Volume 9, Issue 2, page 12

battery of electronic computers to make astrological predictions of any reasonable specific
accuracy. Nevertheless, the general, over-all,
pattern can be discerned and is evident and
does manifest and can be perceived as long as
one adheres strictly to observed astrological

Contemporary astrology, using the known
planets, generally conceded that beginning
Dec. 16, 1960, with a conjunction of Saturn to
Jupiter, world-wide finances and real estate
values would suffer a constriction of values,
causing investors to become fearful and causing
a general depression in business activity. In
some instances in the past, this has led to
wars when the commercial stresses became sufficiently grave. However, during the past year
we have witnessed one of the most wild and
speculative booms on the stock markets of the
world that has ever transpired. Underneath all
this boom, however, there has been actual diminishing of real estate activity, increases in
unemployment, some commercial stresses, and
the wall in Berlin, which would be expected
with Saturn conjunct Jupiter. However, the
over-all picture presented by the stock market
boom has been that of relative prosperity and
certainly not what astrologers would anticipate or could conceive to happen with Saturn
conjunct Jupiter. Clearly, some other, hitherto unknown factor must be operating to bring
this about.

For some 22 years I have been endeavoring
to locate an additional planet in our solar
system which would account for certain glaring
gaps in the science of astrology which we have
had handed down to us in a somewhat fragmented
state. This protracted endeavor has now neared
a point where this planetary body will either
be sighted or its existence positively verified
by contemporary events. If my calculations are
correct, this planet is traveling between Mars
and Jupiter at a speed of approximately 37 and
a fraction degrees per year, and in an orbit
at a considerable angle to the ecliptic plane,
which causes its retrograde motion to be seemingly very erratic. From all that I have been
able to compute, it so happens that during the
past year this planet (at present known merely
as " Y" ) has been forming a trine relationship
to the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. The
energy force reflected from this planet would
be linked to an endocrine gland in the liver
and thru this gland would affect one's mental
capacity and psychological inclination to gamble and to be involved in any transaction promising quick profits and smart money. The effect
of this planet "Y " being in trine relationship
to the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter would
very neatly account for why, when astrologers
could see only the possibility of a recession
with Saturn conjunct Jupiter, the gambling elements in the stock markets of the world, betting on inflation, have actually caused a relatively prosperous period to unfold. This does
not indicate the astrologers are wrong. It
merely indicates that contemporary astrology
is working without all the factors and can
therefore not help but be subject to grave miscalculations. For those interested in astrology,
this new planet is postulated as the ruling
force of the sign Aries.

If the estimated position of this new planet is correct, we can project into the future
in a broad way and anticipate certain general
effects on the conduct of men. First, there is
reason to believe that planet "Y" is in that
part of the orbit which takes it far below the
ecliptic plane. We should see accelerated smart
money activity thruout all the nations of the
world below the equator. We are just on the
threshold of this surge of financial manipulation and it should continue for four years,
reaching its apex three years from now. Second, when this planet reaches the square, or
90-degree relationship to first, Saturn, and
then, Jupiter, real estate values first will
be hurt (October-November, 1962) and then the
stock markets of the world will suddenly go
into a tailspin (late February-March 19631, the
smart money going from the bull to the bear
position, causing a dramatic break in stock
market prices. If my estimated position for
this planet is somewhere near correct, the above
pressure will be felt and will be a verification, making this postulation worthy of further
investigation. Incidentally, there is no astrological indication of sufficient intensity
to indicate war, nor is there any other astrological indication for panic or recession.

Let's do a bit of guessing. Your guess is
as good as mine as to what could trigger a
dramatic stock market break in 1963. The first
thing that comes to mind is the sudden removal
from office of world leaders by death. DeGaulle and Adenauer we might logically expect,
but neither could trigger a dramatic stock
market break. Should our President meet with
an act of violence which, with these indications in mind, could originate from below the
equator, the repercussions from such an event
could be grave enough to fulfill the requirements of such a planetary position ("Y" squared
Jupiter). Also, it will follow that this postulated position, causing this severe break,
will be of short duration. The real break will
not be due for about three more years -- late
1964-1965, when Saturn will be in Pisces,
squared to Jupiter in Gemini, with " Y " conjunct to this Saturn squared Jupiter, which
could easily trigger World War III, or, a minimum, a powerful preview. None of the effects of
these squares could be traced back or bear any
relation whatever to a configuration of planets
in one sign in February, 1962. Such a grouping
of planets, depending on the planets involved,
tends to cancel out effective action of world

In summing up, astrology was a science at
some time in human history, and it will be a
science again in the not too distant future. It
has been the plaything of mystics and fortunetellers, and many sincere but misguided persons have only added to the vast confusion by
using astrology as a means of conveying their
own pet hallucinations or merely for what they
think may be easy money. The result is that it
requires a great deal of patience to understand
the basic forces of our solar system that are
operating on us and thru us, and which contemporary Man has been resolutely and painfully trying
to ignore by maintaining they don't exist.

THE COVER THIS MONTH -- For much of the first
week of May, Enid is taken over by high school
musicians. Streets fill with buses, restaurants
shoo out the last fly to make way for one more
hungry eat-and-runner, and those allergic to
roving bands of horn tooters, piccolo players,
and carnival racket polish up their ear-plugs,
as more than 10,000 competitors bring their
instruments and spirit of fun to the city for
three days of riotous hilarity. Five states are
represented -- with 95 concert bands, five orchestras, 60 marching bands and drum corps, 33
girls glee clubs, 34 stage bands, and 82 bands
and orchestras -- representing 225 schools.
12 The ABERREE MAY, 1962