Volume 9, Issue 7, page 18

cancer can be prevented and
cured. Everybody takes it for
granted that nobody knows how
to prevent or cure cancer, yet
when cancer strikes there is
great faith in the knowledge
possessed by the medical profession. How long will it take
before the professors of knowledge realize that degenerative ailments cannot be cured
by medication? Some degenerative conditions can be overcome by regeneration. The art
of regeneration is still more
or less of a secret art. Mankind is more interested in
learning how to earn money and
accumulating material possessions than in learning how to
add life to the body and accumulating life force. We need
money as a medium of exchange ,
but what good can money do for
one who must die young and
leave the money behind?" -- Morris latzen, Cooks Falls, N.P.
^ 00
"Where in the name of all
the heavens is the planet Zydokumzruskehen located?" -- John
Martin Reinecke, San Diego,
(ED. NOTE -- Sorry, but each
reader will have to locate Zydokumzruskehen for himself. We
think it's somewhere between
Here and There -- sometimes more
Here than There and sometimes
more There than Here. Does
this help?)
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"I was stunned over Jacob
Apsel ' s letter that he had
given up further studies in
mystics. I had my friend ask
Ouija why and he said, 'Reason
for Jacob Apsel's conduct: Had
a great fear bestowed u p o n
him.' He was so sure of himself, I did not think fear
could enter the picture of his
life." -- Mrs. A. L. Kling, l e y
West, Fla.
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"In your October issue , Morris Katzen sure gave me 'hell'
for doubting his doctrine. He
implies that such doubters will
'fold-up' or 'bite the dust'.
Anyway, his one-man religion
is more humane than other religions that would like to see
their 'infidels' in a lake of
fire and molten brimstone . Cer- .
tainly no tests of spiritual
healing are needed since thousands of healers have demonstrated it, but I would like to
hear of scientific proof of the
benefits of feces retention,
which was the basic creed of
Morris Katzen .. Frankly, I
don't think the Bible speaks
about retention of feces, altho it mentions e x c rements
many times such as in Malachi
2:3: 'I will spread dung upon
your faces', or Ezekiel 4:12:
'Thou shalt eat it... and bake

it...with dung that cometh out
of man'. Anyway, modern people
do not consider the Bible as an
infallible authority. It was
written in an age of cannibalism. See Jeremiah 19:9: 'I
will cause them to eat the
flesh of their sons and daughters'. If Mr. Katzen denies
the literal sense of the Bible, then anyone can make the
Bible say anything he wants it
to say.
"I was fascinated by Fred
Hand's peyote experiments. I
just heard that the attorney
general of California has forbidden the use of peyote. The
Native American Church is defending the traditional right
to use peyote during Indian
ceremonies. Peyote seems to be
legal outside of California.
It can be mailed in interstate
commerce." -- George W. Lagos,
San Antonio, Texas.
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"Sexless 70, an atom without a positive; not even religion has any life. I wish
Jesus had spoken from the
standpoint of toneless flab
instead of 32. If these glorious writers would sign their
age instead of their name, we
would know if they are hypocrites.
"The philosopher said, 'Pure
mind is nothing'. He hoped
there was a hell -- at least it
would be something.
"Like the speaker who addressed his audience as 'Ladies and Gentlemen', then noticed only one present so he
changed his salutation to ' Dear
Sir'. I doubt if there would
be a dear sir over 70 who'd
write glory articles.
"During the great July hillbilly crusade here in Fresno,
there were the teen-age groups
and the 40-year-old bracket,
but above 60, there wasn't
even a dear sir. In fact , he
(Billy Graham) never even
tossed us a good word to give
to old St.Peter. Us,uh, short
timers are the very ones he
should have been coaching." --
A. B.Pierson, Selma, Calif.
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"O.K., you win. I can't afford any magazines but I simply
cannot live without yours, The
ABERREE. So, I'll eat mush or
spuds for a week and be happy .
Several of my friends I meet
on the pages of The ABERREE."
-- Mrs. John D. Cowan, Harrisbur, Ore.

ED.NOTE -- What's wrong with
mush? Ye Ed.was reared on it.)
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"Severe weather has been
occurring in many sections of
the world. Drought, floods,
tornadoes, and temperature extremes are increasing in this

country. The weather will continue to become more and more
severe until the public DESERVES better weather. The recent high-altitude atomic bomb
tests destroyed 17 Flying Saucers, and these will no longer
be able to participate in the
prevention of weather extremes
caused by interstellar disturbances...
"At this time I am permitted to reaffirm that Flying
Saucers do exist. In time I
will be' able to announce a
mass demonstration involving
hundreds of saucers. Most of
the saucers destroyed by the
recent atomic tests were type
'W' saucers. The type 'W '
(Weather) saucers prevent
weather upheavals and extremes
which are initiated by exploding stars (super-novael and
other disturbances, just as
the antibodies counteract germs
and infections in our bodies.
As above, so below." -- Rev. Herb
Blackschleger, Sun Valley, Cal.

A gentleman is one who never socks a woman until he gets
slapped. -- Roy Shook
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