Volume 9, Issue 7, page 12


Four and twenty tailors
Went to kill a snail;
The best man among them
Durst not touch her tail;
She but out her horns
Like a little Kyloe cow.

Run, tailors, run, or
She'll kill you all e'en now.

I HE four and twenty tailors are the twentyfour hours of the day, Father Time, that
impinge on one's life line to shape it
with extra sensory implants. Life begins
as a straight line radiating action. The
reaction to the action of borning is heliocentric. The snail is symbolic of that reactive helix.

The Mother helix that is held reactively
immaculate relative to its own action only, is
without end. There is no tail end to it and it
can never die out unless something extraneous
is added. The additive overstocks the helical
pile and it explodes together with the additive hand that tries to shape it. To but touch
a helix is to kill it as a helix and transmute
it into a straight line radiating beginning
which reacts as another helix. A helix bites
the hand that feeds it.

The "best man" is the man who does not get
married nor marred at the wedding feast. The
best man is the odd 1 in potential on top of
the helical pile. He never kisses his mate in
the kiss of death that ends the helix in the
apex and blows it up. The odd 1 must never
touch his helical tail-end point of fruition,
the forbidden fruit, unless he wants to die
and be born into another cycle of life and
then to die in again.

Just short of the top end of a helix, the
reactive female puts out her horns, the last
pair of coils to coil in. She acts like a little, great cow, the little zero point in great
generation, the end of the gyrate reaction.
The top pair of open coils are her protection
against death, which is the closing of them by
some outside force. In death, the helical lifeline is completely cowed. Kyloe is akin to a
kilocycle, a great cycle, that can kill any
hand that touches it right now.

Run, twenty-four tailors, run. The very
thought of altering the automatic high frequency, sensitive, heliocentric gown is additive
enough to push its tail end closed and dress
the helix in black. The erupting beginning that
emerges therefrom will include every minute of
every one of you in it. The end and the beginning, death and conception, are one and the
same point.

Extra sensory impurities are erupting focal
points of infection, erupting to expel themselves. Then at the moment of inertia, at the
calm before the storm, time is no more. The
four and twenty tailors are out starting another cyclic round.

There is the story of a snail that set out
on a frozen January morning to climb the trunk
of a black cherry tree. As he laboriously
fought his way up in helical ascent, a beetle
appeared out of a hole and advised the snail ,
"Friend, your trip will be futile. There isn't
anything up there." But the snail, not stopping
his upward climb for a moment, replied, "There
will be when I get there."
So also is the forbidden fruit of generation forever in potential voltage and is never
there until one plugs into it. Immaculate
Mother Nature travels at a snail 's pace until
some sensory impregnation buoys her up to the
point of her destruction which is the fulfillment at the pandering-out Father from generation to generation. Creation does not come to
fruition naturally. It's a built-up job.

ferring to a normal childhood. I know that some
come back into the earth cycle burdened with a
heavy karma, but for the most part, childhood
is exciting and life can again become exciting
if there is a freedom from fixed beliefs about
our own initial states of consciousness.

By exciting, I do not mean some flown-away
release from the physical realm. I mean the
regeneration of the life forces so that there
is the awakening of new faculties of the soul,
faculties which hitherto were sleeping deep
within the recesses of the field potential.
This power and light is within each and every
one of us. The elements play no favorites. As
new wave lengths are added to the spectrum of
light, new faculties are awakened which become
active and vital in our consciousness. The
awareness of self expands, reaches out, seeking a greater expression of life.

But let's not forget the race-mind (in the
book of Revelations, the monster ready to consume the newborn child). The race mind has had
its purpose, but when one is ready to individualize in consciousness, it becomes a constant
struggle to separate the wheat from the chaff.
However, if we didn't have the race-mind with
which to compare our newly-found knowledge, we
could not find a proper balance. Our beginning
was very lowly -- an amoeba -- but we graduated
from one state to another, from one phase of
evolution to another, until now we stand at the
gateway of the universe, seeking entrance into
the Kingdom of the Highest.

What is time? It is a sense of movement or
motion in relationship to self. Immanuel Kant
said that different times are just various degrees of one and the same time. As we become
more sensitive to more subtle degrees of movement, we begin to register shorter and shorter
wave bands of energy and higher and higher frequencies of light. As the elements are rearranged in our structural differential to conform to the higher principles of activity, new
vistas of life open to us; a new sensitivity, a
new intensity, awakens within our BEin g.

What is true for one cannot be true for others -- and what is true today will not be true
tomorrow. Yesterday's "truth" was conditional ,
just as is today's truth, and tomorrow's truth
won't be true until each of us makes it so.
Truth is more amorphous than a breath, more
despised than Satan, and more loved than God.
In itself, it (truth) is an untruth, and is
subject to no law, altho it is itself the only
law. To admit a truth is to create a falsehood,
and to deny a falsehood is to create a truth.