Volume 9, Issue 7, page 2

scribe, was willing to make a
back-door contribution to the
Salvation Army by employing
them for messenger service.
But it didn't work. They didn' t want the dollar under those
conditions -- and John had to look
up our address after all, as
he should have done in the first
place. All of which probably
means something. but we don 't
know what. Maybe they have an
it's just as well, since Dia- agreement with the Teamsters'
netics seems to prefer a Saint Union not to ^ake deliveries
Hill in England to building a if Hoffa will agree not to sell
better b r i dge . Anyhow, the 'Salvation', and who'd want to
Wetherills promise there'll be see the Citadel picketed. One
other trips to the West (bast, might get the idea they were
and maybe next time... (P.& -- there for a handout! Or maybe
We never did get any lunch -- it just mesas everyone should
even forgot to offer our visi- subscribe -- even John Katonak...
tors coffee -- which is almost a 1 ben Muriel Grlebe turned
command phrase for living
1 We'd waited more than
four weeks for a carpenter to
put in a door and replace some
old windows in our house -- and
it wasn't until he and Ye Ed.
were at the lumber yard buying
materials that we discovered
he didn't even know hinges are
called "butts" and the metal
plate in which the latch fits
is called a "strike". However ,
rather than get a new carpenter, we decided to pool our
ignorance with his power tools
and "bull our way thru". 1 We 'd
hardly gotten things in an unleavable state -- the old door
off and the windows out -- than
Ye Pub. called Ye Ed. from the
office. "Guess who's here,"
she greeted. Ye Ed. wasn't in a
psychic, or even playful , mood .
"It's Richard Wetherill, and
he wants you to come down and
have lunch with him," she said .
1 Since we'd been caught
with our doors and windows
down, there was little we could
do except regret that the exigencies of daily living make
such situations possible. So ,
Ye Ed. was being both a vise
and advisor -- plus a poor host
and/or luncheon guest -- when
Richard Wetherill of Wynnewood, Penn., founder of Humanetics, and his wife drove into
the yard. With him were Ks.
William Plvmat of Des Moines,
Iowa, and 1., -Col. U&g Lawrence, of Denver, Colo., who
had just retired from a stint
in the Army after serving with
the armed forces in Germany.
The party was on its way to
Los Angeles, where Mr. Wetherill had a speaking engagement,
after a stopover in Arizona to
give a bit of Humanetics to
the Hopi Indians.
1 Leaving the carpenter to
work out his own problems, we
all gathered in The ABERREE
office, where, wedged in among
typewriters, layout desks, and
an offset press, the two menfolk "talked shop" for most of
the afternoon, while the ladies
sat silently by, poring thru
books, or politely listening.
And there was a lot of "shop"
to be talked, as we learned of
the offer to contribute Humanetics theories to the 'infant
Dianetics back in Elizabeth ,
N.J. -- an offer that got the same
snub treatment accorded others
with similar altruism. Maybe
-- but we did get that door over their Dover, N. J., home
hung, and the windows in. to their newly married son and
Such as they are.) his bride, she was able to fulfill a long-felt desire to move
1 act and Mickey Frederick to New york -- to Greenwich Vilare closing their pawn shop in Tage, in fact sat even tho The
Las Vegas, Nev., so there'll be Village is still "where the
new faces looking over those beats live, where every 'man'
"trinkets" for those seeking is beautiful and lovely, and
financing after a gay evening. every 'girl' is handsome and
They're flying to Hong Kong, strong", Muriel confesses SHE
Jack says, "to absorb a little has changed. At one time, I
Oriental philosophy", but may- thought it urns colorful, but
be they'll find other things nowadays I oink I could do
to "absorb", too, if they take with less ambiguous color,"
their "three balls" along... she writes....
1 Life can get so confusing 1 In theme iqs when water -- if you don't follow rules as on-tap is taken for granted by
laid down by the slaves who've city dwellers, it's easy to
grooved practically every fac- understand the eagerness with
et of living, and expect us to which Ma mai Alice Galusha
stay in those grooves. For ex- of Pueblo, Ws., loot forward
ample, take the Salvation Army to their sam Bill's completion
(which is a real deep groove of the well and piping water
branching off the deep abyss into their fan bene. "It's a
of Christianity). Their groove little bard -- lots of gyp," Alused to be a drum-head and ice writes. Bat it beats the
tambourines, in which street- frost-covered pang om a cold,
corner listeners dropped coins wintry Colorado moaiimg...
for their ( the listeners') 1 Sttd is
"salvation" and the Army 's re- a lot of boy alica$. The day
placement of worn out comets he was born (26 August) to
and tambourines . Then, when
Evelyn and Bersael SF~ornd in
they hitched their wagon to Burton, lash., he neighed 10
Community Chest drives, "nick- pounds, 8.5 ounces. Oat since
els on the drum" became too he's joining seven sisters, he
peanutty for the Sallies, and probably carne prepared to cope
you "buy your salvation" at with conditions a lome ^ale
the same time you give to the faces under such a gender imother charitable organizations balance...
set up by unemployed Chris- 1 Ile 'we done it again) Each
tians and preachers who have time we complain in The msg.used up all the sermons they REB about the weather -- it's
learned in school and don't too hot, it's too cold, it's
want to learn n e w ones.... too dry, or we're having too
1 All of which may be a slight- much rain -- the situation imly facetious analysis of the proves shortly after we go to
problem raised when John Ka- press. Last month, we groused a
tonak of Lorain, Ohio, sent a bit about the dry August, and
dollar to the Enid Salvation how it had killed so much of
Army. together with a manu- our garden; hardly had the item
script, and asked them to de- been varityped than we got a
liver it to The ABERREE office , rain -- and within a day or two
since he didn't have our ad- after mailing, more than two
dress handy and rather than inches of rain definitely broke
ask a neighbor for the maga- the hot, dry spell. We don 't
zine to which he doesn't sub- (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 20)