Volume 9, Issue 10, page 15

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"I enjoy your publication
more than any other in the New
Thought -- New Age -- Metaphysical -- Occult -- Esoteric -- Etc .,
etc., etc., field. I have never
found so much to both agree
and disagree with. This is a
good exercise in itself. Keep
up the good work." -- Dr.Robert
H. Shaffer, Los Angeles, Cal.
(ED. NOTE -- This is the kind
of compliment we like best -- to
have readers like us because
they can both agree and disagree. "Rubber stamp" reading
merely closes already closed
doors tighter, and total disagreement gives no basis for
understanding. Thank you, Dr.
Shaffer.) O

"I have some comments about
Rosalind John's 'Where's All
the Water?' I. N. Vail championed the cause in his 'Canopy
Theory', now out of print, and
new discoveries show where the
water came from, and returned
to the same place, the ocean
(Scientific American, Apr.'49) .
"I learned the first year at
school that a pound of feathers is as heavy as a pound of
lead; so an ocean of water vapor is as heavy (has the same
mass) as the water in the
ocean. This canopy of water
vapor, spinning overhead .
would reduce gravity on the
surface of the earth." The sun
and moon do this in spots now
but to a much smaller degree
being more distant. So we have
all around the earth nature 's
plants, animals, and men doing
remarkable things. There were
giants in all of nature -- trees ,
animals, and men -- and the men
could handle enormous stones,
fit them together by rubbing
with sand between.
"Then the astral influence
was as great as the gravitational pull , m a king midgets
out of the sun and moon, as
this serpent (water vapor) hid

MARCH, 1963
the stars. So these people had
much stronger horoscopes than
we have at present , were more
psychic, pictured the b'ible
in the stars, where the falling
water and snow could not touch
it. Man's written B'ible is a
garbled version of this star
b'ible, makingmen gods instead
of the stars. That is, all men
that b'elieve in it; all others are un-godly. So the written B'ibles are national idolatry, and lead to war. (B' is
Saturn, Satan, the loser of
all wars; b', Jupiter, the
winner.)" -- Morris Swenson,
Camas, Wash.
"Got a little cold here a
couple nights ago, around a
minus 20, and 'officially' but
'unadvertised', a minus 50 at
West Yellowstone.
"My nephew, Tom Sanford, is
highway patrolman here and he
received a report of a ghost
hitch-hiking on the highway.
At least the people said they
thought he was a ghost, 'Had a
big white blob for a head, and
was wrapped in a blanket'. So
Tom went to investigate but
could find nothing. Said he
didn't think it was a ghost
anyhow, probably an Indian with
a sack over his head.
"But you know these 'officials' -- always practical, want
to spoil the fun. But maybe it
would be a little far-fetched
that Montana, even, would get
so cold that the ghosts had to
wear blankets and thumb rides
on the highway.
"So, cheer up, things could
get worse! " -- Stanley Clason,
Poison, Mont.
(ED.NOTE -- !t got cold here,
too. But not THAT cold. However, every breath we took in
the morning when we started
for the office froze and was
waiting for us when we got home
that night. Quite a ghostly
sight, as you might guess.)
"If I had an E-Meter, and
somebody appropriated it, I'd
have a writ of replevin right
quick. (This refers to the U.
S. seizure of Hubbard's E-meters in Washington, even from
the students.) I'd like to know
under what law they can grab a
resistance meter unless they
claim it's a phony therapy machine, and if so, what are
they going to do about a lie
detecter. But then the recent
government may have something
against lie detectors too. They
seem to be mildly allergic to
the truth, mayoe in part subscribing to the Marxist view
that the truth is 'what we
say'. Rain and radioactivity
won ' t mind what they print.
Both will do the job 'God' asThe ABERREE
signs to them. And the twisting
of the news is of no avail in
the final accounting of the
facts required before heaven
if the various 'Books of the
Dead' have any validity.
"As to Mary Wales of Virginia Beach, Va., I would like to
recommend to her perusal and
study, 'Magic and Mystery in
Tibet', by Madame David-Neel,
with particular attention to
the creation and use of 'tulpos' and her experience with
them. Also the chapters in the
'Mystical Quabalah' by Dion
Fortune, with particular reference to the 'elementals' and
a study of the chakras, or sephiroth in general. More material bu t less sophisticated
would be found in the various
books of Max Freedom Long --
such as 'Secret Science Behind
Miracles'. Incidentally, the
first requirement for the intelligent critic is that he
reads that which he criticizes.
No place up to now in the material published in the ABERREE has 'self-hypnosis' been
advocated by me. These lessons
specifically recommend that the
work be done in pairs. The
comments on meditation which
nmght be interpreted in this
way have not yet been published up to now .
"The primary reality of evil
spirits is to the believer in
them. This is used as a form
of therapy and training in the
Tibetan schools. When the student has conquered the phantasm, he is then made aware
that this phantasm is the creation of hi8 own mind, but to
my way of thinking, this is a
most dangerous approach. For
not all students conquer the
phantasms , even tho they create them themselves. I cannot
help but feel therefore that
Mary must be a student of Alice
Bailey (or one of the other
Tibetan schools)." --