Volume 9, Issue 7, page 19

C m m I 1 s
ï TALK IS CHEAP, talk to us. We
are a bus that charges no fare,
We give the lift, you take yourself there; If what ^e advise
brings you pay-earth, You will
remember what it was worth. Jacob
and Rose Apsel, 1310-A South 37th
Street, Milwaukee 15, Wis. 87-2.
ï FIVE MATHISON E-METERS -- Originally sold at $98.50. Make offer
for one or all. 1 Wallace Minimeter, $15.00. Chicago Dianetic
Institute 855 North Dearborn St.,
Chicago 10, Illinois. 87-2.
LONGER LIFE by Ethel Foreaman.
Over 20 years in her own cosmetic
business. Miss Foressan gives her
famous facial exercises -- clearly
illustrated; her priceless formulas for organic face creams and
lotions -- easy to ^ake in your own
home. Save your skin as well as
your pocketbook! Packed with invaluable information on health
and beauty. 208 pa es -- cloth bound
..$3.00 postpaid. Order autographed first edition copy from
Ethel F o r e s man, 140 East 46th
Street, New York 17, N.Y. 87-1.
ï PURE OLD-FASHIONED cider Vinegar, 1 at. $2.50; % gal. $4.00;
1 al. $7.00. All postpaid. 1 gal.
$5g 00 express collect. Made from
organically grown a n d unsprayed
apples. Nothing added, nothing
taken away, just as Nature made
it. Free price list. ^rite Gray's
Organic Farm and Health Food Center, Copper Hill, Virginia. 85-3.
ï PYTtAGORAS SAID." God geometrizes . Nature, the Universe itself, is built on numbers. Full
name p e r onally analyzed ( n o
printed matter). Send $10 with
complete name birth date, hour
if known, to Alberta M.O'Connell,
143 Old Boston Road, Wilton,
Connecticut. 86-3.
world spiritual center, Andean
masters, juice therapy, ' Usiversidad N a turista I n tersacional"
grants Master's and Doctor's DeThe Flying Saucer
By Dr. John H. lianas,
Ph.D.. P.D., Ns.D.

The nature of the Flying
saucers. Where they come from?
Who flies them ? Mars and our
Martian Visitors. Val -Thor,
the Venusian Ambassador in
Washington. The subterranean
Races of the Oeros. The ancient Atlanteans, their subterranean cities and the Flying
Saucers. Can man ever go to
the Moon and the planets? Space
conditions and Cosmic rays and
forces. Creation of the Solar
System. Original illustrations.
Engraved colored binding.
$2.00 postpaid. Send for
your copy today, to:
152 West 42nd Street
New York 38. N. V.
frees. Informative Journal 208.
. Lovewisdom, Vilcabamba, Loja,
Ecuador. 87-2.
ï REQUEST an invitation to ^ eaberahip from the Florida Society for Psychical Research, Inc.
^rite -- Route 4, Box 82, 'amppa,
Florida. 85-10.
sent. Write "Mac", 322 West BSt.,
Ontario, Calif.
Dr. Karl Kridler. Complete in
one booklet -- all 32 chapters. If
you missed any chapters, or don't
^ ant to wait for it to run aerially in The ABERREE, send $1 to
The ABERREE, Box 528, Enid, Okla.
...THE SOLAR BOB" or the use of
"The Pendulum!" Write for free
information on its use and revealing facts Harmony Book Shop,
Box 115, New Castle, Penn. 85-6.
ï GIFTED CLAIRVOYANT and Astrological tea cup reader. I stir
it myself. Three questions -$1.00, ï GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS -- If our own
Danville. Marks, Penn. 107 Ferry Street. 85 -- 3. subscription to The ABERREE is
paid up you can send a yea s
ï HANDWRITING ANALYSES -- Character subscription to a friend for $1.
listing $2. More complete, $5. (Limited only by the dollars.)
More detail by special arrange- your friends -- and Yyour
ï SCRUB OAKS By Alphia Hart --
330-page, cloth-bound novel of
love and hate in an Oklahoma oilboom town. (No "isms" or "ologies".) Issue price was $3.50;
close-out at $1. The ABERREE,. Box
528, Enid, Okla.


Prove Your Inner Power Now
The twelve-page monograph entitled "YOU CAN" has
been advertised in Fate and other publications at
$2.95. It has been so favorably accepted that it is
now being offered to you at a reduced price, due to
present volume printing. We do not claim "YOU CAN''
will teach you TRUTH, for Truth can not be taught; it
can only be experienced, in PASSIVE AWARENESS.
"YOU CAN" is not based on the power of positive
thinking which always deals in opposites, e.g. Sickness and Health, Poverty and Wealth, etc. Positive
thinking methods stress Will-Power, and Concentration. The technique in "YOU CAN" stresses PASSIVE
AWARENESS rather than Will-Power or Concentration.
The technique is as old as man, but the Presentation
may be new to you. The point is, it works.

Would you be satisfied you had tapped your inner
power if you could cause writing to appear on your
body, or another's, cause catalepsy of your limbs,
cause distant clouds to dissolve -- without the use of
hypnosis as commonly understood? You should be able
to do this after digesting this monograph. Apply the
same technique to your problems. "YOU CAN" is a dozen
pages; no story, just the technique in PASSIVE AWARENESS, which is EFFORTLESS, CREATIVE POWER. Single
copies of "YOU CAN", $2.00, two copies $3.00; help a
friend by ordering two.

The larger 63-page course, formerly printed under
the title of "Your Godmind Within", is now in its
second edition under the title of "YOUR G O LD MINE
WITHIN", at $2.95. This deals with Reincarnation,
Astral-Projection, Self-Hypnosis, Bible Mistranslations, etc.

Send cash, money order, or cheque. Please add
.15s exchange to cheques. No C.O.D.'s Please.