Volume 9, Issue 1, page 17

("Dear Editor," continued from page 16)

God is within, then the only
place the Son of God can be
found is within, and, since
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever,
it never was or ever will be

"You say the feces is waste.
It is true that people waste
the feces. The fact is that
feces contain fuel that can
supply the body with energy.
That is a fact that was known
to the ancients, but not known
to the professors of knowledge
in our time.

"Regarding freedom -- there
is no real freedom. Freedom is
by license -- many licenses. The
people are enslaved by taxes.
The way I figure it, every man,
woman and child will be taxed
$10 a week in the 1962 budget,
and that is only the national

"Regarding my teachings being right -- for Mr. Katzen -- I
will say that there are no exceptions to natural laws. I
apply to my own body that
knowledge I have gained from
ancient writings and I am still
searching for more natural

"The idea that the biblical
Jesus Christ is only a mythical symbol that represents the
seminal fluid is a shocking
thought, and yet that is the
way great writers of the past
understood the biblical mysteries. I learned how to understand the mysteries from their
writings. I merely put into
blunt simple language what has
been hidden from the masses
for so many centuries. There
are still those who would like
to see me burned alive for doing so. I am guilty of the
crime of trying to teach people how to live healthier and
longer lives. My teachings
offend their religious beliefs.
Even worse that that is the
offense to the sensual nature
of many human beings. You cannot publish the truth without
offending some people." -- Morris Katzen, Cooks Falls, N.Y.

"Well, I sat out on the
Patio (for the conjunction) and
nothing happened. The next
morning the world was still
intact... However, in the year
1995, that will be another
story. It can well be the beginning of upsets... wars... unless Nations decide it pays
better than to stir up strife.
But the U.S. will be as it has
always been. Don't take my word
for this. I didn't get this,
but tracing things back to the
last age thru the Pyramid, the
year 1995 is the coming into
its entirety of the A. Age....

"The only thing we have
here -- and the worst since 1956

-- is rain, the kind that pours
down day and night. We need
the rain, but why all at once?
We are looking for a bargain
in boats so we can get out in
the yard....

"I really had to laugh out
loud about your comment, 'It's
nice to be known, even if the
percentage of subscribers is
small.' I personally know of
many who would be glad to have
The ABERREE...if I paid for it
for them. When they come here
they ask me if I have received
the Mag... Yes, but haven't
read it yet (Oh, Dorothy, how
you can tell a fib), don't know
when I will get around to reading it ... when I do they can
borrow it...They don't ask any
more, yet they will shell out
two and four bucks a year for
some mag that isn't worth the
paper it's printed on... Now,

use that in your letters to the
Editor, and use my name if you
want to. Hope that some of them
see it in some one else's ABERREE." -- Dorothy Springfield,
Canoga Park, Calif.

(ED. NOTE -- A check we made
of questions to Louis revealed
that three out of four sending
him questions -- and saying they
read of him in The ABERREE --
are not subscribers. Which is
flattering, and helpful to advertisers -- but doesn't make it
very profitable to the Publisher. However, as long as she can
talk the Editor out of her
weekly allowance of $1 she's
not complaining. Much.)

"Good old Page 3. ******

"Answered a lot of questions I've been chasing for 35
years. Fact is, I asked you
one of 'em in a recent letter."
-- Earl Dowse, Ponca City, Okla.

"Just Finishet Reading The
Last Flying Saucer Mag. The
Best I Ever Read So Far. So Aur
Dear Government Officials, Wom
We Pay Thyr Kep And Have Sworn
In To Tell The Truth And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Them
God, Bandet Together Knowingly And With Malice AforeThaught. Employet Expensive
Mashinery, Writters, E.C.Tra,

Used Eaven Tha Military And
Army To Deliberately Mislead,
Lye and Betray The People Concerning Flying Saucers, Disregarden The Facts That Auter
Spaceships Have Been Seen, Observet, Recordet For Tausands
Of Jears. Jea, Even In Jour
Socal l et Word of God. Of
Course Knoving Nothing Of Fission, Fusion, Atomics, Electronics, And Fully Forcet By
The Church, By Fire And Rail,
To Believe That Earth Was The
Only Pet Of Thyr Selfcreated
God Whom They Peddlet To Us As

The Creator Of All. So, Natur
ally When The Flying Saucers
And Other Space Craft Appearet
often and Enmasse In The Four
ties, The Holy Loothers, (The
priests) Became Concernet For
Thyr Jobs And Naturally Most
Of The Other Creeds To, And
Anything That Diminishes Thyr
pover Over Thyr Slaves (YOU AN
ME), Or Poketbook, Is Naturally
Declaret From Hell, Eavil, And
So Thy Went To Work, As Per
Thyr Old Dependable Way, With
The Slogan, The End Justifies
The Means To Achieve It. Thy
Express That In Shorter Words,
So It Doesnt Drav Your Atten
tion To Shok You Awak To Your
Danger From Thyr Acts To Be
Follovet. Jea, Thy Deliberate
Uset The Taxpayers Money To
Insult Them Call Them Ideots
Seeing Dauble, Downrigth Ley
ers, Ideots And Murderet Some And

Trown Others in The Nuthauses
Which Thyr Tool, F.D.R., So Obligingly Built For Them. So No
Matter How Filthy, Faul Or Leying The Insults They Trow At
you, Thyre All Hooly, The Word
Of God, Sanktified, Secret And
Blesset, And You Traynet Apes
Believe An Swallow It Witaut A
Hardly Anyone Saying Mu, And
Now In The Mag, Fleying Saucers, That Tool Of The Hooly
Men And Povers That Bee, Tells
You All In Playn English Words
All Abaut How Thy Swindlet,
Betrayet And Flimflammt, Led
You By your Noses In The Mud,
And Made You Pay For It..." --
Herbert W. Gardner, San Francisco, Calif.

"One look at astronomy and
Bibles fly out the window.

"Zillions of worlds, like
grains of sand on the sea

"What do they mean Creator?

"What do they mean He created etc., etc.?

"Science gives two theories
of creation; both are continuous creation.

"The multiverse never was

"If there was nothing, why
or how or who would be hang
ing around and decide to create a few billion galaxies?" --
A. B. Pierson, Selma, Calif.

"Hunzaland is the only locality where men outlive women.
The author of a book about that
fabulous place states that
girl babies there are weaned
when they are two years old,
but boy babies when they are
three! Any connection, do you
suppose?" -- Betty Schwartz, New
York, N.Y.

(ED. NOTE -- I don't know, but
let's don't give any of these
opportunists any ideas. They
might start a new cult -- on how
to live longer.)