Volume 9, Issue 7, page 17

be short of affinity and communication. In this case the
reality would soon perish as
survival potential as would
everything perish without that
element which comes from the
sun. However, reality could
still exist -- as anger, or apathy (which would be overwhelmed
by the material universe). However, to that degree that we
are able to have understanding ,
or knowingness, we also are
able to have the other positions, or considerations of
reality, affinity, and communication, or more properly, reversed.
"We could turn our attention on out to Mars, the god
of war, with its angry red
color, or the band of what is
believed to be pieces of a disintegrated planet that must
have met opposing forces , but
this is crossing the line between survival and nonsurvival.
"Going on farther out, we
run into confusing opinions as
to either what the gods of the
other planets are, or just of
what good they could be to us.
It is, however, quite definitely
agreed that the furthest one
out is Pluto, who was the god
of Hades. I choose to turn my
attention toward t he light ,
and let those who will explore
the darkness.
"This is a demonstration of
the principle, when lacking
understanding, you can reach a
SOLution via communication, or
affinity." -- Carol French, Cutten, Calif.
immediately recommending Washington use my wife for the
first candidate to the sun . )
"What a waste! Philip Friedman, who has a wonderful mind,
puts it to work writing an
article about (Zero) NOTHING.
ABERREE prints if for nothing.
We understand nothing .
"The readers' loss is little. ABERREE's loss is space
that could have been used for
something, but Philip Friedman's loss is considerable .
That mind which is caused to
dream up pleasant-sounding (to
the Ego) nothingness, grooves
itself there and soon finds it
easier to produce nice-sounding Zeros rather than accomplishments which move the world.
"Wake up Phil. Act as smart
as you are ! " -- Jacob and Rose
Ajse 1, 1310-A S. 37th St.,
Milwaukee, Wis.
"It seems to me that the
world and life are not so simple
as some still think. It is so
easy just to believe or disbelieve. Any child can dealt. So
easy to deny, explain away, or
ignore subtle phenomena, but
so difficult to study, measure disease instead of h e alth,
and explain them. So easy to hence itself becoming a disease
accept the approved idea, so -- a major one.
disturbing to be offered a dis- "However, go ahead with poputing one or a nonconforming potillo or whatever harmless
fact. The extremists may al- herb may pull you out of the
ways have a grain of truth, but deep hole you are in; then,
never a saving amount. Both a starting at once, learn and try
'physical' and a 'spiritual' to apply what you can about
world do seem to exist and to natural nutrition. Get out of
mutually affect each other. We the rut that led you into the
cannot have it just one way and deep hole and watch that you
make sense with all the phe- don't get into another rut and
nomena. run into another hole. Eternal
"I'm not yet desirous of learning, eternal vigilance,
knowing when I shall die, yet is our only salvation here.
I can imagine circumstances in pray, yes, but try to meet
which such information could your Savior at least part way."
be of positive value to all -- Frank McConnell, Redlands,
concerned, and morally legiti- Calif.
0 0 0
mate to impart. But that would "It may interest you to
be future reading, dangerous know that I made offers you
best rs any medium f onstrate the relief of arthrit
iabble serious to affairs, even i is pain by spiritual healing,
a spot the legitimate but my letters to two publishcases. Then, would there not
still be a legal angle? ors and a radio station were
"The solar bob or pendulum not answered. I offered to let
is not, of course, an instrument them pick the victim of arthin itself. It is but the mag- ritis. My letter to the radio
nifier of the ordinarily im- station was addressed to a man
perceptible movements of the who likes to expose frauds.
living instrument to which it The public is asked to donate
is temporarily attached. Until for research, but nobody seems
we shall discover that imper- to be interested in finding out
sonal, mechanical instrument, what can be accomplished by
we shall just have to continue spiritual healing. I was intaking the pendulum in hand vited to the nursing home again
and be as steady as we can, and last week to give certain paas impersonal. Intelligence tients healing , but when I got
and impersonal attitude are there the patients did not like
the important requirements. the idea of going into a sleep
Naturally, we are not going to until one agreed to accept
wait for the scientific world healing after supper, and then
to get thru with its present others wanted healings.

stupid binge and invent in- wasted an afternoon. The woman
struments for us. who accepted the healing suffered from 'seizures' and I
"Regarding popotillo tea and have had good results with
various other one-item reme- epilepsy cases in the past, but
dies: They are all fine and more than a single healing, so
dandy where they happen to I do not know if the heting
meet an emergency requirement helped the woman. Anyway, the
in some way, usually by partly ice has been broken and she is
correcting some acute nutri- now willing to accept more
tional deficiency or imbalance, healings, and so are others
or some finally acute effect of who have seen that there is
a long continued milder insuf- nothing to fear from the healficiency or imbalance. But any ings.
'recovery' should be followed "I had to put up a hard
by an adequate, all-around bal- battle this year to survive.
anced nutritional practice, if It is now beginning to look as
results are to be permanent, or if the breaks will be coming
some other trouble not appear my way. I am planning on exin place of the old one. But, panding my past efforts. I may
alas! Such nutrition is beyond be too busy with the advertisthe knowledge or its adequate ing by mail to do much healing .
acquisition, understanding and My main effort will be to
application for nearly .all of teach others how to heal themus. Even nearly all' of the selves.
doctors are equally ignorant "While the medical profesand helpless with themselves. sion ignores my efforts and
What can they do for us but condemns me on the witness
take our money when various stand there has taken place a
starvations or food or drug substantial increase in the
poison accumulations are basic number of deaths per 1,000 avin most of our ills, and fac- erage patients in mental hostors in nearly all of the rest? pitals. I am condemned on all
The basic failure of medicine sides and even in my own home
is that it has focused upon because I claim to know how