Volume 8, Issue 10, page 17



the time for storms - the Fall equinox-but it was very calm,
until Genghis grew uD." - Y. E. Swenson. Canas.

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"Ye Editor snorts at Harold Kinney' s pronouncement re the coming
of a World Teacher, yet prints John Katonak
with nary a snort. The idea of a world teacher I find nossible,
even probable, tho I thought all Catholic missionaries
were either nuns or priests. I give Katonak five snorts.

"Edgar Cayce spoke of an undiscovered planet which he called
Septimus. Leonard Melling in 'Before History'
gives from information received psychically the list of planets
with information on each. He says there is an
undiscovered planet out beyond Pluto. 'The undiscovered outer
planet is of the rarest matter of all the planets in the
system and has evolved one moon which is as yet in an undeveloped
state . It is more affinitized to the sun and has
retained its cometary state longer in proportion to other

"Oahspe says sun spots are caused by planets crossing the sun and
this is not borne out by the photos taken
continuously on sunny days from the Sun Observatory in the
Sacramento Mountains in So. New Mexico.

"You cut my last letter in half. I wrote of Swami Omananda Puri,
the first woman Swami in 2000 years, and of
her meeting with The Boy, a remarkable psychic, in the slums of
London. She has written a memorable book. 'The
Boy and The Brothers'. It is not selling because people have not
heard of it. She is getting no money from it and
needs money. "- N-rs. H.M.Graham, Ruidoso, Y.Mex.

(ED. NOTE-Space permits us
to print only about half the
letters we receive, so don't
feel bad i f your I etters get
cut. Anyway, we reviewed the
book mentioned only recently.)
(D G) (D

"Ever meet friends around a .stabl e- round- table 'in a barn?
And over good coffee and then more coffee, sit for
hours and discuss subjects of current interest, - u r p r is ing
others with your views, while their views completely
'shock, surprise, annoy, and please' you' We do this every
Saturday night at Love's Retreat. This 'barn of Love' is
fast becoming home for more and more neople we like-and we like
them so much we call them 'family' now.

"Then, come Sunday, we all enjoy our Quaker-like service, again
in the Barn, where you rise in your place as

MARCH, 1962 T h e

Spirit moves, as others rise before or after you, and let the
heart speak so that the word of your light may be made
flesh, that you shall minister to others even as you are
ministeredunto. For to give is to receive. The weary heart is
lightened by so much as that heart lightens the burdens of others.

"We now want to invite a dozen people who truly want to live
where others like themselves gather. We halve
room I now, andare making even larger plans for our Lodge of Love
structure for permanent year around living. The
Retreat is of Universal mind and thought.

--Mahdah Love, Lakenont, Ga.

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"Why do so many of us substitute "Agnostic" when we mean Atheist?
I disagree that ,no one knows whether
there is a God or not'. A God infers anthropomorphism, and that I
s unthinkable to even a mediocre intellect capable
of observing the magnitude of the nresently known universe. why
pretend and conceal our convictions under
euphemistic sobriquets' Accept the unanswerable riddles until
science can provide rational explanations. Sophistry
offers only specious solutions, which are worse than none.'$-- E.
Denton Morris, Huntington Station, I.-Y.



plans... I At the other end of the Nation. Tom O'Neil says that.
starting with the next issue, he will drop the
shortlived name ' The SEARCHER, and return to calling his
magazine PSYCHIC OBSERVER. No reason is given
for the change _; nor does he say which of th s :veral

-h st
formats adopted duringi, la

year will be retained...

I When several days went by and we'd heard nothing from usualiy
prolific writer Blanch

Pr4tchett, we began to wonder.
ffo-wever, 1A O'Neal, appointed
temporar,y"substitute" wrote
us that Blanche was -6king a
much deserved rest" as the re-
sult of too much midnight oil
in the production of her book,
"Japhalein", and a few million
other things that can plague
busy people. And if "Japha-
lein" is to be believed --some
will, some won't --well, you
try it yourself some time --go
scooting all over a galaxy in
speeded-up time, and see if
you don't wind Up i USt a b it
ready for a-deserved rest"...
lAs in mostof the U.S.,
Winter really kicked Oklahoma


around a bit in January --with snows piling atop unmelted snows,
and temperatures at zero, below-zero, and near-
zero. And in the qnidst of a 6-inch snowfall, at 3-below, a
shipment of fruit trees we ordered last
Autumn "decided" to arrive. We won't go into how we melted dirt
before the fire to permit us
to beel them in until such time as the ground might thaw a bit
... In the same mail with the
trees came a letter from Herb Blackschl eger of Sun ValTe-y, if.,
in ich he cited Iowa's bad
winter and blamed it on their treatment of an Indian medicine
man. Don Napier. who was
"quarantin6T" to-Oklahoma by a federal judge in Sioux City. We
protested; we were having some
bad weather too, and Oklahoma protects its"Indian medicine men"
from a parasitic A.M.A.,
which has been able to stifle most other types of rival therapy.
Herb replied our bad weather
might be due to dishonest politicians -- which we DO have-and
recommended gifts to said "D.
N." as a means of escaping the unwelcome cold. Since Navidr now
operates a cafe near
Tahlequah, and 175 miles is a bit too far for us to drive for an
occasional "good meal", and
a salutary"tip", maybe our recommendation of his eatery to
persons visitingthat area will
bring us the sunshine of which we are in such need....

(P. s. --Ten days after the above was written, and after the type
had been set, Spring came
to Oklahoma! Of course, it could be a coincidence--ex~ept we
don't believe in coincidences.
And we still recommend Don's eatery.)



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