Volume 9, Issue 8, page 8

inflation can do to us.

Buying on credit has become an individual
and national habit which will become as disastrous tomorrow as it has in the past.

Every periodical one picks up is filled with
news of war and preparation for war misnamed
national defense. The whole nation is on a war
economy and IF and WHEN we regain national
sanity we will have the worst depression this
nation ever suffered and far worse than one can
visualize. However, I would rather face an economic bust than an A- and H-bombing war which
would wipe out our cities and most of our

As we examine world events of today and tomorrow, evil seems on a rampage, bent on destruction of our world and the people on it.

However, we observe a reflection, not the
reality. There is no evil in fact. That which
appears evil to us is but unripened fruit. The
evil of yesterday is the good of today. Atomic
power, misused today in test after test to discover no one knows what -- causing unusual and
unwholesome weather all over the world -- will
later be the source of so much cheap power
that steam and electricity of today will be as
obsolete as the treadmill. Evil, so called, is
but an embryo.

I have every faith that the Creator or Supreme Power Who created this earth and countless billions of other planets has everything
under control and will not permit a few madmen
to destroy His creation or any part of it.
Every threatening event of today and tomorrow
has its place in the progress of mankind from
beast to god, and if we will look about us our
faith will be renewed.

Eastern religions recognize the trinity of
the Creator. He-Her is ONE in REALITY but always THREE in ASPECT. The Creator is the CREATOR but He is also the SUSTAINER and. the DESTROYER. He is the ACTOR, the things acted upon ,
and the result of such action. He is past,
present, and future. He is Father, Mother, and
Offspring; positive, negative, and neutral. In
Him-Her we live and move and have our being. He
is the All and He always was, is now, and ever
will be. He is FIRST and LAST.

We live in years when two of the three aspects of the Creator overlap. Our vision may
be focused on the destructive aspect as we
note the results of war. Within the lifetime
of this generation we have had two hot world
wars and continuous cold war. We think o f it
as World Wars I, II, and III, when in fact it
is all one war. It is a great world drama divided into three acts, but it is one great
drama nevertheless. We think of it as a tragedy but it is not. We are witnessing the birth
pains of that day, promised in every one of
the 70 or more bibles in use with various peoples and religions thruout the world. We may
not live to see it but our children or grandchildren will.

We are told that we are made in the image
and likeness of God. If that is so, then the
Creator, whom most people think of as God, has
a purpose. As He is always three in aspect it
is logical to assume that He must have three
major purposes. How many minor purposes I have
no idea. A man without a purpose accomplishes
nothing, builds nothing, and is but a drifter.

Let us look at a bit of the evidence and
discover these purposes.

One purpose seems to be the unfolding and
developing of consciousness. It is my opinion
that mind and consciousness exist on an infinite number of levels and that everything that
moves is alive, from an electron to a planet.

It is probable that our planet Earth is but a
single cell in the great body of the Creator,
the Cosmos. LIFE and MOTION are positive and
negative poles in the Cosmos; everything that
moves is alive at some level from the atom to
a solar system.

Man' s body is an animal encasing a human
spirit. He possesses awareness of himself as
an entity separate to all others. He has selfconsciousness. History informs us that early
self-conscious man was primarily selfish. He
sought his woman with a club but soon developed
family consciousness followed by tribe or clan
consciousness, village consciousness, and city
consciousness. He was a Roman or a Trojan.

Today man displays national consciousness,
and is an American, German, etc. World consciousness is in embryo and our descendants
will be citizens of the world.

Another purpose of the Creator is the Integration of life into ever larger organisms. In
animal life we note the integration of genes
and chromosomes into molecules, molecules into
cells, and cells into organs, each of which
seems to have a consciousness of its own. I s
not pain or a tummy ache a notice from some
organ of one's body that something is wrong
and needs attention? The composite o f man's
organs results in the corporeal body, the organism of man. The Powers Above are now combining nations into a planetary organism and each
one of us is but a cell in this coming world

In the Christian religion, with which we
are most familiar, the Roman Church has announced its purpose to corral back into its
control all branches and churches of Christian
religion. I could find no one in England who
could read the handwriting on the wall when
their archbishop visited the pope in Rome and
was soon followed by their queen. I predict
that in a very few years the Church of England
will again be a member of the Roman Flnpire.

Few people in the U.S.A. are aware of how
much Rome dominates the policies of their Protestant churches today, or how soon Protestantism will be no more.

The Creator's purpose is UNITY -- unity in
government , unity in economics, and unity in
religion. This does not mean the Roman Church
will gobble up the world, for of the four major
world religions -- Buddhism, Brahmanism, Mohammedisn, and Christianity -- Christianity has the
fewest followers.

The world war of 1914-196? is basically a
religious war.

Remember your history lessons? Recall the
30 YEARS WAR when Roman Catholic Nations ganged
up on Protestant nations in an attempt to drive
them back into the Roman Catholic fold?
As far as Christian nations or the NATO is
concerned, this and the coming third act of
world war is a war between Rome and Moscow.
From the altitude of a vision of world progress it is much larger than that for the same
disunity and disintegration we note among followers of Christian religion is apparent with
the other three religions. Their followers are
turning away from them also. This is all to
the good for when the religions of today become ,
as the older religions have become, myths in
the sight of man, the world will be ready for
a religion of unity -- worship of the Creator,
Great Spirit, Architect of the Universe, Supreme First Cause instead of a man, born of
woman. Then all will see the apparent wars and
evil of today ripened into glorious fruit which
will nourish those who follow us as we have
never been nourished.