Volume 9, Issue 3, page 16

"I don't know whether Jacob
Apsel's suggestion for a demonstration conference is entirely jocular or not; I do
know that the medium (or sensitive) Eileen J. Garrett has
frequently co -operated w i t h
those attempting to investigate psychic phenomena. I do
not know the details, or whether she succeeded in doing her
stuff under the controlled conditions, but I know she has
won considerable respect for
her attitude toward serious
investigation. She is editor
of TOMORROW, a magazine which
ABERREE readers should find
interesting, and I think probably inquiries to this magazine would bring answers as to
where reports of such investigations could be found. TOMORROW is published by Parapsychology Foundation, Inc., 29
West 57th St., New York., N.Y.
"However, it occurs to me
that setting up a public test
of psychic powers may produce
conditions making it difficult
for these powers to operate.
Jesus, tho recorded as performing miracles, refused to
produce them when asked to do
it merely to demonstrate his
power. (He would heal the sick
on request, but not give
crowds 'signs'. And of course
if the power is believed to be
God's power, to out God on the
soot might be blasphemous.
"But I have this chiefly in
mind. I do, when inspired,
write poems. However, if I were
put on a stage or in a room,
with an astrologer on one side
of me, a clairvoyant on the
other, and a tape recorder
spinning, and were as}