Volume 9, Issue 7, page 14


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What does handwriting analysis disclose? I wish every
question put to me could be
answered as easily. Handwriting analysis can tell you what
YOU are, list your characteristics so you can know YOU
better -- as well as your family ,
friends, and business associates.

We cannot tell whether the
removal of a wart will make you
a better person; we cannot
tell you whether our advice
will do you any good. That's
up to you as an individual. We
cannot tell you whether you
have been a mess at home and
at work but we can give you
straight answers "why" you
might not have been a roaring
success in one or the other.
We cannot tell when an expected offspring will make an appearance. We cannot tell whether an indication of a physical
weakness is serious or minor.
We can only denote vaguely the
general location of that weakness -- we are not doctors. We
cannot tell age nor sex thru
writing, for in the case of
the latter, many men write in
an effeminate manner and conversely, some women write in
the accepted male manner. Age?
Who can tell if a shakiness in
writing is due to age or nervousness? We do not claim that

There are analysts who have
specialized, who work with
psychiatrists, who can come
close to facts in some of these
above-listed phases. I am not
one of them. My work has been
general -- all types from children needing guidance to adults
with real character problems.
Thru handwriting analysis , advice based on the analysis,
many problems can be helped in
an individual, but in the final
reckoning it is pretty much up
to that person whether they
profit by the work. There are
some who come to analysis from
curiosity alone, a "chip on
their shoulder", an "I dare
you" attitude of the dyed-inthe-wool skeptic. There are
others sincere in their desire
to find out why they do certain
things, or why others seem to
irritate them. Parents whose
children do poorly in school;
any number of different types
have had analyses done and
with very few exceptions, these
persons have profited.

What can writing analysis
do? It can save heartaches,
misunderstandings, "loss of
face ", loss of time in the
wrong job, iron out marital
problems, guidance problems,
ad infinitum. Seeing is believing, and if you don't want to
"see", then all the analysts
teamed together can do nothing
for you.

The analyses that have been
published in The ABERREE are
mostly of the curiosity type;
there have been few problem
analyses sent in. I t proves
people are interested, but perhaps do not know enough about
its potentials to give it a
fair trial. I am waiting for
some of the problem-type to
come to me: these will find
more interest, more sound practical use for this profession.
It is not an entertainment medium; it is based on scientific,
common sense facts, thru which
a practical usage can be made
of it. We are not "fortune
tellers" -- so don't expect that
-- but we are capable of weeding out the niggers in the
woodpile of character.

E.L.A., Naryl -- A cautious
gentleman. L s before he
leaps but is t to leap too
far. Aggressive up to a point,
but holds himself back to some
degree. Imagination is good
but he may hesitate too long
before going ahead with plans,
ideas. Doesn't have too much
to say but does a great deal
of thinking -- maybe too much,
for there are indications of
confusion in that thinking. He
is"reaching", idealistic, always optimistic.
* * *
P. L ., Wisconsin -- A diplomatic person with a nice sense
of balance, but apt to be impulsively extravagant on occasion. Inclined to pick her
close friends, tho she's pleasant to everyone. Resents interference in her own business
-- won't take it. Very little
anger -- the type who walks away
from an unnecessary argument.
Practical minded, but content
to do things as they come
along. Could be intolerant at
times, with unbendable opinions.
something up, keep pulling thru that particular area until you clean it up, until there is
no picture out there, nothing which you yourself do not own and did not create. Having
cleared your space out, you then proceed to
put into it those things which you want to see
in it. But make sure these are real desires.

Make sure of something else too: that you
put whole objects in there and that you recognize and want the whole object. You cannot have
a walnut without having a walnut seed and a
walnut tree; the tree has to grow up and be
watered, and you have to put in the whole development of that walnut. It is not enough to
want a house without being willing to pay for
the house and do the work of maintaining it.
You must create a whole thing from beginning
to end, the whole sequence, with full responsibility. If you desire part of it without the
rest of it, you will be out of balance, and
you may be more than that, because if you get
it, you will get the whole thing.
(Continued in the next issue)

vidual whose ownership is high, who has a good
degree of integration, or direction, or communication with God, or whatever you want to
call it, needs only to say, "It would be nice.
for this to happen", and it will happen. It
will land right in his lap before he can turn
around, if it is possible for it to happen at
all. The individual with a low degree can
say, "It would be nice for this to happen",
but he'll have to dream about it quite awhile.

What has all this to do with space? When
you start putting points out and pulling them
in, you will run into things already in your
space that you put out there a long time ago
and then forgot about -- dreams, desires, and
similar things which are partly realized or
may be realized in the future if you don't remove them. So you should clean up your space
by putting out points in all directions, and
putting out spheres, and pulling the points and
spheres in to you. Wherever they stick or turn