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isee for Yet,


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DEAR LOUIS--_T am a new subscriber to the AB9RR99 and I do not
know if you have answered
this auestion before, but it puzzles me. Every religious and meta
hysical group says "This is
M t-ruth", but what is it that they are talking about, and, can
they all have it?--B.H.,
Portland, Ore.

DEAR B. H. - Welcome to The ABERREE. We are a tight-knit bunch of
nuts, but maybe this is an advantage. As to your
question, I've answered it before; however, it won't hurt to
answer it again. Truth is the Law-Divine Law. There is but one
truth. However, there are many variations of same

and each is correct accordin; to the level of understanding the
group operates in.

wto 0 ~K 6)

TEE MIRACLE HUNTERS, by George and Helen Sandwith, 208 pp., 21S
net, Pub. by Rider & Co., 178-
202 Great Portland St., London W. 1, Eng.

It all started when the author of "The Miracle Hunters" lay on
his back on an English knoll, watching the clouds, trying
to keep awake. Suddenly, he found himself in trance --and in the
clouds was a vision of a stone image, on which was an
expression of peace that led him on a world-wide hunt for
something in some of the various mysteries that paralleled
his.visionary carving.

But the many diverse and mysterious eneriences recount - ed in
"The Miracle Hunters" prompted one reader todescribe


it as a "mystical variety store". To which the reviewer might add
the words, "under glass". For certainly, there is no
solution, only hopes, and further searching - right down to the
hopeful end.

"The Miracle Hunters" is in
s--tbe first and fi-
nal parts by George Sandwith .
Here you will read of his ad-
ventures in, Ethiopia and bow be
received the Drotective icon
which accompanied him thruout
his subsequent travels. After
World War II, he went to Tonga
as a surveyor, where he became
interested in Huna. He tells
how the Huna theories can be
used to exnlain some of the
African magic which previously
had puzzled him. One of the
most dramatic ceremonies wit-
nessed by the Sandwiths was a
Hindu fire walking ceremony,
which is described in minute
detail, including the prepar-
ations and even the reactions
of observers-such as acomment
by a banker that "Firewalks
should be abolished because it
does not conform with modern

DEAR LOUIS--How do you feel about suicide?--M.M., Phoenix, Ar i z.

DEAR FRIEND --Everything in the Father's realm is as it should
be.'- Therefore, if suicide is Dart of the pattern , then it
is right. Frankly speaking, it is not the path I choose to;take--
but for those who take same, it is right.

DEAR LOUIS--Do you think animals have souls?

DEAR FRIEND-Everything has a soul and is part of the great soul.
In some forms, the soul ,is more awakened. In man,
we assume it is wide awake. The trouble.is, it is buried beneath
so much greed, lust, prejudice, and ego that it has a hard time
shining thru.


DEAR LOUIS-My spiritual awareness is an ever-changing thing. Is
this good or bad?C. P. , M
e I borne, Aus tra, I i a.

DEAR C. P. -There is no such thing as good or bad, everything
just is. Buddha, summed this up when he said, ' I have not
taught that the world either is or is not eternal, that it is or
is not finite; that life and the body are either identical or
... And I have left these things untaught because they are
unprofitable and not conducive to the higher life; because they do
not conduce to weariness, to purgation, to tranquility, to
insight, to full enlightenment, to Nirvana."

DEAR LOUIS - We notice that when you travel, you travel first
class. The-life of ,7, seer
must really be all right. _-E. 0. , Chi ccxgo, T ~ 1.

DEAR H. C. --I work for a FIRST-CLASS God; therefore, He exDects
me to do first-class work in seeing. In turn, I
deserve first -class accommodations. The law of comnensation, you
know. If I depended uDon the material compensation I
receive from seeing to supply my needs, I should most likely
starve to death. For most, the buck is spelled God. Thus, they
do not part with same.


DEAR LOUIS - Who Put up the huge heads on Raster Island?

R. 0., Chicago, III.

DEAR R. O.-The same oeoDle that built the pyramids.


DEAR LOUIS-Yrom Your answers, I trust you are a believer in
reincarnation. My W.estion is,
must this be the only recourse? Does one have to re incarnate? -
H. P., K e y West, Fla.

DEAR H.p.-In God's wonderful kingdom, everything i s in a state
of evolvement-tbat is , everything and
everybody is on the path to the ultimate - and after you free
yourself from the wheel, as the
Eastern philosopbies exDress it, then you need not re-enter this
world thru birth. This is
what we should beseeking-to free ourselves from this rat-race of
death and birth.

scientific discoveries. "

Part Two of "Miracle Hunters" is by Helen Sandwitb, and tells of
her "date with destiny"-
her meeting withGeorge, their marriage, and travels together-
--adding further details to
some of the incidents described in Part One. Helen*s story about
their stay in the sorcerer's
village is full of suspense.

In Part Three, George tells of returning to Australia, where they
were privileged to hear
a talk by Krishnamurti. This, they felt, brought into focus all
they had seen and ex -
perienced, and pointed the way toward direct realization of
Reality, ratherthan attempting to
reach such experience thru the use of Yoga and Huna. This direct
experience - for them - they
attribute to the Subud latihan, and thebook concludes with the
hope thatSubud may be the
means by which all will eventually receive the direct experience
of Reality, changing the
world and bringing in the New Age.-- A. 3enga.

J AN U A RY- F EBRU ARY , 1962