Volume 9, Issue 6, page 12

of definite opinions but not
tient is concerned. His per- opinionated to an unpleasant
sona). life is his own -- his home, degree. Organization ability
'~i his friends, his activities, and an even disposition are
~'S just as his patients' time is the outstanding points in this
4 CL4A,~' theirs, while with him. He writing. Selective in choice
will give much more than he of friends, but friendly, amif ~/ receives in this respect. Some- able to those she comes in
1 ~_ a ' what retiring in private life, contact with. Ability to conhe talks freely when his pro- centrate is better than in
fession is involved. There are most samples of writing, but
times when his thinking is a tho she will take care of things
bit confused, he becomes moody, as they come along, is somewhat
but no one outside his closest inclined to slide over -- but
friends would know it. He is will come back to these. She
secretive, dependable, and en- is not a fault-finder but anatirely reliable in his work . lyzes anything and everything;
Can be intolerant, have strong you won't find her making a delikes and dislikes, but tho he cision without knowing all the
will expect others to comply, angles. Irritability at times,
he doesn't force it. A versa- but self-control is also a
tile person; plenty of deter- characteristic, so perhaps
mination, even outright obsti- these signs could indicate more
nancy, is in this writing. He energy, pep, fire than the
could overcome, or complete, more common garden variety of
just about anything he sets emotions. Nice sense of humor,
his mind on. considerate of others.
(For a "capsule analysis" of your handwriting, write Mrs. M. S.
Duslce, 322 W. B St., Ontario, Calif. Please use black or dark ink.
Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope. A private and ^ore complete analysis is available thru special arrangement.)
J.V., Puerto Rico -- A gentleman who is fighting -- and winning -- a battle of nerves. A
dedicated man in his profession at which he is efficient,
conscientious, and very careful. In personal habits, he
could be a bit careless at
times but never where a pa-12
By MAXINE S. DUMKE A.K.. Illinois -- A young lady
R.D., Oklahoma -- This writer
is energetic, very optimistic,
strong emotions. Somewhat repressed, but a friendly man,
up to a point. Qpite set in
habits ; simple likes and dislikes. Conscientious and painstaking in whatever he does.
Hard to discourage, very deliberate. Head control or selfcontrol -- never overdoes what
he knows is his limit; tho
sometimes he will make a quick
decision, it is an exception
rather than the rule. Rather
conventional, precise, careful. Keeps his own business to
himself, prefers his own company to chatterboxes -- this
gives the impression of being
reserved. Has a quick , fluent
mind, combined with a ready
wit, which could be a bit sarcastic should he care to make
it so. Somewhat self-centered
but not selfish in the sense
of miserliness -- thrifty would
be a better word. He is shrewd
-- won't be taken in easily if
at all. Sensitive, modest dignity with cultural tastes. Inclined to be stubborn sometimes. However, he is diplomatic, tactful, and few would
know what is actually in his
mind. Could be a good friend
but a rather exacting one.
* * *
Dr. Tavener, she says, may
be recognized by some of her
readers as the operator of a
mysterious nursing home in London; also, she cites the curious fact that the artist (Hannes Bok), who drew the jacket
ME SECRETS OF DR.TAPRNRR b picture from fancy, should have
Dion Fortune. 234 p ' by created a recognizable likeDi ness, altho he had seen neithPub, by Llewellyn Publications, er a photograph of Dr. Tavener ,
110 S.Wabasha, St. Paul, Minn. nor been given a description
Highly reminiscent of Sher- of him.
lock Holmes and Dr. Watson by Whether one accepts any of
A. Conan Doyle is this series these stories as possible,
of stories by Dion Fortune -- a probable, or factual, if he/
sequence of events laid around she should have been a devotee
the occult misadventures of of the old WEIRD TALES Magavictims and would-be victims tine or others of its ilk, he
who take their troubles to a will enjoy "The Secrets of Dr.
London psychologist, Dr. Tave- Tavener" solely for its enterner, as told thru the eyes of tainment value. However, he
his aid and companion, Dr. may have a tendency to start
Rhodes. looking askance at anyone he
Miss Fortune tells readers Sees who may be acting a bit
frankly that she has written queerly -- now that he "knows"
her book as fiction, but that there are "Rowers" and "Forces"
she has done so merely because still exerting influences on we
it would stretch credulity be- humans who have the conceited
vond acceptance were she to idea we are masters of our own
claim that the incidents in- fate.
volving all the horrors of oc- An introductory essay on
cultism -- vampirism, spells, "The Work of a Modern Occult
black magic, reincarnated pos- Fraternity", by Gareth Knight ,
sessions, etc. -- were actually gives the book a purpose for
true. So , she says, she pre- existence, which is in addisents it as fiction, "toned tion to its story interest --
down to make them fit for frail Nika.

The A B E R R E E OCTOBER, 1.962