Volume 9, Issue 1, page 13

The Book They Blamed on God


FIRE PHILOSOPHY was the foundation of the
Secret Doctrine and the Ancient Mysteries.
"When after all the phantoms, thou shalt
behold the Light of that incorporeal Fire,
with dancing radiance, flashing formless
thru the depths of the world, then harken
to the Voice of Fire" (Hist. of Magic, p. 67)4
A mass of testimony may be drawn from the
Bible to stress the prominence of fire: "For
our God is a Living Fire" (Ps. 50:3; 97:3; Ex.
24:17; Deut. 4:24; 9:3; Isa. 66: 15; Heb. 12:29,

The Sacred Four, rising from the Unconditioned Absolute, appear first as fire, which
produces gas, which becomes air, which becomes
water as temperature falls, and water, slowly
coagulating, forms solids.

And so, fire contains all things. Out of
fire they come and back to fire they return.
Thru fire all things pass back into the arms
of astral light.

In fire we see creation at work, exposing
its secret and immortal face. Therefore is
this secret not to be known generally to man.
It is assumed to be safest in disbelief, the
magic casket in which its secret is locked.
The key is only for the Initiates, who seek to
learn and live.

The ancient magi transcended in their observations upon the nature of man, the microcosm. Passing thru the mind-world and coming
out, as it were, on the other side, penetrating
into the secrets of all things, they evaporated
all powers, and resolved them finally into the
Last Fire, beyond which they found nothing;
and into this they resolved all things.

Pliny said: "The Temple of Luxor, Egypt,
was a shrine of the Sacred Fire. And as mighty
as was that temple, it was exceeded by that of
Carnak. The distance between them was approximately 8,000 feet, and along this 60-foot avenue was a double row of sphinxes, placed 12
feet apart."

In its heyday, this avenue presented the
most impressive spectacle the world has ever
seen. If we had the power to present from the
field of imagination the grand procession of
neophytes constantly passing thru and taking
part in the ceremonies of initiation, we would
be powerless to produce the grandeur of the
surroundings and the imposing sight of color
and magnificent trappings of those who took

That great scientist, Dr. G. W. Crile, discovered in the center of every cell of protoplasm, tiny centers or foci of force which he
called "hot points" or "radiogens ", with estimated temperature of 3,000 to 6,000 degrees of
heat. He said:

"There are 'hot points' in man and animals
on the order of the temperature of the surface
of the sun. .. If one could look into protoplasm with an eye capable of infinite magnification ... one would see the radiogens spaced like

suns in infinite miniature. ...Without exaggeration, the concept may be taken to mean .... that
within the flesh of man there burns the fire of
the sun, and that within man's body there glow
infinitely small counterparts of the stars.
(New York TIMES, Nov. 25, 19321.

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H. SCHROEPPEL (continued from page 10)

the meaning of emotion into the subconscious
mind, and you want the speed of change and the
knowledge that it can be changed in a hurry
drilled into the subconscious mind. You won't
make it all at once. I have been doing this
sort of tiling for three years, and I don't do
it all the time either. But if something happens to unbalance or startle me, the emotions
balance quickly.

There is one more exercise for this lesson,
a game related to the dichotomies but in which
we have no opposite. This is sensing a state
of stillness, sometimes called "entry into the
silence". The aim of this exercise is to sit
absolutely still, emotionally and otherwise.
If you can do this for a full minute to start,
you are doing well. You should try eventually
for 10 minutes. If you don't make it for awhile,
don't worry too much about it, but sooner or
later, if you want perception, you will need
to learn to sit still. It is a requirement.

These exercises are not in transmission or
radiation. You are not expressing or communicating these emotions; you are learning to
sense them, to get the feel of them within
yourself and to control them quickly and positively. Drill them into the subconscious.

When you get good at this, don't tell your
friends outside the game about it. If they observe a change in you, tell them it's the result of the weather, or that you've found a new
health food, or something. Unless they are exceedingly curious and have a real love for hard
work, don't tell them what you have been doing.
You are going to move into a new universe, and
it isn't a universe populated by psychologists,
psychiatrists, and otherwise trained people on
a knowing basis. Those who have not been there
will not believe you if you say you can feel
any emotion you want a n y time you want -- so
don't bother trying to prove what you can do.

From now on, the things you see and things
you learn will not be common knowledge, and
trying to convince others will raise all kinds
of counteremotion, and may get 'yell some other
results you wouldn't like. Help somebody else
if the opportunity comes to you, but don't try
to explain how you do it or why you do it.

Do other people look different to you yet?

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ROY E. DAVIS (continued from page 6)

seem to be evil forces, even if you have to
project them in your mind to do it. You will
create the very thing you fear if you visualize it strongly enough. There is nothing to
fear, nothing to be protected from. You are
concerned with a greater experience in cosmic
consciousness. You are not concernedwith
forces, entities, and negative powers. If you
are constructive in your outlook and follow
the pattern as laid down in basic books of instruction, you cannot fail to have a smooth
unfolding experience.