Volume 8, Issue 10, page 12

for yett


(Send your questions addressed to LOUIS, care The ABERREE. Box
528. Enid. enclosing a stamped. self -addressed
envelope. For those who wish personal r lies

a minimum contribution of72 per, question should be included.)

DgAR LOUIS-What do you think of the Twist?--H.O., New York, N. Y.

DEAR H.O. - I saw the Twist when I was irr New York, and my
observation was-This is Subud set to music.
'Nuf sed.


DgAR L OUIS - I am very i I I and am waiting for the day that I
can go to gngland.and be cured. Do you see
me going? -P.H., Los Angeles I Calif.

DEAR FRIEND - No man can cure anyone - for there is one great
power, God. The Father is the great
physician. Heal

ers simply raise their consciousness to the healing level. thus
cures take place. A trip is notyour answer; rather it is
Faith. Remember, first you yourself constructed the illness that
you have. and you yourself will have to get rid of
it. So, let's forget this nonsense and straighten up and walk in
the light.


DEAR L 0 UIS - Some 15 years go a eroup of us were sitting sn
meditation when, as a group, we received your
name. We were told you would be a leader o_f Light in the new
age. Today, I received a little nagazi . ne called The
AB9RR9,E, and there I found your name. Are you tke Louis for whom
I've searched these many years ? -M. G.,
San Francisco,-Calif.

DEAR FRIEND-Gollyl You put
me in a spot. Let's just say
what I always say when people
ask me my vocation. I say that
I'm a public relations man for
- the

the Father. I do feel that age of Light is upon us, and I do feel
that I have a part to play in this new era. For all this,
I am most grateful and humble.

DEAR LOUIS-My chart does no t run true for me. Could you tell me
why?--H.L., Chicago.

DEAR FRIEND - - As I I v e said 10,000 times, I'm no star-gaz

er. I'm interested in same, but my way is so much easier and I am
lazy, you know. I % told by Luciell Wilson
(whom I consider to be the best astrologer in the world) that
sometimes People rise above their charts as they grow
spiritually, and in your case, this is the situation. In some
cases it is a matter of miscalculation.


DEAR LOUIS - I d i d great ly enjoy reading John Dobbs's book,
"Ninth Hour". Do you have any further
sygestions of books to read? go, Detroit, Mich.

DEAR L. E. ::As of late, I've been on tour plus answering a few
hundred letters, now and then However, I have
Peter Hurk;S's new book called "Psychic". WhatIlve read thus far
sounds like an advertising brochure, but it will be
interesting to those interested in the area of E. S. p.


DgAR LOUIS - How do we distinguish between spiritual and
material? - R. S., San Bernardino, Calif.

DEAR FRIEND -Seems as tho I I ve answered this question before.
Let's just say all is spirit, or spiritual. Hence
I material is spirit than can be seen and felt. Thus, everything
is One - namely, the Father


,.,, - '. s



TH9 NINTH HOUR, by John Dobbs.. D.D., 270 pp., $3.50. Greenwich
Book Pub., U89 Fifth Av., New York 17,

Readers free to question the teachings of the churches will find
many points of agreement in "The Ninth Hour",
by John Dobbs, but those who have not already begun to doubt and
investigate forthemselves will probably not be
any more convinced by Dr. Dobbs Is evidence of religious fraud
than they have been by thousands of previous books
available to them.

"The Ninth Hour" begins by analyzing the influences which have
allowed greed and selfishness to bring so much
suffering into the world, and Dr. Dobbs does not hesitate to
place much of the responsibility upon the Bible and the
clergy. His debunking of the Bible includes evidence that much of
the imagery was derived from the Holy


Tarot of the Egyptians, as well as from teachings of other
ancient mystery schools, but was warped by an
unscrupulous Priesthood to serve their own selfish aims. and
further deliberately distorted in the time of Constantine
by a band of papal dictators who set out to bring the world to

However, the author doesn't stop with criticism, but goes on to
offer solutions in the form of a new Holy Book
and a religion which would unite the whole world in the worship
of the Great Spirit (Elobim Father), or Sun behind
the sun

teaching that Christ is an of: fice, and that each individual is
his own savior. The one faith refusing to unite with
the rest of the world doubtless would be orthodox Christianity,
whose followers look upon anything resembling sun
worship as rank paganism.

Perhaps one might wonder why any bible is necessary I altho most
persons probably will agree with Dr. Dobbs
that there should be some way of handing down to future
generations the truths discovered in the past, to be used as
guideposts toward new discoveries of their own. This is appar

ently the intent of the new Kristian Tarot cards described by the
author. Estimating each picture as equal to a
thousand words, the Tarot could not begin to compete with the
Christian Bible in volume, but should do away with
much of the Bible's confusion and discrepancies.

A large portion of this book is devoted to a new system of
Numerology. based upon the esoteric meanings of the
letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The consideration of anything of
a mathematical nature has such a numbing effect
upon the thought processes of this reviewer, it is better to pass
over this lightly, merely observing that to many
readers this might well be the most valuable section of the book.

In the final chapters, Dr. Dobbs interprets the book of
Revelations, with an illustration showing how the names
of the churches refer to glands of the body. He then explains how
the consciousness may be raised by meditation, by
concentration on colors, and use of vowel sounds.

"The Ninth Hour" is not recommended reading for people with
little minds. - A. Senga.