Volume 10, Issue 2, page 2

MAY, 1963
(Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites\
/ BERREE for Eutoarthan
, ,dMZyarsd,oku Venusmzrusk, Satehuernn, J
Vol. X, No. 2 Pl
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POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously.
The infiniteness of Man is not reduced
to a"split infinity" by wars, taxes,
or"experts" who seek to sell him what
he already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change
our minds f rom issue to issue, or
even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each Man has the inherent
right to be his own and only "Authority" -- with his wife's permission.

Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to
"educated guesses" about Man's destiny -- if there's no price tag to it,
and if the guesser has no objection to
our guessing that he's only guessing.

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F.Scn., B.Scn., HDA, HCA, et al ad infinitum ad nauseum

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The three of us -- a Baptist
minister who had dropped in to
discuss some printing, a "freethinker" who had just dropped
in, and the Editor who was always "in" -- were sitting there,
a cup of coffee before each of
us, mildly discussing this and
that -- such as Castro, weather,
and a State Legislature in its
usual state of unpredictableness. The discussion was quiet ,
since we all seemed agreed
none of us would like being
in Castro's shoes (nor in his
clutches); that the weather
could be improved (or could be
worse); and the Legislature
would look best if the adopted
uniform was a coat of tar and
"God damned morons!" the
freethinker exploded.
"God is punishing us for
electing such self-seeking mento make our laws, " the minister said. "By our votes we
have given the reins of government to Satan. We sowed the
seed; this is the harvest."
We knew better, but couldn't resist asking: "Who's God?"
The minister broke the brief
silence. "God is the Father,
and as our Father, we cannot
question the wisdom of God.
Nor do you, all the words you
use in your magazine to the
contrary. They are mere red
herrings you drag across the
trail to confuse people into
thinking you aren't the Godfearing man I know you to be."
"Yet you have questioned
His wisdom -- just now," we replied. "Didn't He make the
Legislators -- and the voters
who put them in power?"
"Satan's doings!" the minister exclaimed. "God Himself
is a loving God -- as you know.
Let's don 't blame Him for what
the State Legislature does."
"Then how could He punish
us for electing those Legislators -- and yet have nothing to
do with putting them in power?"
The freethinker chuckled.
"It all breaks down to one turned to the passage in quesfact -- WE are god!" he said. tion. He frowned as he read.
"We are punishing ourselves." "Well, it only says the Lord
"If we are God, then God is God sent HIM forth, but it must
the Legislature, too. Is that be assumed that He meant man
what you mean?" we asked. as a whole, which would inIt was the minister's turn elude Eve, naturally."
to chuckle. "You see how con- The freethinker grinned.
fusing it all can get if you "Then what did Jesus mean when
deny the original story of He said the kingdom of God is
creation?" he asked. "If we within? Surely, Christ wasn't
all are God, as some proclaim referring to the Garden of
who by their very claims de- Eden, because man was without,
fame the entire concept of God, or God was, or something."
then we reduce God to the lev- '.'Jesus was thinking of man's
el of the serpent who brought potential," the minister said.
about man' s original downfall "If you are willing to believe
in the Garden of Eden. We elim- in Jesus, to accept that H e
inate any need for our Blessed died for our sins, to believe
Saviour to have died on the that by this redemption we can
cross for our sins nearly 2,000 have everlasting life, then the
years ago. We make a mockery Kingdom of God I S within, if
of all religion, good and bad, you are willing to invite God
right and wrong, punishment to come in and live. It's conand reward." fusing only if you want to be
"That would be bad?" the confused; if you want to twist
freethinker asked. "If God is the words of Holy Scripture
all, isn't He as much evil as around to fit your purpose --
He is good?" that purpose being to make a
"Works of Satan!" the min- liar of the Book."
ister exploded. "Only Satan "Where is within?" we asked,
could foster such concepts." of no one in particular. "Are
"Maybe Satan wrote the Bi- you thinking of self as a body,
ble," the freethinker haz- and the 'within' would. be the
arded. "Doesn't the Bible say equivalent of trying to locate
God is all?" your liver, or your bl000r
"Omnipotent, omnipresent, are we really spirit tieing the
and omniscient doesn't mean body only temporarily? T h i s
as it affects us," the minis- would give us no location in
ter replied. "When Adam and space -- just as even the most
Eve were ousted from Paradise, learned can't locate God in
they became beings of volition , space. How, then, can we locate
for which they alone were re- God within when we are unable
sponsible. Prior to the sins to find something for Him to
committed by Adam and Eve, all be within?"
that God had made was good, "Not changing the subject ,
but they contaminated all this but do you suppose we'll have
by disobeying God's laws, so , nice weather for the Band Fesas Genesis tells us, God sent tival this year?" the freethem from Eden and setup cher- thinker asked.
ubim with flaming swords to "We should," the minister
see that they ate not of the agreed.
tree of life." And we think the predicting
"How about Eve -- didn't He of weather two months in adsend Eve out too?" we asked. vance was a safer subject for
"Certainly!" The minister us to discuss -- since, apparwalked to the bookcase, from ently, we knew more about it
which he took a Bible, and than any of us did about God.