Volume 9, Issue 6, page 6

Some claim they can meditate best when they
are stretched out on the bed. They can also
sleep in this position, and if meditation becomes boring, they can easily go to sleep.
This is why it is not a good idea to practice
meditation in this position. Some say their
back bothers them if they sit upright. It is
amazing how many people walk and sit for hours
a day in perfect comfort, yet claim they have
a backache when meditation time comes. It is
true that we should be able to meditate in any
position, but until we have attained proficiency
in it, we should try in the upright posture.

Unless basic principles are observed the
meditation experience will not be balanced or
fruitful. To insure a steady unfoldment, we
should put ourselves in harmony with the universe. We should learn to maintain the proper
mental attitude at all times. We should keep
the company of progressive people, either in
person or by holding this image in the mind.
We should know a little about the nature of
life so that we have some philosophy and can be
objective about it. We should observe basic
rules of health and laws of conduct to insure
steadiness in our environment. This will go a
long way to insure peace of mind and balanced
unfoldment. Failure to observe these rules
leads to an unbalanced unfoldment.

We should avoid situations which tend to upset us. We should avoid prolonged involvements
in controversial debates. We should learn to
direct our energy into constructive channels.
A person who learns to direct his attention
and energy at will can quite easily direct it
within in meditation. This is why we find successful business people getting the best results in meditation. They are used to getting
things done. They will not take "No" for an
answer. They have learned how to focus their
attention. Avoid all actions and thoughts which
cause feelings of guilt, frustration, and limitation. Work in harmony with universal laws,
not against them. Most people make it hard on
themselves. They fight life with the idea they
have to "overcome" it. They don't realize that
when they understand it, they automatically
overcome it.

Before practicing meditation, try to clear
the mind of all feelings of fear, guilt, regret,
etc. If these patterns are not cleared from
the subconscious they will distort the experiences that come in meditation. It is true that
deep meditation will erase many of these patterns, but it helps to get as many out of the
way as possible in the beginning.

Man identifies with the object of his contemplation. When you understand this you have
the key to real meditation. He contemplates
this world and he identifies with it. Life
force flows from the brain, down the spine,
out thru the senses, and into contact with this
plane. It is very simple. When we are fully
identified with this world we believe that it
is solid and in the limitations which it presents in a "solid" state. It is hard for a person who believes this to really believe at the
same time that this world is a frozen (in time
and space) dream image. The mind may toy with
the idea, but the facts are too real to be denied. Only when man gains release from this
world, by reversing the attention and life
force, so that he literally sees something different, can he really know for sure. Speculation will not take the place of the knowledge
that comes in successful meditation.

The basic thing to remember is this: The
life force follows t h e attention and consciousness follows the life force. With this
understanding you see how it is possible to
reverse the flow of life force (by reversing
the flow of attention) and move from the belief
of a solid world to the realization of the
world of light.

What is the most effective manner of accomplishing this? Knowing that life force follows
the attention, we can direct the attention
away from the body by centering it into the
middle of the forehead. This is a step in the
right direction. Simply to sit for a long time
with the attention here, and the body relaxed,
is a goo d form of meditation, for it will
eventually result in the release of body consciousness. This is not autosuggestion or selfhypnosis, this is merely the reversal of the
flow of attention. At all times you must be
fully aware of what is taking place.

If you desire to practice this for the duration of the meditation period, then just watch
the breathing process and keep the attention
riveted at the point between the eyebrows. If
the attention wanders to the mid-brain, this
is all right too. The main thing is to experience a release from the body. You will find,
as you practice, that you become aware of the
inner activities of the mind. You will observe
the thought processes. You will not be thinking, but you will be observing the thoughts.
This means that you are something more than
the mind. You are the unit of awareness (soul)
and you can observe the activities of the mind.
When you understand this you will no longer be
a slave to the restlessness of the mind or to
habits set in the subconscious level.

Eventually as you practice, you can be free
of all concepts related to this dimension. You
can roam in the ocean of Mind. There is only
one Mind, the human mind is the individualization of Cosmic Mind. At this stage you can be
aware of layers of the subtle astral realms.
You can intuit the thoughts of others and even
pick up events of the past, for the record of
past events is etched on the ethers. You can
also be aware of coming events f o r pr esent
patterns will give you the clue to unfolding
dramas. What you see is only in line with the
present pattern, but if the pattern changes,
then the event will change.

Many experiences that come on this level
are termed supernatural experiences. This means
that they are beyond the understanding of the
average person. To a person who possesses only
a two-dimensional awareness, the normal activities of a person in this three-dimensional
world would seem supernatural to the two-dimensional reality. Likewise, when we are in
full agreement as to the reality of this threedimensional plane, any experience which impinges on us from the fourth dimension seems
supernatural -- that is, beyond the understanding of natural law as we know it. It is conceivable that the other planes -- the fifth,
sixth, and so on -- are just as understandable
as the laws of this plane. In fact, I do not
believe we will fully understand this world
until we get the picture of the multiplicity
of worlds. We must eventually understand the
whole thing. That is why people who trade this
world for another are just moving from one
scene to another without really getting an
expansion of awareness.

It is at this stage that we may become diverted from the goal of liberation. The activity of light and sound, plus the realization
that we can do so many things, i.e. practice
mental telepathy, see at a distance thru the
eye of intuition, converse with persons from
other dimensions, and even control the mind of
another, that we can easily become fascinated