Volume 10, Issue 1, page 12


I'll tell you a story
About Jack-a-Nory:
And now my story's begun.

I'll tell you another
About his brother:
And now my story is done.

I N THE reactive unendingness of the heliocentricity of Mother Nature, there is no
"I", no columnar uplift that comes to an
end surging out on top and feeding back to
the bottom, thus X-wise. X marks the spot
that can come to the helix only when some
extra sensory impurity is implanted in her
coils at the bottom and becomes an erupting focal point of infection., The active fallout from
such a built-up solar center reacts and this
reintegrated reactivity, that feeds back the
divided pi-eces, is another unending heliocentricity, unless the engrammic implanting procedure is repeated and the helix is forced to
again come full circle to another shorted endbeginning. But without an end-beginning there
is no "I" and no story to tell.

The end of the helical crator is "I." and,
at once, the radiating Father creates the death
of Mother Nature's heliocentricity and the
conception of straight-line radioactivity are
I and the Father, who are one, that is one and
the same point. To tell a story is to toll the
disappearing helix totally and unfold the apDearing points of radiating straight lines.
The story is unfolded from the top story of
the helix. "Jack" is the extra sensory implanted ferment that jacks up the helix beyond
her critical zero size. In chemistry, "nor" is
a prefix denoting the parent compound from
which another norates. Jack is the parental "I
and the Father", the "Nory" point of the dichotomy that narrates the story. Jack is a
nickname for Jacob and means "supplanter" or
"following after". His impure presence supplants immortal heliocentricity with deadly

Jack-a-Nory is the hyphenated existence of
ends-beginnings that are so attached to each
other that there can't be one without the other.
Conception can come only thru death. In
their interlocking common point, there is
neither one nor the other but the two-in-one.
The colon after "Jack-a-Nory:" shows this endpoint dividing as colonic. droppings from above
as so-called blessed events. The "a" in Jacka-Nory is a negation and shows that Jack is
not a Nory any more, nor the parent compound
any more, but just an active colon. And so the
story of objective "my" is begun. The period
after"begun." shows that it is, at once, an
end heliocentrically. Jack-a-Nory is that zero
"I'll tell you another about his brother,"
is just saying that death and conception are
twin brothers and the story about one is the
story about the other. To "tell you another"
is to tell you another tall story. They are
not true brothers because they do not come
naturally. They are built up by extra sensory
means. Moreover, the story done and begun is
one and the same point. Where conception goes,
there also goes death. They supplant and follow each other. Observe the colon after "brother:", the drop-out of twin droppings. These
twins are simultaneous and mutually consequential. The choice between them is a choice between the lesser of two identical evils. The
natural, immortal helix has to die to win the
jackpot of conception. It takes but an extra
"Lou" (we'd better, we have a
favorite sister named Louise) ,
but with "Louis" heading one
column and "Lou" another, readersmight get the idea we're a
bit "loo-ney" -- if our columnists will forgive us the pun.
...However, there's nothing
looney about a new hobby Maxine/Lou /Mac has picked up --
putting jigsaw puzzles together for less persevering neighbors and friends, and getting
paid for it...