Volume 9, Issue 3, page 19

"I've got an ad running in
The ABERREE and, I'm sorry to
say, it is showing good results. The reason I'm sorry is
that I have ceased publishing
and am returning the money
with a regretful note to those
who sent for samole copies.
been a lot of fun but it was
a financial flop of the first
degree. There is a lot of insanity in the world today and
I don't want to add to it by
subsidizing a losing proposition." -- Bill Anderson, Denver, Colo.
"There is not today, and
never has been, a _faith healer
on earth who could heal everyone. This also includes Jesus
"Today, many faith healers
will have you believe that
when they cannot heal you, your
faith is not strong enough.
That is a lie. Matthew 13:57:
'A prophet is not without honor except in his own country
and in his own house. And he
did not do mighty works there,
because of their unbelief.' So
Jesus Christ was no different
than Oral Roberts or any other
faith healer on earth today.
If he had been the true 'Son
of God' as the religionists
try to make believe today, he
would have healed everyone,
regardless of their faith. For
it is the unbeliever who needs
help the worst, to make them
see the power of God,
"To prove faith healing is
becoming a racket, I want to
tell what happened to me. 1
received an offer from a large
advertising concern in Chicago. They offered to pay for
all the advertising for my faith
healing in magazines and papers
all over the world. In return,
they were to take a certain
percentage for their share. I
said no, I was not making a
racket out of others' misery
and suffering. I never asked
for any donations until a person was helped by me. I know
of one faith healer in business today who has to be paid
$10 per month as long as you
desire his services. I also
know that he does not help
over 50% of his customers...
"If you think Jesus was a
great healer, why don't you
talk to a follower of Oral
Roberts. I have, and they think
he is as great as Christ. Many
JUNE, 1962
believe he is the reincarna- OBSERVER back to The PSYCHIC
tion of Jesus. I also know many OBSERVER". Must be the same
people who went to Oral Roberts People who read our ad in FATE
and were not helped in anyway. and wrote asking for the " speYet he accepted their dona- cial advertised in SEARCH", and
tion. If a man can really heal, would FATE ty send us a clipping from
then let him heal FIRST, and mA identify .
minority who Jilted us tho
us to
accept his donations-later. change the name ABERREE to
"I stopped faith healing something else and probably
because I received a far great- A Quid have kept calling it The
er gift -- the ability to reveal ABERREE no matter what name we
both good and evil about any- used, had we made a change...
one in the world. And I tell t Enid now has an Underyou this -- there shall not be standing chapter, which probany peace on earth until the ably will replace the ill-fated
religions are destroyed, and Unitarian group tsat expired when some of its "freePeople turn to their true God thinkers" couldn't accept the
and Creator." -- Vern J. Texter, free thinking of other m emChestertown, N. P. hers. Anyhow, the new group is
0 0 0 composed primarily of ex-Uni" Everywhere the word God is tarians, who attended a leeused in May ABERREE, substi- ture given in Enid May 7 by
tute the word "Mind"; then end DI. Daniel Fry, who is making
by saying Mind potential is a nation-wide tour organizing
inherent in the atom and sub- Understanding Units. Dr. Fry,
It builds up
accompanied to Enid by Charles
atomic particles. as man and all forms of life --
then creates and manifests further as Man.
"Mind goes on to non atomic
spirit manifestation at death.
Even the universe eventually
dies back to inert matter which
is automatically changed to
gases by the lowest action of
automatic mind.
"There is no concept goes
with that little three-letter
word (God). Some tribes on
this planet have no such word.
How can there be something if
we can't even imagine it? Robert A. Ingersoll said the only
God he knew of was humanity."
-- A. B. Pierson, Selma, Calif.
Rhoades, president of the Oklahoma City Understanding Unit ,
spoke on how we are losing the
"cold war" by several' policies, such as not helping feed
the non-Communists starving
under Communist domination,
and by "imitating Russia" with
our resumption of nuclear bomb
tests. He pointed out that our
"fears" indicate we're hypnotized by the Russian rattles --
but that isn't where the fangs
are; that when we know we live
where there are rattlesnakes,
we should learn about rattlesnakes. In a question and answer period, he detailed the
"White Sands incident", during
which he was given a fast ride
(30 minutes) to New York and
back in a space craft, proving
to him that such things do exist, whether we're willing to
believe it or not... 9 Presi(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2) dent of the Enid Understanding
Why he considered this drastic Unit is Hr. H. A. Sturdevant,
action necessary, we'll keep while Delbert Hern was elected
confidential until we print vice president and Mrs. Naomi
his story... Kindle, secretary-treasurer...