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Vol. IX - No. 8
Recusant Voice of 'The Infinit
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
P11to, and Zydokumzruskehen J
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EDITOR: The Rev. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART, I-2, D.D., D. Scn.,
F. Scn., B. Scn., HDA, HCA, et al ad in finitum ad naaseum

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POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously.
The infiniteness of Man is not reduced
to a"split infinity" by wars, taxes,
or "experts" who seek to sell him what
he already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change
our minds f rom issue to issue, or
even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each Man has the inherent
right to be his own and only "Authority" -- with his wife's permission.

Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to
"educated guesses" about Man's destiny -- if there's no price tag to it,
and if the guesser has no objection to
our guessing that he's only guessing.

The Editor had a dream the
other night!
In all fairness to readers,
let it be explained here that
this data is not offered as
phenomena, because the Editor,
like others, often has dreams.
Nor is it presented merely for
the purpose of filling space,
because there are any number
of word combinations available
that probably would prove sufficiently interesting and/or
amusing without resorting to

However, in this dream (as
is too often the case when one
awakens from a nocturnal adventure), many important details are missing. For example,
the meaning of the dream, and
why he found himself where he
was (wherever "was" was) so
that some of the information
could be passed on to him, or
data observed. If there are
"Daniels" in the audience who
want to take a crack at interpreting, have fun. You will
anyway, so you might as well
do it with permission and the
dreamer 's blessing.

In the dream, he (we're --
the Editor -- talking about the
Editor, of course) found himself, for some unremembered
reason, being introduced to
the Trinity of Gods. First was
a handsome, bearded, benevolent appearing "Man", whose
long, soft, white beard framed
a smooth and seamless face.
"God?" the dreamer asked.
"No," came the reply from
whoever/ whatever was giving
the Editor this "Cook 's tour"
of the "Unknown ". "That is 'The
Justice'! People call Him God,
but that's only because they
aren't able to conceive anything greater than a retributive human."
"Then Who is God?" the Editor asked.

Without it being put into
words, he was shown a nebulous
Something that could almost be
defined as having form -- altho
it wasn't a form "similar to"
anything with which he was already familiar. But even this
was not THE GOD, because the
GOD OVER ALL had no form. Nor
could He be seen nor located
nor identified. Nor was H e
called "God". In realizing
that here, at last, was the
Ultra-Ultra, a feeling of satisfying fulfillment seemed to
possess the senses. And with
this, the Editor awoke.

Instead of writing it down,
as Harold Schroeppel suggests
in his "Advanced Perception"
series, the Editor relayed the
highlights of his dream to his
long-suffering helpmeet, who
happened to be awake at the
time. And because he was still
sleepy, he was soon back on
his pillow. The next morning,
all except those highlights
had been lost in the limbo of
"I don't remember".

So much for "The Dream". In
subsequent discussions, the
Editor and his aforementioned
long-suffering helpmeet have
tried a bit of analyzing -- not
so much of "The Dream" as to
what might be done with it if
one were so inclined.

Probably, with no more to
prompt them than a similar experience , an "entirely new"
ology could be conceived and
launched. Actually, there'd be
nothing "new ", except, maybe,
the dream picture of The Justice. Around this, the promoter could wrap his own beliefs, which he'd picked up
here and there, and label the
package "Divinely Inspired".
There is just enough data in
the Bible and metaphysical
writings which makes the idea
of a God fitting the picture
in The Dream -- both from actual
appearance and concept of The
Justice -- to attract many followers; and the idea of a nebulous Super-God without form
aligns itself with so many religious (not Christian) tenets
that other "suckers" looking
for a key to everlasting life
might join the parade.

But the Editor has no intention of starting any such
movement -- not even if he has a
million Dreams as vivid or as
"inspiring" as the o n e just
mentioned. Let others be "Divinely inspired': if they like,
but he does wish they'd keep
their Divine inspirations to
themselves, and quit trying to
act like a self-elected Messiah.

Apparently, all it takes to
start someone off on the Messiah Road is half an idea -- and
a new creed, a new therapy, a
new "movement", or even a "New
Age Center" comes into existence. Just off hand, we would
say that if all the half-ideas
were stacked on top of each
other, the printed material
announcing them would reach to
the moon, and the benefit they
might give would almost fill
half a mustard seed.

So, the Editor had a dream
the other night. Chances are
that what he "saw" was merely
a clarification of ideas he'd
had during his waking hours,
and were just as "Divinely -Inspired". And this is about as
far as they're going.

To us, God is Still ALL --
just as All is still God -- and
if He wants to invade our bedroom and pose as "The Justice"
with a long beard, or as "Part
Form", or even as Formless,
that's all right with us. (Horrible thought -- He's even these
advertising "Messiahs" who, for
a few dollars, will sell the
"secret" of Who God Is, and
ISN'T.) But we're going to be
big Harted, and let God do as
He pleases -- now and forever --
and He can do so without us
trying to conscript followers
into a new, half-baked cult,
ic, or ism -- conceived in a
dream. That would be consciously converting a pleasant nocturnal interlude into an actual nightmare.