Volume 9, Issue 7, page 15

(Send your questions direct to
LOUIS, 1411 East Missouri, Phoenix,
Ariz., enclosing a stamped, selfaddressed envelope. For those who
^ish personal replies, a minimum
contribution of $2 per question
should be included.)
DEAR LOUIS -- Do you believe
in faith-healing? -- A.S., Seattle, Wash.

DEAR A. S. -- The area you mention is broad. Yes, I believe
in faith-healing, but, not in
faith healers, as such. As far
as I am concerned, there is
but one great healer, that is,
God, the Father, within and
without. However, there are
many expressions of the One --
and these expressions as channels bring forth healing. The
so-called faith-healing is one
segment of the total pattern.
All healing is achieved thru
faith, and for my money, it
does not really matter what
you have faith in -- just so it
works for you.