Volume 9, Issue 8, page 17

Hell and the gateway to Heaven
is thru persecution. A person
to enter Heaven has to be
thoroly dead to this world." --
Morris Swenson, Rt.1, Box 625,
Camas, Wash.
^ 00
"If you manage to readjust
your schedule and it works,
will you please let me know
how you did it? Seems like just
about the time I think things
are running smoothly enough
that I'll get a JOURNAL out
within 30 days of the previous
issue -- something will come up
for changes 'from the other end
of the line' ...
"I don't see why people
want to jump on Phil Friedman.
He does say some things that
could be caustic -- or not be,
according to the way it's read
-- but on the whole, he gives
them something to think about.
Maybe that's why they jump on
him. Most people don't like to
think; they just like to quote
someone else that didn't think
that quoted someone...". -- Lowana Julaine, Tampa, Fla.
^ 00
"Reading my copy of Nov.,
1962 ABERREE is rather confusing (page wise, that is) until
one gets used to it. The numbered pages are assembled as
follows: 1-2-3-4-15-16-15-167-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-5-6-5- 617-18-19-20. Well, I got all
of them anyway. So don't take
this damn' seriously, and don 't
work so damn' hard." -- John H.
Hedley, Los Angeles, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- Did you ever try
to listen to a World Series,
take a nap, and put a magazine
together at one and the same
time? It's quite a feat -- which
we apparently haven't mastered. Like the Dodgers -- we didn't have "it". Did we? Thanks
for the advice; we'll try not
to take it seriously -- the advice, that is.)
"Don't y u~dare to stop
good old Page 3! No gotta gold
star tonight, 'cause they are
all used up, but this November
Page 3 deserves a wad of them,
and I'm gonna buy another box.
Wish I could build words as
good as I can wreck 'em to
thank you for what I choose to
call 'The Little Book'. I
learned the truth of a lot of
the things you say on the November Page 3 thru the hard
knocks of 50 years in the oil
fields of our country, and I'm
hol lerin' : Right ! ! ! " -- Earl
Dowse, Ponca City, Okla.
^ 0
"I have had a secret ambition for many years to organize
and establish a 'Spiritual
Telegraph Service' (S. T.S. .
Reasoning thus: Since we are
able to communicate with disDECEMBER, 1962
carnate entities , these entities are identifying themselves as people who previously
resided on earth prior to socalled death, they must have
migrated to a common area which
we call the Heaven World (H.W.I
"Now, if all these people
who died on earth are with
consciousness and intelligence
to communicate with us here on
earth, doing so with regularity thru Spiritualist mediums
and other psychics in a 11
parts of our globe , intercommunication on both planes is
"We would then proceed to
canvass for and set up a list
of psychic agents from hamlet,
city, state, and nation, each
agent to have such a list for
immediate consultation to pinpoint to which agent the message is to be conveyed for d elivery by local telephone call
to its destination.
"Anyone wishing to send a
message or letter would visit
the nearest psychic agent or
make contact by phone, giving
the name, locality, phone number and message to be sent.
The agent proceeds to make contact with his/her H.W. communicant who in turn locates the
H.W. entity who has free and
easy communication with the
psychic agent in the area where
message is to be delivered.
This receiving agent then lifts
the phone and makes the local
phone call delivering the message. Fantastic, yes, but feasible.
"This of course is a rough
outline, but it was with this
in mind that my Mammala and I
went for our vacation to a
Spiritualist camp in Iowa. Unfortunately we found no one
there with enough enthusiasm
or desire to co-operate in our
experimentation. To be part of
this requires more than erratic
psychic ability, since contact
and communication must be effected at will , just as communication with family and
friends here on earth. You talk
when you wish, and get answers
when you talk. Anyone who
thinks this type of communication is not possible with H.W.
entitles is one who thinks he
must take only what he perceives; he is one who 'sees
thru a glass darkly', 'knows
in Dart' I Cor. XIII v. 12.
"Several years ago when we
visited with you, Alphia and
Alice Hart, in Enid, and powered your Ouija board, our
S.T.S. was my prime motivator.
"Altho to date we have not
found one thoroly versatile
psychic who is willing to cooperate with us , we are still
optimistic, in a sort of nevThe ABERREE
er-say-die attitude." -- Jacob
and Rose Apsel, 1310-A S.37th
St., Milwaukee, Wis.
^ 00
"I was interested to know that
Louis is interested in Science
of Mind. These people seem to
have some very good ideas, and
pickup the AFFINITY idea which
Hubbard never understood, tho
he described it as part of the
ARC symbol of living the good
life. I am interested in Great
Books Discussion Groups (attend one regularly, and visit
another), and am finding several of Hubbard's ideas, or let
us say where he may have gotten some of them. May write
you a letter about it one day
for the magazine -- keep it coming, enjoy it very much." -- Rebecca Hardin, Mooresvil le, Ind.
(ED. NOTE -- We'll be looking
forward to that letter. Your
discoveries anent Hubbard's
data -- on which he tried to
claim "squatter's rights" -- indicates anew we (including Hubbard) don't discover any "new"
truths; we just d i g up o l d
ones and put our brand on 'em).
^ 00
"At present am lightly immersed in Concept Therapy.
Seems most logical to date.
Retirement coming up soon and
would like to 'tie up' lightly
with some far-out movement
with potentialities for human
improvement. However, the woods
are full of 'fringe' movements
which eventually expire.
Granted, all established religions started as 'fringe'
but managed to wangle in right ,
and so received the aura of
respectability, and eventually
alleged divine inspiration.
"Delightful company, tho,
the devotees of the 'far-out'.
Bless your magazine -- you 'get
them all', and report without
prejudice. Much, I wot, with
tongue in cheek, but delightful! Keep a'going." -- Constance
Walsh, Albany, N. P.
^ 00
"Re: Louis's attack on Subud and the various letters
that have appeared recently. I
have been in this movement for
nearly five years now, gaining
untold personal benefit, and
have come up thru lots of systems including Ego-building
Scientology. I believe that
minor pathways that lead to a
True Path (such as Subudl are
very necessary in any field.
Sometimes we have to stabilize
or strengthen our Egos (our
everyday 'I' feelings) so that
we can save up enough 'vital
energies' to 'let them die'.
"I refer in this case to a
'surrender' to a Higher Power --
be it the Aumakua (Higher Selfl
of Huna, the Self Within of