Volume 9, Issue 6, page 18

house in good repair and a
barn. But it was all strictly
in the rough -- the lawns overgrown and the gardens a mass
of weeds. It was ideal for the
establishment of her long
hoped-for laboratory where her
'kitchen experiments' could be
backed up scientifically. So
she began to collect the instruments and, with the help
of Dr. G. H. Earp-Thomas of Red
Bank , N. J., to assemble the
necessary data.
"Despite the condition of
her property, she dug right in
and a few nights ago I attended the 'house warming' at which
three elderly men -- - folmer
'hopeless cripples' -- took possession. They are not 'guests'
-- this is not a typical 'rest
home'. There are no attendants
-- no nurses. A physician is in
easy telephone distance but as
each 'tenant' takes three
wheatgrass drinks each day,
professional service probably
will not be required.
"Three or four more elderly
men may join the group later.
..These three are merely members of the 'New Outlook Club'
-- a name which symbolizes the
way the three feel. They will
do their own chores, and when
spring arrives, those there
will help with the garden, etc.
"I dined at the 'house warming' on watermelon, salads, and
sandwiches of manna bread.
They have breakfasts of live
fruit, luncheons of live vegetables in the shape of salads,
and at night dinners baked in
the 'iron pot'. Luckily, the
barn is built in typical New
England style -- it touches the
house and conforms with the
general architectural plan.
This will be broken into living
rooms as soon as funds are
available, and there should
always be room for 15 or 20
'tenants' even after the laboratory is running and the greenhouse functioning. This whole
situation is not designed
to make money -- it is to provide for the needs of these
cooped-up elderly men who want
to get back into the swim, but
thru ill health, have been prematurely placed on the sidelines ..
"Dr. Ann's 'New Outlook
Clubs' should spread from coast
to coast and this should be the
living example of the success
of the idea." -- Evelyn Hoppe,
Box 239, Boston 23, Mass.
0 00
"Th e great minds express
truths in such a nebulous way
that we wander what it means:
"Krishnamurti: 'Freedom from
the known'.
"Aldous Huxley: 'A few powerful men, at whose mercy the
whole human race now lies, are

themselves the hypnotized prisoners of political and philosophical traditions, which being grounded in nationalist
idolatry and ideological dogmatism, have in the past invariably led to war.' (FATE Sept.
"By coloring horoscopes a
person sees this and something
more. That as nations of people go in for (1) Self-importance, (2) Wealth, (3) B'elieving Minds, they get leaders
with still Redder horoscopes,
and are led to disaster (Bad
Star) in the Mill of the Gods.
"The best way to explain a
thing is to picture it. If
Hitler had won the war his
next step was to rewrite the
B'ible -- this is on good authority, Felix Hersten, a captive
of Reichfuehrer Himmler. Dr.
Kersten was the only one who
could relieve Himmler's crippling stomach pains, and was
"Germans were to be substituted for Jews in anew version
of the B'ible. This has been
done by all conquering nations
from the time of Sumeria. Many
people preferred death rather
than to glorify their conquerors, as it would have been for
Hitler, so it takes inquisitions and exterminations to
put these B'ibles over.
"In a broad sense, all the
B'elievers in our B' i bl a are
Jews or Zionists, whether
white, black, Catholic, or
Protestant, just as all B'elievers in Hitler's B'ible
would have been Nazis. Nazism
and Zionism are equally selfglorifying (1), equally wealth
seeking (2), and equally B' elievers or B'lind followers,
hypnotized minds (3). This
makes Red horoscopes, and Red
horoscopes end in sickness,
crime, insanity, slavery, or
extermination. This happened
time after time for the Jews
and still they let their Red
B'ible lead them on.
"So 'Orthodox' in a narrow
sense would mean German or Nazi
in Hitler's B'ible, and Jew or
Zionist in our B'ible -- taken
literally. This scum of humanity hides the divine truth of
astrology, astral influence.
Spiritual truths covered by
self-proclaimed human greatness. or divine preference.
"As mankind became civilized, he lost his spiritual
sight, can only see human bodies, not spirits or astral influences. By making horoscopes
in color, Red for Saturn, Satan-dominated charts, it can
be realized that primitive man
pictured the true b'ible in
the stars. Satan is pictured
as serpents for different ages,
and men are pictured as slayThe ABERREE
ing them, or being encircled
or bitten in the heel by them.
The sun is the soul that is
being tried by Saturn. In Egypt
the serpent often encircles
the sun or soul.
"In astrology the serpent
was all-powerful in Hitler's
chart, and the sun was impotent in a Red cusp. And this
is more or less true of all
Nazis. Don't believe it but
color their charts.
"No matter how loudly, or
how many Nazis, Jews, or Christians (1) glorify themselves,
(2) seek wealth (3) with hypnotized minds, they are followers of Satan, and their horoscopes get Red in proportion
to their Belief. Then Satan,
the serpent, encircles their
sins, bringing on dark ages of
persecution. They can't be
told for they have ears that
heh.r not, eyes that see not ,
neither do they understand." --
Morris and Minnie Swenson,
Camas, Wash.
"Your horns keep shrinking,
and Ron's do, too. I'd like to
see a cartoon, such as the
political cartoons the late
Ding Darling used to draw, made
up of caricatures of various
'goodies and badies' whose
names get kicked around in Ye
AB's pages. What a wonderful
opportunity for face-making,
haughty poses, and dead-cat
throwing ! " -- Jim Lange, San
Jose, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- You might take
this up with Hardin Walsh, who
did something similar years
ago as cover for a book of humorous sketches. And thanks for
shrinking our horns -- Ron's and
mine -- but let's don't substitute halos, please.)
"All right, if we're going
to believe the Bible, nothing
was made except by The word.
"Then the Great Super-Metaphysical Hypnotist made creation by words: 'Let us make
Man in our image and likeness'.
"What does He mean 'us' ? He
means me, I'm the one who is
reading it; I juggle words
(thoughts). If I cancel MY
thoughts, there are no others.
Heaven and eternity are
thoughts In the ever-present
NOW, the only time there is,
was, or ever will be period. I
and the Father are One.
"My words (thoughts) they
are LIFE -- that long, long movie." -- A.B.Pierson, Selma, Cal.
"It is most commendable of
you to give those adult beatniks an outlet for their own
heresies, but does it help you
in your own development?" --
Irene Brown, San Francisco,