Volume 9, Issue 10, page 16

assist people to advance spiritually, mentally, ethically,
or combinations of each...
whether some are more effective
than the others or not. Human
beings are sufficiently diverse
to have peculiar needs and
probably like many ABERREE
readers, I believe most of us
(perhaps all) Thetans or Souls
are (if we could dig deep enough between the facade of
'things' and 'pictures') the
same, single, aware and knowing eternal being. (Let's call
this Being 'God'. O.K.?)
"In assessing the relative
benefits of spiritual-mental
methods, the 'Tone Scale' is
useful. Can you agree that if
a method assists individuals
to rise up the scale it is relatively good, and conversely,
if it depresses individuals
down the scale, it is relatively evil? This is my view.
"You already are aware of
my very high regard for the
Moral Re-Armament movement,
what it has accomplished and
what it can accomplish for our
nation and the world. I would
imagine that most people who
subscribe to MRA's simple moral principles probably do not
think of what they do as 'techniques' or 'methods'. There are
millions of these people thruout the world who would not
know what you were talking
about if you mentioned 'past
lives', 'space-opera', Scientology or such. Yet, essentially these people have as
their GOAL the same end as all
mental -spiritual therapies,
techniques , and methods . a
world in which Dynamic Eight
or our innermost Selves, guide
our outer living. These people,
whether they be Western Christians, Middle Eastern Moslems,
or Asian Buddhists, practice
the daily (technique) of quieting themselves and listening
to the deepest thoughts in
their consciences for Guidance
-- consistently testing the validity of these thoughts from
God within, that they receive,
by absolute moral standards,
whether the thoughts are absolutely honest, unselfish, pure
and loving, rejecting those
that are not. A pretty fair
technique, I would say. True,
it is rather simple and not farreaching for those of us who
are so 'advanced' in exteriorization , clearing; etc. What
Moral Re-Armament communicates
to our globe is a simple idea
that primitive Africans can
understand and attempt to practice to a degree and an uncircumscribed skeleton that the
advanced mystic can still agree
with as well. M RA provides an
idea that Mahatma Gandhi said
was 'the one idea that could
unite East and West, black and
white, Christian and nonChristian' .
"Regardless of whether Scientology, Subud, and all the
myriad other methods are better
than each other or offer more
future benefit to humanity than
each other, the present world
reveals one Tone-Level suppressing idea or philosophyin-action advancing widely and
quickly across the entire
planet. This idea is called
Communism and it seems to offer
to many the GOAL of a hightoned earth -- without selfishness, without class, without
dishonesty. It has united hundreds of thousands, perhaps
millions of devotees thru the
motive of a common goal -- a
Communist world. Disregarding
all our individual techniques
for human betterment like Scientology and the rest, dedicated Communists continue to
plod faster and faster to their
goal of possessing the entire
earth for their idea. There
would be nothing wrong with
Communism's attempt were it
not that their philosophy,
both in theory and in practice
(there is little difference),
were not so different from
their avowed goal .
"Communism, as we have come
to observe it, practices the
immoral and unethical attitudes
and methods found low on the
Tone Scale. The Communist (unless he is enjoying his subversive activities while living In the freedom of a nonCommunist Western nation) is
found rather regularly operating at the level of 1.1 (covert hostility), because his
philosophy demands the methods
of this level. The Communist
wins devotees not by moral
persuasion and appeals to emotions and attitudes up the
Tone Scale but by exploiting
the hates and fears of the
people... We must recognize
that should this low-toned
idea actually possess the world
or our nation, all of our fond
methods and techniques will be
outlawed and suppressed...
"Maybe our American society
never was so high-toned that
most people in general were
ideally compassionate and
granted 'Beingness' toward
Negroes, the underprivileged,
etc. Nevertheless, the climate
was sufficiently high-toned
enough to grant most people
more Beingness than any other
large society on the face of
this earth in many centuries...
"If the global ideology of
world Communism did not exist,
perhaps there would be no need
for all of us to cease fighting
each other as to 'which method
is best'. But it does exist,
and all our inter-fighting will
not change it one iota.
"Most of the spiritual-mental methods written about in
The ABERREE raise people up
the Tone Scale and are by definition relatively good. With
continued work these methods,
each to itself, will become
even better. Unfortunately,
most are not ideas applicable
at this time to more than a
probable total of a few thousands -- including Scientology.
(Subud is not a philosophy,
just a technique, the Subud
"If there were no existing
global counter-'force' to world
Communism, I would not even
bother writing this, but there
is such a force -- The Moral ReArmament movement. And the time
is very late." -- Richard Fojut,
2622 E. 6th, Tucson, Ariz.
"God's adversity is man's
perversity. Human love is seeking to save the plantation
from the carpetbaggers. Divine
love is seeking to save the
carpetbaggers from the plantation. There is a difference.
I'm seeking to save myself
from those who seek to save me.
If we don't, who will save us
from our saviours? ...
"Notice Schroeppel is wondering at lack of response.
I've noticed this also in Letters to Editor -- then became
guilty of same. Where we fix
our attention, there we are!
"Lady complaining about your
'dangerous' material lists
some of best. She missed the
Walsh and Walsh (Hardin and
Joanna) material -- maybe she
didn't subscribe that far
back." -- Randolph Ray, Thousand
Pains, Calif.
"ABERREE is tops, perhaps
the only un-afraid magazine in
the U.S." -- Xeral Carsen, JOURNAL OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, Washington, D.C.
"I was especially interested in your visit to a seance.
Would like to attend one as I
never have. Shucks! I was hopin' Mark Twain would really
get into production and help
you. ,Hmmmm! He was fouled up
and rather unhappy when he was
amongst-the living as we're
accustomed to . Looks like he
could be a big help." -- Effie
Harrison, Chelan, Washington.
"The confiscations of Hubbard 'Electrometers' by the
FDA are based on charges of
(a) Misbranding; (b) Spurious
imitations of an accepted bioelectronic instrument without
being marked 'imitation'. All
the charges are interrelated;
that is, the false claims reMARCH, 1963