Volume 9, Issue 7, page 8

pening out there, it is happening within my
own consciousness. All that is being transmitted via the energy waves and frequencies
registered are the inductive factors. This is
where polarity comes to life -- the positive and
negative constituents of form. I am either receiving impressions or sending them. My sense
of continuity depends on this system of electronics. If momentarily I lose my sense of
continuity, it is because momentarily the self
is not aware of self. The positive and negative are not active. I cannot have a sense of
continuity unless I am in the proper time zone,
registering the energy waves and frequency that
represent materiality to me.

Within the field of the human spectrum are
all the wave bands, and we ascend or descend
in consciousness according to the degree of
subjectivity. In a sense these represent solar
wave bands because they represent objectivity,
mundane laws, and the lunar cycles of evolution. Our application of the law is relative
to the wave bands, or octaves on energy, in
which we are functioning, our sense of materiality is relative to this concept.

Each field has lines of force, a linearity,
which gives cohesion to the structural differential defining the elements. Within this
structural differential is a patterned order
which determines the nature of our experiences.
If for one instant I would cease to register
via the vibratory system, at that instant I
would cease to exist as an individual. I would
lose my identity.

What is enforced affinity? It is when I believe that my survival depends on specific vibrations and that the withdrawal of those vibrations will represent a threat to my survival. As long as specific vibrations represent
inductive force in our awareness, they also
have materiality and value in our experience,
for our structural differential sustains their
form. There can be no form without a structural differential to define the elements and
without this, there is no sense of relativity,
no conception of events, no experience eventuating as a result of co-existence.

The formative forces inherent within the
structural differential have a patterned order
which co-exists with the laws of the universe.
The elements represent the periodic timetable.
There is a duration process contained within
the different levels of awareness. The wave
bands of energy, the octaves of vibration, are
relative to their own sphere and have their own
objective planes of consciousness. Mineral,
vegetable, animal, etc. -- these are all kingdoms of consciousness and man is supposed to
have dominion over the lower orders of relativity. Each kingdom has its o wrT time zone,
its own rhythmic plane of synchronization, its
own sense of continuity, its own co-ordination
of the elements. The behavior patterns are
integrated categorically. There is a gradual
expansion of consciousness; thru each embryonic stage we evolve from one time zone to
another and yet each field is a comprehension
of the whole revolutionary process. There is a
trinity -- the abstract, the conscious, and the

Matter can be delineated as form only on
the subjective level. In its nativity it is
four-dimensional. When we work out a problem
in terms of a mathematical equation, we do not
change the principle of mathematics, we subscribe to its laws, the laws which are inherent within the principle itself.

When engendering matter (autonomous field
of energy) as form, we are not changing its
primary function only so far as our own private objective world is concerned. We use it
but we don't change it. The first, second, and
third dimensions are terms of measurement and
have to do with the time zones of relativity.
The vector system of electronics is defined in
terms of lines of force, which act as a cohesive to the structural differential. Time and
space are relative to the dimensions of form
inherent in the properties of matter.

If one is functioning in harmony with the
law at the level of their own perceptive level
of awareness -- A equals A -- there is a rhythmic
sense of beingness, a feeling of belonging, no
sense of separation from the powers that be.
But if one drops down into a time zone which
is not relative to their own essential wellbeing, there is chaos and disorder and until
that harmony is restored, re-established in
consciousness, and one is again in tune with
the forces relative to their own state, it is
just plain, unadulterated hell.

All of us have affinity with light, but at
what level that affinity is being expressed is
the prime requirement. We are all instruments
thru which the one indivisible mind functions.
There is no hell except the unawareness of the
real self. Not being able to visualize the potential of our being limits our expression to
our current understanding of the law. Thus most
of us are miserable creatures trying to hide
our guilt because we believe this is truth
about ourselves. We are always trying to reconstruct the universe in our own image and we use
our present state of consciousness as a model.

Each individual field represents the generative capacity of the life force motivating it.
The knowledge of the life force, the ability to
focus or withdraw the life forces, is inherent
and operates automatically at the level of
self-awareness. But growth and development are
dependent on more than just survival at our
present level of understanding.

The statement that the properties of matter
are four-dimensional has had a tremendous
value at times when my self-esteem and prestige were at stake. In order to have an ego,
one must be able to identify in terms of objectivity. I do not need to defend something that
exists only in a relative state and has nothing
to do with the real self. For growth and development, experience is necessary, and how
would we have this experience except thru the
gradual unfoldment of the Infinite within us?
The law of the elements is action. There would
be no individual sense of self, unless there is
an individual experience to define it.

Each field postulates its own image and likeness of God, and each life force expresses and
clarifies its identity in terms of a spacetime continuity.

With each new experience there must be a
complete reorientation of one's faculties.
This requires versatility, a yielding up of
premeditated concepts. Most of us are afraid we
will lose our identity if our mental and emotional environment changes. It's the ability
to arrange and rearrange the elements in the
structural differential which makes for versatility. It's like changing the controls on a
keyboard so that it eventuates in a different
context of values, when we begin to see old
values crumble within the very mode of our
thinking processes. The consciousness begins
to expand; then we are eager to see what the
next day is going to bring forth, for our perspective changes with each new experience.

When we were children, life was exciting,
filled with anticipation. Of course, I am re(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 12)