Volume 9, Issue 8, page 16


"I am engaged in promoting
the ratification of the action
of UNESCO for Esperanto to be
the in t erl anguage. The John
Turner Memorial of the U.N.
University, of which I am the
director, is making an oiler to
lend a textbook and pronunciation record to any reader of
The ABERREE for 60 days, more
than enough time to master the
language for most people. The
only charge is 5 cents postage
to return the book and record.
"We do this because we believe that the world can have
peace only as a byproduct of
responsible government, and so
we must make over the U.N. into a federal union like the U.
S. A., with all nations disarmed.
"We think this can and
should be done after the U.N.
has ratified the action of
UNESCO and made Esperanto a
working language and set a
target date when it will become the one official language
so that citizens can talk over
their common problems in a
common language." -- G lenn P.
Turner, Director, John Turner
Memorial Library, United Nations University, Middleton,
Wis. 0 0 0
"We had an open house here
at 425 Orange Street Saturday,
October 6th. Among the 68 adults
here, we had many old-timers
of the 1950 Dianetics group ,
recent Scientologists, and
friends. We sent out approximately 100 invitations. When
we lived at 465 Capitol Street,
up until the end of June 1958,
we used to hold meetings the
1st and 3rd Saturday nights.
It was at such meetings that
we heard many speakers, such
as Wing Angell, Jack Horner,
Jim Welgos, Perry Chapdelaine,
Gene Benton, and many more.
"Since we have lived here,
we have had a few meetings
such as the one to let many
meet A. E. vanVogt and his attractive wife Mayme.
"At this October 6th affair,
we had Ellen Carder, a recent
Saint Hill attendee, Frank and
DeAnna Metcalf on leave from
the staff at Los Angeles Central Organization of Scientology. Fun was had by all and
many experiences exchanged. Oh
yes, Frank Sullivan surprised
us by an unexpected appearance." -- Janet Hays, Oakland,
Calif. 0 0 0
"I much appreciate your
kindness in letting me see the
manuscript by Marijane Nuttall
before publication, and I am
most pleased that you intend
to publish it.
"The stand she takes is
very correct and I agree absolutely that the individual's
motivation is of utmost importance.
"The published article will
provide a valuable supplement
to any reader who may be seriously interested in the subject and we are indebted to
Miss Nuttall for her concise
explanation and clear understanding of it.
"Her reference to Tom Wolfe
is most apt -- as well chosen as
any such illustration could be.
"I hope your other readers
will appreciate her contribution as much as I do." -- Bob
Arentz, Malvern, Penn.
^ 00
"You certainly present a
diversity of ideas and opinions. I like the idea...don't
get too serious about everything...the world is really in
a mess...seems like. If we went
into a whirl about everything,
we'd get dizzy. Right?...
"Oklahoma is an alert state,
we need more Who are awake and
alert. I may be that way lecturing again before long, maybe within a few short weeks.
Have much that is new and of
great import." -- Wayne S. Aho,
Toledc, Ohio.