmos
whence it came.

Philosophical schools, ancient and modern,
accept that after the death is declared by the
known signs of the stopping of the heart beating, the rigidity of the body, etc., it takes
three whole days or 72 hours for the separation
of the soul from its physical body thru the
severance of the silver cord. This has been
proved by the so-called dead who were certified
as such by the medical doctors and whose bodies were taken to the funeral homes, when the
dead regained his senses and came out of this
temporary state of necrephania.

Such a case was reported a couple of years
ago in one of the funeral homes in Brooklyn,
N. Y. When the embalmer began embalming the
body, suddenly the "dead" started to move and
to open his eyes, wondering what was going on!
The embalmer was frightened by seeing the previously dead body come to life and try to get
out of the coffin, and he fled calling fo r
help. The ambulance was called and the man was
rushed on a stretcher to the hospital for examination. The physicians who had signed his
death certificate accepted that they erred in
their diagnosis of the death of their patient!
We repeat that before the passing of three
days or 72 hours no separation of the soul from
the body takes place. Therefore, any interference with the body by the embalmer in the
funeral home, all the pain caused thereby is
felt by the soul, which is unable to use its
body to resist these surgical interventions by
the embalmer or physician. Thus, the poor soul
of the "dead" man suffers helplessly in great
agony in their hands.

A similar condition is experienced by the
soul during dreams, when the person finds itself in an accident or is under attack and suffers all the agony therefrom without being able
to come back to its physical body and defend
it in this agonizing state of the dream.

Many years ago in Europe, when the dead
were buried without being embalmed and the
bodies were interred before the elapse of this
three days' period of time, there were recorded in many cemeteries instances in which, when
the grave was opened, after two or three years,
the skeleton of the dead had moved from its
original position and it had turned in many
positions in the grave. This person was buried
under the state of necrophania. It was interred
alive and when the man or the woman came to
themselves in their grave they fought to escape
their earthly prison to no avail and died in
terror, agony, and suffocation!
Such tragedies do not occur today because
the bodies of the dead are embalmed within a
short time after their certified death or they
undergo an autopsy by the physician. In both
cases the dead man is murdered by science. Thus
it is made sure that he cannot come back from
the dead any more and tell what happened to
him or her !
The Pythagorean Society and other philosophical schools and organizations know this Cosmic law and we keep the bodies of our dead untouched before the elapse of this three days'
period required for the separation of the soul
from the physical body to take place.
6 The ABERREE MAY, 1963