Volume 9, Issue 6, page 15

more likely to be ripe for Humanetics than others.
"Some of your readers have
become extremely interested...
"Yours is one of a number
of publications which have
helped the cause along. That
has been an interesting development of the past year. We
appreciate it enormously...
"As you probably realize,
all of us who are working with
Humanetics are engaged in an
effort to get humanity out of
trouble. We are doing everything in our power to make
fastest possible progress. Our
support comes from people who
are making real sacrifices to
provide it, and we are all
making real sacrifices ourselves. Some persons consider
that foolish, but we don't." --
Richard W. We therill, Wynnewood, Penna.
"It is quite strange that
each time a small urge hits me
to abandon The ABERREE and
everything connected with it,
something comes up to stop me.
This month it was the exchange
between yourself and Bob Arentz. Up to now, this I dig.
"Roy Eugene Davis I cannot
'buy', wholly. Sure, I bought
six of his books, 'Creative
Imagination', to give to men
who work in my organization,
but I tore out the pages that
are 'too far out' for rational ,
mundane minds to pursue. He,
Davis (as all other mystics),
is trying to sell 'his' conception of 'God' (call it what
he may) to others. That is
what I cannot buy, and that' s
why I tore out those pages of
his book.
"Sure, he does 'like it' on
this 'plane' (he damn well admitted it!) Sure, he does
'know' he's 'selling' a 'mysticism' and a 'knowledge' -- a
'peregrination' that is purely
'subjective' and purely 'unsubstantiated' from any rational viewpoint, and he 'profits' (in cash dollars) from his
'selling' (based on 'fears and
frustrations') much more than
I do in the every-day selling
of life insurance (which you
have 'low-rated' because I
premise my 'selling' on 'fear').
At least I stay in (and on)
this world and make no claim on
any other -- past or future.
"You and Bob Arentz I understand. You, in conversation
with Roy Eugene Davis, I do
not understand.
"Since there is so much
that is absolutely and positively 'unknown' (as we define
'knowledge', objectively), why
can't you and I agree that
Xactors that deal with 'past
yves' and 'future lives' are
in the area of 'pure speculaOCTOBER, 1962
tion' and pure 'subjectiveness', and that an every-day
position of 'agnosticism' is
'good' (ED. NOTE -- O.K., we
agree. Does that make you feel
better?) You intimate (in your
rebuttal to my last letter)
that I have not 'learned' (from
reading The ABERREE) that which
I 'should have learned' and
that I have learned 'from various and sundry libraries' that
which I ' should not have learned'. That's not fair !
"You introduced me to Krishnamurti and I learned from him
not to 'learn' from anyone
else -- not from The ABERREE, or
from any of its contributors --
or from Krishnamurti ! ( ED.
NOTE -- Yes, I did introduce you
to Krishnamurti, but I don't
recall tearing out some of the
pages -- or did I ?)
"Now, where am I? Back to
you and Bob Arentz. Keep it
up. From that I will get my
dollar's worth (for two dollars ! ) . " -- Sherman F. Buckner,
Oklahoma City, Okla.
"I asked 'Counselor', who
is Top Man in our H.W. (Heaven
World) colony, 'Would you like
to answer Alphia's "Ed. Note"
of our article, 'Oft-Taken
Victim' (July-Aug. ABERREE)?'
"Counselor answers Alphia's
charge of '... and we suspect
that instead of "seeing" and
"hearing" such entities, she
was merely reacting to her husband's suggestions.'
"I suspect Alphia knows
better, he merely launches that
charge so it will bring forth
answers to some of his puzzlement which persists.
" 'Puzzlement 1 -- The written
word is positively Jacob.
"'Puzzlement 2 -- All must
come from Jacob else he could
not turn it on and off...
" 'L. O. had been graduated
from the need of being put into
a trance state to enable her
to communicate with us, previous to the Apsels' visit to
Enid. During tneir two-week
stay at the Harts' home in
Enid, there was lots of communication and intercommunication in full consciousness and
in fully-lighted areas. Certainly Alice would have seen
and Alphia noted in word and
print that L.O. was the victim
of a Svengali, had it been so.
"'Now if we were of Jacob's
mind, Jacob would have no need
of L.O. for communicating with
us. He still climbs the walls
and ceilings in his nightly
meditations trying to establish
first-hand communication.
"'Answer 1 -- Since we do not
speak in syllables, words, and
sentences, but rather in
thoughts, the presentation by
the Medium is colored by her
own means of expression, as
rays of light take on the color
of the pane of glass it passes
thru. Jacob has always, with
our permission, re-worded our
messages and thoughts. It is
for this reason that the completed article takes on the
personality of Jacob.
"'Answer 2 -- It was Jacob
whose hypnotic ability enabled
him to regress L. 0. into a
state of nothingness which
opened her sensitivities to
us. He did not create us! He
merely commanded her unconscious to be receptive to us.
The avenues he opened he can
close. He merely put up a detour blockage; this affected
her, not us. We remained as we
were and have been even before
L. O. and J a c o b walked the
"'Bless you all, Counselor. '
"For the record, I wish to
repeat, since our article ends
with 'Last week I shut down
and blocked out all our H.W.
contacts. We had communication
with thousands of entities,
but now shop is completely
closed... We are searching new
lanes and avenues -- no success
to date.'
"After sever al weeks of
reaching out into areas far
and farther we found nothing
but space and no one to talk
to. It then occurred to me, how
can I even explore and gather
information concerning discarnate intelligent l i f e if I
close out the only discarnate
intelligence in sight. With
apologies, I invited our H.W .
friends back again.
"I shall now answer Alphia's
charge in Par. 2 of 'Ed .Note'
'Disproved intelligent 1 i fe
after death'.
"Jacob knows that communication with discarnate intelligences is a fact because we
communicate with them. This in
no way proves that they were
earth residents. These entities still claim they were
earth residents even as you and
I, and after death, migrated
to where they are now -- H. W.
"They have tried many socalled proofs on me but it
does not stand up under strict
inspection. I have found that
they are able to glean without
seeing the newspaper; they
have been able to give every
detail concerning one who had
died several hours ago. They
have never been able to repeat
this at about 9:00 P.M. when
newspapers are closed to calls
from undertakers and family
informants concerning a death
that has just occurred, I asked
them repeatedly at this hour,
9 p. m., to bring in one who
has died in the Milwaukee area
within the hour. Each time when