Volume 9, Issue 7, page 6

form within arm's reach (except my arms were
holding my hands behind me, and weren't available.)
"Who is it -- Dad?" I asked, remembering the
"white mustache" part of the description, altho Dad had no more hair than I have. Maybe, I
thought, such deficiencies as near-baldness
can be corrected by denizens of the "other
side", and it may be that a ghostly "Papa"
does have a bushy head of hair.
"No!" and there was no disputing the vehemence of the denial. "I'm Mark Twain."
Alphia -- You're Mark Twain? (I was suspicious. I always thought it odd that people who
"run past lives" in auditing sessions and who
"talk to spirits" usually manage to contact
persons who achieved a certain degree of fame
in their physical bodies -- and here it was happening to me. Oh, brother!)
Twain -- I haven't seen one of those visors
for some time (referring to the editor's green

Alice -- I've always been

Twain -- Your wife is a wise woman.
Alice -- We understand you have another book
coming out soon. (Referring to an unpublished
manuscript soon to be released.)
Twain -- Yes! That' s right!
Alphia -- Does it make you happy
book is finally being published?
Twain -- I've gone beyond that now. I've made
my niche. I've been watching over you for some
time now, and you have quite a job.
Alphia -- Which one?
Twain -- You' ve got guts.
Alphia -- Thank you.

Twain -- It takes a bit of nerve
things you're doing.

Alphia -- If you'll give me your address,
we'll send you The ABERREE -- put your name on
our subscription list.

Alice -- Have you seen The ABE.RREE ?
Twain -- Yes, I've seen it. You'll find it's
going to be quite a thing one of these days.
(At this point, the recording has been cut off,
as Charlie slips out to change reels of tape.
There is some discussion about who left the
room, and taking care to see that no light is
permitted to squeeze thru when he returns. Also (and this we regret losing most of all) Twain
promised to "be around" and help keep The ABERREE alive and lively. Which mears, we suppose,
that we could add the name of Mark Twain as
"assistant editor" on our masthead, but we refrain since Postal Authorities have no sense
of humor, or understanding of things on which
You can't stamp "Postage Paid".)
Twain (continuing) -- Some of these Spiritualist churches are a little stuffy; they talk
about immortal life yet they don't have any
life in themselves. You know everybody's a
"Reverend" in that church. The first time anyone gets a chill up his back, all of a sudden
he's a disciple of God. In a Spiritualist
church, you find that the ministers -- not the
mediums, but the ministers -- are a lot of old
ladies with aprons on -- they're all Reverends.
You go to one of those meetings and there's a
pastor and about 14 co-pastors, and in the
congregation only three or four persons. .

could have come in this evening and claimed I
was a Pope. But I didn't wear a ring.

Alphia -- If you had, I'd have gone right
back and sat down.

Twain -- One at a time is good enough for me.
I recall the time I was talking to an old Mormon. He said, "Now you tell me where it says
in the Bible that a man can't have two wives
at the same time." I said, "Now look, Friend,
Truth lies only in that which is, and that
which is is truth, but is truth only of itself
and to itself and by itself.

All things are truth and Man is truth and
God is truth, but only in the facts of their
beingness. Acts are truth and thoughts are
truth and ideals are truth and beliefs are
truth, but only in the facts of their beingness.

An act, a thought, an ideal, and a belief
may be truth to one Man and falsehood to another, but their beingness is truth to both.

That which a man accepts as true for himself, God accepts as true for him, but not for
God or for another Man.

Truth for each Man is what he accepts as

A man will make fact that which he desires
to be true.

God accepts and grants the fact which man
desires to be true.

A fact is, and no Man can alter any fact. He
can only alter responses to and uses of facts.

The existence of one fact does not preclude
the possibility of the existence of any other

Only the has-been of any thing is for always; the beingness of any thing is transient.

That which has been may be again; that
which has not been will be.

The only static is that of the always of
(Here end the Sayings of Ceuga.)
a great admirer of
that that
to do the
you know it's not right to have more than one
wife at a time," and he said, "Well, you show
me. Let's let the Scriptures be our guide." I
said, "Well, I can show you in the Bible where
it says a man should not have two wives." He
turned red in the face and was huffing and puffing, and he said, "I know it backward and forward. I know ALL about the Scripture and there
isn't one place where it says only one wife."
Well, I opened to Matthew where it says "No
man can serve two masters" (6:24).

With this, the visible entity began to sink
thru, or into, the floor -- and his voice went
right along with him.

Two other manifestations: Albert Von Strode,
a former Enid medium, appeared bearing an armful of flowers which could be smelled by everyone in the mom. We have checked with persons
in Enid who knew Albert, and they say this is
quite typical of the type of man he was. The
other was a "Frankie ", a former newsboy, who
"entered" crying his wares, and then told a
tear-jerker of having slipped on the ice while
selling papers in Chicago to help an ill mother, and being run over by a horse. To which I
raise an idiom of the horse-and-buggy days, Oh,
yeah? Of course, I suppose it's possible such
an urchin would put in an appearance when he
knew a "newspaper man" was present, but...

Otherwise, Alice and I have had a lot to
discuss, and a lot of notes to compare, since
getting home. And one question rises paramount: What else do we do "Over There" besides
appear at seances, talk to curious ouija board
operators, and help editors ^ake a magazine
"alive" when he is not capable of recognizing
that help? Sounds pretty soft, doesn't it?
The A B E R R E E ^OYEMBER, 1962