Volume 9, Issue 1, page 2


This is to warn visitors
who show up the first week in
April that we'll probably hand
them the keys and let them get
out the next issue of The ABERREE, because we're going to
be out of town. In fact, Ye Ed.
has been booked for a talk at
the writers' conference in
Tahlequah on April 6, 7, and 8,
and has been billed as an "authority" on copyright and libel. It seems that Jack Felts,
sponsor of the conference, has
a real sense of humor. We don't
expect to garner any medals
for our appearance on the podium, but Spring always is unusually beautiful over in the
ex-bandit hills -- and we understand Arthur Burks and a few
other "authorities" will be on
hand for a friendly gathering
between and after sessions....

This probably should be
under the "This Is What Happened" heading -- or maybe there
should be a warning appended
to the effect that travelers
rom the South -- when in colder
climes -- must take along their
Guardian Angels, even if they
haven't room for a heavy suit
and overcoat. Anyhow, Ural R.
Murphy, editor and publisher
of ORION Magazine, writes: "I
went over to Colorado and got
caught in a blizzard, at night,
wearing summer clothing, far
out on the plain, and plunged
off the road into a 10-foot
deep side ditch. Among other
things, the experience cooled
my ardor for Colorado. It was
10 below, but fortunately my
Guardian Angel swooped down
and picked me up within 2 minutes and cuddled me back to
warmth. It was really a psychic
phenomenon, or the like."...

We lost a newly-found
friend and ABERREE readers a
source of good health articles
with the unexpected passing of
Dr. Joseph G. Moore of Otascadero, Calif., recently. It was
only a few short months since
Doctor Moore and his wife,
Lyda, stopped in Enid while on
their way back to California
after a visit with relatives
in Indiana and Cherokee, Okla.
Dr. Moore at that time discussed some articles he intended sending The ABERREE, which
project we welcomed as previous
articles he had written had
met with such an enthusiastic
response. Something we didn't
know at the time -- during his
earlier years, Dr. Moore, under the name of Robert Austin,
had played opposite Ruth Roland in some old-time Western
movies -- a career he gave up
for physiotherapy and naturopathy at his own clinics in
San Francisco, San Jose, and

We're always glad to see
Spring, even when we know its
arrival will bring with it the
mowing of lawns and hoeing of
weeds. But this Spring, it also may mean we may be able to
enjoy a meal without bumping
into the Lending Library on two
sides, or the huge forest of
flowers which practically shuts
out the light from one window.
These plants, which were cuttings stuck hopefully into jars
last fall -- hopeful that when
they sent out roots, Ye Pub.
would find time to put them in
pots -- still aren't in pots, but
they don't seem to mind, and
are about as luxuriant in
growth as any plant can be --
rooted or not. The unusual part
is that Ye Ed's sister, who
took cuttings at the same time,
reports "They died!" when she
was asked about them. Of course ,
we suppose Hilary Dorey would
say much of this growth can be
attributed to the D-Cell water
in which the plants are rooting -- or it may be the fact the
plants just draw inspiration
from all those inspirational
books surrounding them. By the
way, we might mention that we
are not ones to discriminate,
and while the D-Cells are used
in the water used on the plants,
another bottle, seeded with
one of Blackschleger's Vivi-
cosmic discs, is used for coffee
and drinking purposes. Fortun
ately, the humans being watered
from this jug, aren't turning
into giants -- so it may be the
coffee has a cancelling action
necessary in these days of
short beds and low sign-boards.
Anyhow, as we said previously,
we re going to be glad to get
all those coleuses, geraniums,
Joseph coats, summer poinset
ties, and cactus out in the
garden where they can grow and
grow and grow....

Stanley Clason, "resting"
in a V. A. hospital in Basin,