Volume 8, Issue 10, page 8

training when you intend to do something, but then it must be
completed, and the completion takes a lot of time
and is part of a specialized training which does not serve our
purpose .

With this one exception, the more of yourself you can be aware of
the bettef. What you are trying to develop is a
wayof thinking, and it has to be worked down into the
subconscious . The more attention you can put down inside
yourself, the better, the clearer, you can see how you function.

But make sure that when you relax, you relax all over, and that
when you put a tension in. you put it there
yourself. Be sure you own that thing, and that you control it.

And don't leave your attention inside yourself. When you stop
playing the game, be sure to unwind. Spend from
five to 20 minutes - at the absolute maximum, 30 minutes-on this
playing, and then do something which calls your
attention outside yourself, which requires that you be physically
active, doing something to or in o r against the
environment. Sitting around reading, watching T-V, listening to
the radio, or going to a show is not the right kind
of activity. Do something which takes physical movement, which
demands that you touch, that you feel and handle
things outside yourself

There is a good reason for this. Wewant intro: version, but we do
not want it to become permanent. We want it for
a limited time only and under control.

Again and again and again -lay off dogged determination. Play at
this as a game. Have fun with it, experiment.
Observe what goes on within yourself, and observe other people.
See if they have the same tensions, or whether

tensions seem to affect them differently, and study what you can
see. Learn to notice them. See what their principal
efforts are,where they place their heaviest efforts. Pick up
their tension and become aware of it.

If your schedule allows, pick a specific time to play the game
every day. This regularity will give much better
results, and the same applies to any exercise concerned with
telepathy, clairvoyance, or the gifts of the spirit; doing
them regularly at a particular time of day helps. Five or 10
minutes every day is much more effective than half an
hour once a week; small, frequent doses are better than long,
infrequent ones. Twenty minutes to half an hour is a
great plenty, maybe too much.

If you have any chronic aches or pains, you should work at this
exercise until they let go . You may have to
work at it several weeks anyhow. If the tensions don't let go,
determine if there is a solid physical reason for them.
If necessary, get yourself a thoro physical examination. If there
is any doubt about your physical condition and the
possible effect of the exercises, have yourself checked by a
doctor before you start. Tell him whatyou want to do and
ask him if he approves.

Take plenty of time to get the full flavor and growth out of this
game. You can't expect quick results or
accomplish what you want by simply reading the lessons, trying
the exercises a few times, and skimming on to the
next part. You must allow yourself time to grow; like the child
learning a word, you must shape the thing often
enough to get it right and absorb the associations that go with
it before you can use it in communication.

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ROM ONE rises all. and from that Unconditioned Absolute flows the
tetradic phases of substance which form the
four creative elements and every pulsation of the worlds without,
all of which center and vibrate in man, as
symbolized by t he astrologers

the zodiac.

From four creative elements come the myriads of worlds and all
living things, gradually evolving from finite
sense to grander intelligence, reaching the peak in man, who sees
in and around him the first flash of Eternality.

When we focus the microscopic eye upon miniature forms, we find
in the tiny cell of a delicate fiber many
chambers mirroring miniature worlds as grand as the radiant star
flelds in-space.

The many worlds and living things are impelled into motion bythe
same interior Breath. Listen to its systole and
diastole. See how the regular processes of birth and death f6llow
the pulsings. And no organism, atom or man
, stands isolated from the whole. All are composed of the same
four elements. and all living forms have the same
bond of connection.

Man's body is a photograph of the Astra3

Light that played upon the earth when he was born. The ethereal
sDhere is like the sidereal vibrations at birth, and
clad the body accordingly thru its existence.

The Sun, the Master Unit of the Universe, the Consuming Fire
called God (Heb.12:29), is the source of
light and life, producing all living forms, and uniting them
within the orbits of its planetary members. And the 12
signs of the zodiac correspond to the human body in vibration and

We are gradually learning that the mysteries of the universe were
understood by the astrologers far better than by
us. Cosmic evolution was portrayed in their symbols, and we are
amazed at the successful manner in which they
grappled the more recondite problems of life.

The astrologers discovered that man is a compound of four
segments or strata of substance, and they concealed
their discoveries in the Sacred Word, which was lost in the
Fourth Century because the Roman Catholic Church
stole it, changed its meaning, called it "God in the sky", and
burned the ancient libraries to keep the fraud from
being found.

And so, down thru the centuries, the deceived and deluded
Christians have regarded as an object of awe an d
reverence, compelling adoration and worship, an anthromorphic God
which the Church invented to replace the
ancient Sphinx.

That reveals the hidden history of the origin and meaning of the
Church God, and also of its Jesus. God -
represents the Four glements and Jesus -rep-resents the Zodiacal
Lamb which taketh away the
sin of the world (Jn. 1:29).

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,MARCH, 1962