Volume 9, Issue 8, page 6

penalty imposed by the Romans against violators of the Roman law on treason. The trial
and the carrying out of the crucifixion of the
Jesus Christ of the Gospels, imposed by Pontius Pilatus (26-36 A.D.) was a sole work of the
Roman government. Therefore, as one can see,
these historical facts are in complete contradiction with the narratives of the Gospels of
the New Testament.

Where, then, lies the truth about one of the
most controversial subjects of the world -- the
crucifixion of Jesus the Christ, Son of God,
and Savior of the World? What about the stigma placed upon the Jewish people as having been
the crucifiers of the Christian Jesus?
In both Gemaras, it is mentioned that the
King of Judea, Alexander Jannaeus, ordered the
slaughter of many "undesirable " Rabbis. One of
them, Joshua Ben Perachia, fled, taking with