Volume 8, Issue 9, page 15


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(Copyright. 1962. by Rosalind John)

This happened when I was living with my husband in Parsons, Kas.
I was about 33 years of age. so
approximately lo years had elapsed since my first frightful
experience in which a partial projection resulted. During
this interval, I had had numerous periods of immobility. but had
always managed to bring myself out by

It was a Saturday in mid-May. How Could one forget who had had an
abscessed tooth pulled? All that day the
cavity drained. keeping me miserable. That night, I tossed and
twisted on my bed, as the curtains fluttered with the
soft breeze, wafting in the sweet fragrance of lilacs. -

Finally, I began to drift off into sleep-but snapped wide awake.
The thought that I had forgotten to let our dog,
Blacky, in before retiring worried me. as she had been straying
afar lately. I arose. sat for a moment on the edge of
the bed, feeling rather strange. Then I crossed the room toward
the hooked screen door. I felt perfectly well, and yet
there was an undescribable sensation. My tooth cavity was not
bothering me at all, now. It was as if it didn't exist.

However, as I approached the screen door , a strong force began
drawing me. against my will , outside into an
inky blackness that I felt was not of the night. It seemed evil,

Resisting with all my will power, I was losing the battle, and my
last ounce of strength seemed to fail me Then
suddenly. there was a relaxation of th; force' Relieved. I began
backing slowly into the room. Suddenly . a white-
robed figure of a man materialized, coming r i g h t thru the
screen door. He was handsomely dressed in what I
thought to be ancient Grecian style, and as he opened his arms in
a gesture of protection, the folds of his sleeves fell
gracefully. I saw that they Were banded with gold embroidery, as
was the wide hem of his gament that touched his
bare. sandaled feet. There was a gold-tasseled cord at his waist
that seemed to match his closecropped cap of golden
ringlets. He smiled, and there was such an expression of
benevolence on his clean-shaven face that I lost all fear I
originally had felt at his appearance. Light emanated from his
figure, filling the room. A feeling of peace came over
me as I received a message telepathically, for he spoke no word:
"Have no fear. I shall protect you always."

I stood there wondering for a moment that had no meaning in time.
I became curiously aware of a hump in the
bed where I had lain , and thought, idly, vAo could be sleeping
onny side of the bed, but my attention returned
instantly to the Beautiful Being. Still keeping MY gaze on him, I
felt myself drawn over to the foot of my bed. Now,
my feet lifted from the floor, and I swung gently up into a
horizontal position over the bed. still with a clear view
of the white-robed figure. Drifting right over the hump. I began
descending-down-down-down -until I was sucked
into what I now realized was my physical form. There was a
turning sensation in the region of my head. followed
by a soft click. and I once again became aware of



A medical doctor gives up, an undertaker takes over. Both are
experts in the art of embalming. Dying and dead
flesh is attacked by microscopic germs. By killing the germs
while the body is dying, it is possible to keep life in
the body longer than if the gems were allowed to multiply.

Medication that kills gems serves to embalm the flesh before the
body has completely lost its life force. In that
manner, a body with dying and dead flesh is kept alive longer
than would naturally be possible. Medication itself
does not add life to the body. Medication helps the body go on
dying-over a longer period of time. Quite often.
useful parts of the body that could havebeen healed are carved
out of the body by surgery.

Alcohol also is useful for preserving flesh. Where a body lacks
life force, there is a craving for alcohol.

Medication also can help keep a body alive while the process of
regeneration restoreslife to dead or dying tissues.
Medical doctors know how to embalm the body and how to carve
parts out of the body, but they know little about
the art of regeneration.

Keeping a body alive and dying is not the same as arresting
thedying process and restoring life to the body by a
process of regeneration. The art of regeneration in the past was
never popular with the masses-and in the past was
hidden in mystical writings. There are secrets in ancient
mystical writings about the mysteries of life that are
unknown to modern science.

Scientific progress in producing germ-killing medications is
helping to fight disease, but
it does not prevent disease. Overcoming specific types of disease
germs without restoring
life to a dying body means that modern medical treatment is not
yet on a truly scientific
basis for the restoration of health.

The Bible is one of the best textbooks in the art of
regeneration, providing it is
interpreted the way it was meant to be interpreted. The correct
interpretation of the Bible
offends currently established religious beliefs. Mankind will
continue to be afflicted with
disease of one kind or another as long as mankind loves
ignorance, superstition, and idol
worship more than the truth.

Only God's medicine can regenerate mind and body. God's medicine
is biblically called"the
Water of Life". The masses are not being taught the truth about
this "Water of Life". In
fact, the masses prefer to put their faith in pills.



r at th

They expect man-made chemical products to restore health and
life. They have no faith in
God's medicine.

The sexual fluid is the biblical water of life. When the human
body retains its own sexual
fluid until it is transmuted, fresh blood is produced. Pure blood
cleanses and purifies the
body. In that way, God's medicine regenerates the body.

the restriction of my body and of the miserable abscess.

When I looked again at the place where my white-robed "protector"
had stood. he was gone. -
-Rosalind John, Norco, Calif.