Volume 9, Issue 6, page 13

HY HAS the New Testament four Gospels? To
agree with the four letters of the secret
word J H V H. Who wrote the Gospels? Researchers have unearthed evidence showing
the Mark appeared first, that the Matthew
and Luke were copied from it. and that
the John was written last by one who knew the
hidden meaning of the "Sacred Four".

The original Mark was the work of a scholar
named Marcion, who got his data from the writings of Apo llonius, the great Pythagorean
philosopher of the First Century, who preached
the philosophy of Pythagoras all his life
until his death at the age of 98.

Marcion first introduced the doctrine that
became Christianity. He went to Antioch, where
Apollonius did much of his preaching, and obtained some of his writings about 30 years
after his death. These he copied, making such
alterations as would hide their real authorship
and object, and took them to Rome about 130 A.D.

According to Marcion, the principal foundation of the doctrine of Apollonius was the
zodiac sign Aries, the ram or lamb. And so,
Jesus stepped out of the ancient zodiac exactly
as stated in Chapter 11, ASTROLOGY.

The early Christians worshiped a lamb on a
cross, and into the John gospel the biblical
makers slipped the statement, "Behold the Lamb
of God which taketh away the sin of the world"
(Jn. 1: 29). What was that "sin" and how was it
taken away? That data is contained in the
ancient philosophy.

Then the Church found it expedient to hide
the lamb, and at the sixth Ecumenical Council
in 680 A.D., it was ordained that the worship
of a lamb on a cross be prohibited, and the
figure of a man "be portrayed on the cross".
This occurred late in the Seventh Century, and
gives us a clue as to when the fable of the
crucifixion was invented and included in the

The Luke gospel appeared second, and was
the work of Lucian, a Greek satirist. He copied
his data from the writings of Marcion.

The Matthew appeared third. Its authorship
is not clear, but that gospel shows in itself
that it was compiled from the writings of Marcion and Lucian.

Damis, a Greek historian and favorite disciple of Apollonius, was the author of the
John, or it was copied from his writings. He
is mentioned in the New Testament in Col. 4:14
and 2d. Tim. 4:10. Damis was the only one who
mentioned the secret word (J H V H) that "was
made flesh and dwelt among us" (Jn. 1:14), and
he got that data from the ancient philosophy,
which seems to have been unknown to the other
gospel scribes.

These men never saw nor heard of Jesus. He
was utterly unknown to them and to the world
at that time. And so, the biblical makers have
these men writing fables of the life and work
of a man they never knew. That is precisely
what the hidden facts of history show. Their
writings dealt with the life and work of Apollonius. (Continued in the next issue)
have to do it. Why?" your subject will alter
the intention or give it up, you can change his
future. Otherwise all you can do is delay it.

And don't try to use your foreknowledge as
a method of control, or try to scare people.

Where major disasters are concerned, remember that in the world in which you are about
to walk there are no accidents whatever.
Everything is caused or created for a reason.

Large-scale disasters will continue to
occur: major floods, fires, explosions, bomb
droppings. You will see them, but don't worry
about them. Simply arrange to be elsewhere.

You will not see things which move you a
lot emotionally. If you are going to get excited about a vision, if it causes within you a
major amount of fear, distaste, or distress,
you will not see it more than once. Having seen
one, you will not see the next one. Your perception will be blocked.

In terms of public prophecy, apply the rule
of three: Never make a prophecy about any major
incident unless you can find two other people
who also have seen the same incident, and the
details check. This applies to any national
event, and to things like the death of an individual. There are certain standard illusions
about the future which can always be picked up.
Floods, earthquakes, fires, and the like are
easy to envision, but they are not necessarily
future; they are frequently past events. Also
certain things on the psychic plane frequently
are interpreted as destruction on a national
scale, which they are not. So if you see a major
event of this kind, check to make sure someone
else with whom you are in communication saw
this same thing in the same way, because a
flood, for instance, is always seeable. What you
may be seeing is something from the past which
you are interpreting as a future event. This
is one of the common errors.
(Continued in the next issue)

"Today's juvenile delinquency", said the
Coffee-cup Philosopher, kicking off his shoes
and elevating his socked-feet to the seat of
the chair his wife had just vacated temporarily, "can be blamed to shoes. When we kids
went barefoot, and dug our toes into the cool
earth, we grounded ourselves from all this
mischief. It's an electrical thing... "
"To say nothing of being too busy picking
out sandburs and doctoring cuts to look for
trouble to get into," we reminded.
"Let's keep it scieptiflc," he growled. "We
all know that we pick up positive charges from
space, and our shoes insulate us from the natural grounding -- the only animal foolish enough
to do this... "
"Tennyson said it better," his wife said,
rejoining us, and retrieving her chair. "Remember? 'Boy with shoes on, how can you do the
awful things you do -- Insulated from the sand,
Heaven help you, little man.'"
"Tennyson!" her husband snorted. "It wasn't
Tennyson, it was -- I don't remember. But he
didn't say that, I know. Anyhow, why do you
always have to mess me up when I'm talking?
Why didn't you say in the bathroom, where you
belong?" -- Dee E. Vi lhiort