Volume 9, Issue 7, page 16

on me!) It feels good. Tuc and
I are back in harness, and we
find that we are on the road
to where we all started out to
in 1950.
"I really enjoyed the recent Congress. Ron leveled
with us in pointing out the
instability of results we have
been having over the years. He
has also, however, been openly
auditing staff, well-known Scientologists and the like. Perhaps I should say he was auditing, since he arrived in St.
Hill yesterday. Anyhow, I've
been looking over what happens
with auditors and pre-clears
here lately, and I like what I
see. I've been around auditing
since 1950, and I know when a
p.c. is in session, regardless
of techniques used. I also know
whether or not auditing has
occurred, regardless of how
far it goes. I see mostly p.c.s
in session an d auditing occurring. This is good to see.
"One thing: pretty soon
sore more of the old-timers
like me and thee are about to
be called back into service.
I'm looking forward to i t .
Maybe you and I can set up a
decent printing and publishing
setup for this outfit. Right
now, they need it." -- John Farrell, HDA, B.A., B. Scn, EGA,
Dir. Spec. Programs, Washington, D. C. 0 0 0

"That `wheat grass' article
intrigues me no end! If this
is the answer to radioactivity ,
why don't the scientists and
the government get onto it?
Another ABERREE detail annoys
me to a strange degree -- Apsel's
complete rejection of the spirit world and everything he has
found out about it down thru
the years. Even no immortality! If he is going to start
all over again from zero, just
what does he intend to prove
now? Nothing added to nothing
equals nothing in my book The
trouble with Jacob is that he
is so obstinate. L.O. ( 'Little
One' ) gave him some true information and he threw it back
at her as no good. Poor L.O. I
think some undesirable entities
tried to foul up things for
Jacob -- purposely confused him .
That seems to be the business
of the evil ones. They want to
keep alive the idea that we
are dead ducks -- no after life.
"Here is a clipping of a
girl that looks a lot like the
late Amelia Earhart -- don't you
agree? (ED. NOTE -- No.) Could
she be the reincarnation?
Could you print her picture in
The ABERREE and ask mediums to
go into a trance or whatever
it is they do and come up with
the answer? It might be interesting to see how many of them
Vickie Biss, 18, of Banning,
Calif., who was to ride wing
on a stunt plane at the National Air Fair in Chino, Calif.
Pub. in Riverside ENTERPRISE .
agree...Louis, too. This should
prove very interesting, even
if tie heat does get too blazing-hot around The ABERREE. It
wouldn't be the first time!" --
Rosalind John, 1533 Uth St.,
Norco, Calif.
"I like ABERREE -- only that
some articles are written a
little too deep for me. In
other words, your writers do
not use simple language for the
average (person) to .grasp and
understand." -- Anthony Chisieleison, Homer City, Penn.
(ED. NOTE -- Writing simply is
a great "art" -- which few have.
Strangely, many who use terms
no one can understand do so
because they themselves do not
understand the subject on which
they're writing -- and try to
hide their own confusion in
ambiguous terms. Since few ABERREE writers are professionals, we feel they do a better
job than is done in most metaphysical magazines -- which cater to ambiguity, apparently.)
"I received the Sept. issue
of ABERREE and have been much
amused by the learned discussions about God therein. Rather
are they unlearned discussions, for none of the articles
show the least familiarity with
their subjects. Everybody has
a different idea of God and so
there are several billions of
different ideas about God.
Please note that these ideas
are all human ideas and so are
all totally wrong. Not one
agrees with God's ideas about
"The bible is a collection
of writings by humans of varying states of consciousness
and so God cannot be blamed
for their differences and inaccuracies. God never wrote any

book of the bible because God
does not write books. People
do get flashes of inspiration
and jump to the conclusion that
they have received all of Truth
and then embellish that bit of
Truth with human ideas until
the real Truth gets snowed
under. It took me five years of
preparation to receive from
the Inner Self, which is God,
and so what I have received I
have had printed for the benefit of others seeking real
Truth and never has any of this
Truth been contradicted by a
later instruction. That is impossible to do with human instruction and ideas.
"There is a great deal of
good instruction in the bible
if one has the ability to recognize it. If one reads just to
analyze and pick to pieces, why
there is nothing for him at
all and he may have to wait one
or more incarnations before he
can pick up the real Truth
once and for all.
"The sayings of Jesus have
been warped and twisted and
misinterpreted to suit ecclesiastical ideas, human ideas,
and so are not to be depended
upon." -- Dr. Addison O'Neill,
1128 Hampton Road, Daytona
Beach, Fla.
"You have be been asked for
more articles about Scientology, and while I do not intend
to elaborate here on one of
the principles of this subject,
I have done some musing on some
of the theories set forth
therein, and can't help getting a new appreciation of
this and similar subjects.
However, the correct order of
the importance of the three
most important considerations
necessary to reach understanding is as follows, which I will
explain, first, its key to ,
and reason for.
"Everyone knows that the
sun is the center, or sol, or
ego, or I of the universe. We
also agree that Mercury, according to ancient mythology,
the next planet to the sun,
was the god of messengers (communication). The next planet
out is Venus, who was the goddess of love (affinity). The
third planet from the sun is,
of course, good old Earth, and
if you own a piece of it, you
own some real estate. You know
of course it is REAL property.
"If you will look at this a
little more, you will see that
the ability to have communication includes the ability to
have affinity and reality. The
ability to have affinity also
grants the ability to have reality. But you could still have
reality with someone and still