Volume 9, Issue 3, page 6

(From the Published Lectures of Richard Ingalese.

Copyright 1902 by Richard Ingalese.)
plane, upon the inner or subjective planes of
consciousness. This gland can be attuned to finer
vibrations than register in any of our other
senses, and these vibrations relate us to the
inner worlds or planes. The student of occultism, at a certain point in his progress, is
taught how to direct special cosmic currents of
force into this gland to enlarge and raise its
vibrations. When this has been accomplished,
the student can function upon the subjective
plane by an effort of his will as easily and
well as he can see on the objective plane by
opening his physical eyes. With this class of
,lairvoyants, there is no passivity or trance
condition, but there is a conscious shifting of
the consciousness from one plane to another;
and it is according to the development of the
man whether he is able to function upon many or
few of the subjective planes of being.

The unattached student of occultism is one
without a master or teacher. He is one who knows
of occult powers and forces, and longs to possess
them, and he courageously faces the dangers
without assistance. The great desire for growth
leads him to seek quick development, which is
natural. The great majority of persons, when
they first hear of occultism and occult teachera, immediately want a teacher. Then they begin
to think they are developing rapidly in occultism and when certain subjective influences come
about, and they feel peculiar vibrations, they
immediately conclude that a master has come to
teach and help them. These subjective entities,
wishing to gain control of ambitious students,
impress them with the thought they love to entertain, and soon these students of occultism
are under the influence, and perhaps under the
absolute control of the dweller upon the

Remember this: Ao teacher of occultism will
ever try to control you in nind and body. You
are divine because you are a part of Deity and
therefore your body and your life are yours. A
teacher has no more right to control your mind
than he has to violate your body, and no student, teacher, or master of occultism will ever
attempt it. So, when you feel peculiar influences around you, or if you hear voices saying,
"We have come to help you, you are progressing
rapidly;' you may know it is the dweller on the
threshold who is talking to you. All students
of occultism, whether attached or unattached,
are helped by the Great Ones, but only when
they are trying earnestly to help themselves.
They are never touched or coerced, or worked
ufon subjectively.

If you are trying to workout a problem, you
may suddenly receive an idea which will make
everything plain to you. If you are ill, you
may suddenly receive a suggestion to go somewhere, or do something which will help you recover your health. If you are out of a position
and need money, something or someone may be
brought forward to help you. The student who is
studying along these deeper lines is always
watched and helped when he deserves help.

The student who declares he is going to work
out his own salvation, that he is going to develop, and uses the knowledge he has gained to
live according to his ideal, is a probationer,
and if he persists in this course for seven
years, he will draw to himself a teacher in
physical form. That teacher may be a master, an
adept, or an advanced student, but a teacher
who is best suited to him in his development at
that time.
i riot mediumship is attained, what does it
mean? Simply that this person has become
an instrument thru whom these excarnated,
unattached objective minds and other denizens of the psychic plane, may speak or
write, or perform like clowns in a circus.
And what good comes from it? These entities,
many of them, have become detached from their
own higher principle and must live on someone
in order that their existence may be prolonged.
Because without its subjective, the objective
mind slowly deteriorates, and after a time,
fades out. These ignorant or malicious lower
minds personate our departed friends, and glibly give us instructions about our domestic and
business matters. They advise us when and where
to sell stocks; they give long lectures on religion, and advise about the training of our
children. Think of such a creature as Jack the
Ripper lecturing on morality! Sometimes these
"angel guides" -- for so they insist on being
called -- pose as Lincoln, Shakespeare, or Napoleon, while other so-called "angels " in far
parts of the world also may be posing as the
same characters.

Much of the insanity of today is due to obsession, and insanity increases as humanity
becomes more sensitive to these dwellers on
the threshold. There are cases of hallucination
when an insane person believes he has exchanged
his personality for that of another; or who
fancies he is a distinguished personage, and
insists upon being treated with great homage.
Epilepsy is pearly always attributable to obsession, and the best treatment for all these
cases is mental treatment. Making the patient
"positive" will restore self-control and health
where medicine and confinement will utterly
fail. Mediumship usually leads eventually to
some degree of insanity, or to the premature
death of the medium. As the vital force of the
medium diminishes -- having been used by the obsessing entity -- he becomes unreliable, and
frequently has to resort to fraud and pretense
in order to continue his exhibitions.

Unprejudiced investigators admit that a positive, strong character is incapable of becoming a medium, and frequently prevents phenomena from taking place at a seance when he is
present. It is logical to conclude that there
are no positive, strong characters who attempt
to control men, as those with a knowledge of
the subjective plane of being always have maintained. After all, what haS been gained from
all of this? Has any new philosophy been presented, or any great discovery been made, thru
these self-styled "spirit guides"?
However, there I S a true clairvoyance or
seership which depends upon two things -- a welldeveloped subjective mind that rules its objective mind, and a peculiar psychological condition. Nearly in the center of the brain of
every human being is situated a tiny organ
called the pineal gland, and this is the chief
center thru which the mind must function in Reading furnishes the mind only with the
order that man may possess the x-ray vision material of knowledge; it is the thinking that
that enables him to look beyond the material makes what we read ours. -- John Locke
6 The ABERREE JUNE, 1962