Volume 10, Issue 1, page 4

I HE ANCIENT mystics are right around the
psychic canner, breathing down our necks.
Science has reached back into the dusty
scenes of history to bring forth a brandnew instrument for the modern psychic researcher.
Those who have read my articles and stories
know I call a spade a spade. After which I
use it to dig a hole with, and the deeper I
dig the better I like it. My digging has turned
up some strange, fantastic, and often unbelievable objects and items of interest.

To date, I've turned up nothing more exciting than a discovery in the laboratories of
Roy Davis, in Green Cove Springs, Fla. This is
the rediscovery, actually, of the ancient principle of viewing the inner and outer magnetic
auras. This rediscovery is still in the infant
stages within the labs. I'll say no more about
it for the present because I want to tell you
about a "different " aura viewer which Roy has
labeled the Etcacolor aura viewer.

Being an Egyptian psychic schooled in the
"secrets" of mystic seeing, I have often witnessed those vivid and vibrant colors of the
human aura which only psychics and mystics have
been able to observe. But never was I able to
hold them for any duration of time that would
allow me to inspect them to my heart's content.
Never before have I seen these living colors
floating in space like a manifestation from an
unknown and un-named world.

I have investigated and tested more highly
advertised, fraudulent objects than I can
count or even remember. I've looked thru instruments that are supposed to show the magnificence of the living aura in all its glory. I
saw nothing. I get so disgusted with the frauds
and fakes who sell this bunch of junk that I
could shake them. They drain the public dry
and give them absolutely nothing in return exRoy Davis looking thru his Etcacolor Aura
cept a psychosomatically-induced suggestion.
Those who are susceptible to suggestion believe they "see "something for a few times.
Then the suggestion wears off and they are
disgusted, disillusioned, and down in t h e
psychic dumps again. They reach out for another decoy and go thru the whole heart-breaking procedure again and again.

From now on things should be different. The
quackery and dishonest tricks being offered to
the psychic investigator have been put to shame,
and the cheating frauds that prey on the public will be laughed into non-existence.

I had been hearing about the Etcacolor aura
tube since the early part of 1961. Being a
psychic who can see the auras at will under
proper conditions, and being able to distinguish one auric manifestation from another, I
was frankly skeptical of the possibility of
any instrument aiding the non-psychic to see
this phenomenon. I arrived in Green Cove Springs
in January 7 of this year with my tongue in my
cheek and a''show me" chip on my shoulder.

The first thing Roy Davis did was show me --
and as long as I'd known Roy and knew he never
misrepresented anything, I should have known
that even in this he would be true to type. He
took the instrument apart piece by piece and
let me examine each part thoroly. Then he let
me sit there and watch him put it together so
I would know no trickery had been added. After
which he handed the Etcacolor aura tube to me
to experiment with as long as I pleased.

When I placed my hand under the lamp as instructed, I saw the indescribable living colors
of the Etcacolor aura on the drape-covered
lamp shade, in all its brilliant magnificense
like a miniature aurora borealis. Roy tested
with me by placing himself in such a position
that I could view his auric manifestations.
Thru these tests we learned that two persons
may have the same colors radiating from the
body, but there is a decided difference in shading and order of these colors. This is something I had previously suspected but had been
unable to determine.

The color spectrum is in different order
than the primary colors. The spectrum runs
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.
Frequencies of this spectrum were increased by
at least one full octave as seen thru the Etcacolor aura tube -- over the ability of my psychic
sight. Blue that is seen with normal psychic
sight becomes purple or purple blue.

A plain white light seemed to increase the
aura while the fluorescent light had a tendency
to reduce the aura but increase the clarity of
the colors.

Words like "fantastic" and "amazing" were
too simple to describe my deflated skepticism.
I was actually seeing, with an instrument and
without using psychic sight, the weird phenomena of vivid colors my grandmother showed me
when I was first learning to develop this ability as a child.

And it was done without a long period of
training, or sitting quietly in a dark mull,
mumbling some special mumbo-jumbo. Nor was it
necessary to add gadgets, or color filters. I
just looked -- and there it was, "pretty as a
picture". And that can be done, too, photograph the aura. I've seen some beautiful ones
Roy has taken -- which makes the aura tube as
fully scientific, and provable, as the X-ray.
re-discovered by Dr. W.K. Roentgen in the tailend of the last century.

It is better not to know so much than to
rube know many things that ain't so. -- Josh Billings.