Volume 9, Issue 9, page 17

data a couple years ago at the
University of Virginia, and he
is going to repeat his work
again this year in Athens, Ga.
I believe his name was Hubbard.' I call this good news,
under any aegis.
"Confronting and Communication are quite some techniques
when we are willing to look at
our own feeling-conclusions
regarding life itself. When we
can confront our own doingness
right now, a change comes
about, and the joy of living
begins to reassert itself.
"So many of our emotional
responses we laid in at childish levels, levels that on the
IQ scale would correspond to :
birth to 3 ( IQ 0-25) idiotic ;
3-7 (IQ 25-501 imbecile; 7-11
(IQ 50-75) moronic; 11-13 (IQ
70-90) mentally retarded; and
any one of these attitudes
would certainly greatly affect
one 's relationships.
"Like the chap who, after
some processing, said, 'Well ,
I'll be damned! I have my mother's attitudes toward my father. She couldn't get on with
him. He was a good Joe in his
own way, but I never really
communicated with him. And
there's my brother. He's a
kinda silent guy too, and I
haven 't given him a chance. My
mother and I are yakkers.'
"The test of the value of
processing in my book is, 'Am
I clearer in my relationships
with myself, family, associates, mankind, matter, energy,
space, time, and other individuals? Can I now better confront what I S without being
"With the world considering
suicide, I recommend what is
said about someone threatening
to jump from the 10th floor,
'Keep in communication until
we can find some way to reach
"And that both of you, Alphia and Alice, are doing, and
more power to you!" -- Alberta
Elliott, Greenville, S. Car.
"Interpreting dreams runs
parallel to interpreting the
Bible; both are like the proverbial 'Wax hose can be
twisted in any direction you
"In the past, when I went
in for interpreting dreams, I
found it quite easy to interpret even the most hideous
panorama given into something
quite pleasing.
"In our research and search
we have found a sleeping person can find himself in an
episode that is transpiring
between meeting friends in the
Heaven World (H.W.) For illustration. While 'Little One' was
in normal sleep...I began talking to her, first telling her
several times, 'Remain asleep,
but hear my voice'. I then
proceeded to ask her where she
was and what she was doing.
One time she recited what was
quite out of line with anything within her make-up. It unfolded as a meeting of three
friends in the H.W., discussing how they had chartered an
airplane to distribute food
and goodies in a small village
and how the plane crashed and
they were killed ... I appealed
to our H.W. friends for an explanation. They told me that
'L.O.' in her dream state had
placed herself in attunement
with these people who were reliving something of their past.
That too is the stuff dreams
are made of.
"I used to try to condition
my dreams by playing hour-long
pre-recorded tapes at my bedside. The pre-recording on the
tape in one case was an incessant repetition of the following affirmation, 'Conscious
unity with the Intelligence
that operates me.' Results in
quite a number of cases, sex
orgies most of the night!
"I cite these cases to show
how unrelated a dream can be
to the thoughts and experiences
of the individual.
"So, I shall, for your sake,
return to dream interpretation
and charge you nothing f or
telling you IT MEANS NOTHING
(or anything)." -- Jacob Apse 1,
Milwaukee, Wis.
"Talking about Humanetics,
et al -- why do these kind of
people do as they do? Do-gooders ? No, I think not. Most
people who seem to latch onto
a small portion of the truth
realize they have opened the
door into a vast storehouse of
wisdom but cannot seem to get
past that small, gleaming jewel
on the ground just inside the
door. They become enamored or
hypnotized by this one facet
of the whole.
"Many, after becoming familiar with their one aspect
of the whole, feel it necessary
to go out and convince the rest
of the world that they have
found the answer. My question
is, what force makes these
people do this? Is it that subconsciously they really feel
the inadequacy of what they
are selling, and need the bolstering of the faithful to restore their confidence? Or are
they really convinced their
message is the one and only
"My own feeling is that each
has a certain portion of truth
in their grasp, but being finite in a material sense cannot

possibly grasp the totality of
the truth. Each part is a piece
of the total truth and each is
a part of the whole, and separate from the whole, is incomplete by itself...
"Then each of these socalled revealers of the truth
mount their soap boxes and
preach that theirs is the only
truth, that all others are
wrong. If the truth were known
it would be simple logic to
show how each is not true. By
a process of democratic logic,
all the so-called wrongs can
vote the one who is right out
of business and that one also
becomes wrong. Then they are
all wrong or all right.
"Man is the only being who
considers things right or wrong.
Life or nature has no concept
of right or wrong , beauty or
ugliness -- no opposites. Without a wrong, there could be no
right. Without a right there
could be no wrong. There would
be no means of comparison.
There could be no cause or
effect. Yet there is! This
world we inhabit appears to be
a universe of cause and effect
from a material sense ? Why?
Maybe so we can study this and
understand the relationship of
cause and effect and then extrapolate this understanding
to the relationship of mo re
abstract things, such as good
and evil, right and wrong,
positive and negative, plus
and minus, love and hate, etc.
With such an understanding all
dependency on such things could
disappear. Apparently we are
going to school in this universe
in order to understand this
relationship between opposites
and come to understand their
oneness with all and each other .
"And here I am trying to
convince myself that I have
the truth when in reality I'm
enamored and hypnotized by the
jewel just inside the door ;
and I'm trying to get others
to look at and appreciate this
jewel I'm so busy with." -- Russel Haggard, Los Angeles, Cal:
"You might find this interesting; if you print it , let's
label it pure fiction:
"Two years ago, Dick came
to me and purchased a specimen
of rich gold ore, just as it
came from my Golden Goose Mine.
Several months later, Dick
told me a story of how he had
used the gold.
"The real story began many
years ago: A housewife had been
going to a Spiritualist church
and finally persuaded her husband, J o h n , to attend. The
preacher-medium apparently had
a deal set up with a confederJANUARY-FEBRUARY, 1963 The ABERREE 17