Volume 8, Issue 7, page 18

shipers, couldn't invent a new religion so they substituted men
for stars, k e e p in g the same festival dates and
practices, taxes, etc. People will not submit to much change in
religion at each time, so there is a trail that can be
followed thruout history...

"Religion became a combination of stars and Sun represented as
men, God a man who left the keys to the
priestking. The 12 signs became the 12 Tribes and a new chapter
written in the Bible at each sign change. The Sun
in the cow sign was Joseph (the son of a cow), Moses the Sun as a
shepherd, Christ as a fisherman--which ends the
New Testament as the Sun rides the Flying Horse of the man with

pitcher of water.

"Revolutionaries are writing the next chapter--men like
Washington, Paine, Lincoln, with green in their charts.
Many revolutionaries do not have this green -- Napoleon, de
Robespierre, Stalin, Benedict Arnold, etc. This
revolution started as Protestantism against the Pope, protesting
the selling of worthless written passes to heaven.
This was bankrupting the gullible Germans, so many Red Germans
opposed the Pope along with those havingsome
Green. Since Elizabeth I, Green charts have been winning the wars
against Red priest-kings or divine kings.

"When a country has Red-
chart rulers, times are dan-
gerous when the planets get
badly placed. Sickness or in-
sanity occur on a grand scale.
The Reddest ones say they'd
rather be red than dead--so
they soon may have their way.
Many Catholics with green in
their charts follow Popes to
destruction, just as many Ger-
mans and Moral ReArmament be-
lievers are fooled by pious
words." -- M. F. Swnson, Camas,
Wash. 0 0 G)

"I have read and heard a great deal of unfavorable criticism
directed at Scientology, much of it being personal, or
vague and pointless, while most of the rational criticism has
been toward the reputed disguised hypnosis of the
Scientology processes.

" It seems to me that an important DOint has been missed.
Hypnosis is a function of the subconscious or
subjective mind, while most of the Scientology processes are
aimed at developing the conscious or objective mind.

" I would like to call attention to those wonderful old (out of
print) books by Thomson Jay Hudson, "The Law of

Psychic Phenomena", "The Law of Mental Medicine", and "A
Scientific Demonstration of

.the Future Life". In these books, Hudson very accurately
delineates the function of the two minds and shows
the.need for a rational balance between them for a sane life. He
particularly calls attention to the fact that an undue
development of the subjective mind in the practice of occultism,
etc., leads to irrational and unreasoning behavior
on the material plane.

"Conversely, it would seem to be a basic error to overdevelop the
conscious mind at the expenseof the
subconscious functions. It seems to me that this type of
Scientology process would have a beneficial use only to
the point of reestablishing a favorable balance between the two
minds in cases where there was a previous
underdevelopment of the conscious functions, but being very
valuable for that purpose.

"The dangers would thereby
apparently lie in excessive
and indiscriminate useof these
and similar processes, with re-
sultant loss or dimunition of
the valuable subconscious
faculties of deductive reason-
ing, emotion, intuition, in-
stinct, and moral values, etc. of
--Marquis McDonald, Fort Scott,
Kas. 0 0 0

"I am a subscriber to your magazine for only a short time but
have been able to read many back issues. Some of
the things said by various authors and contributors I take
exception to, some I agree with , which is my privilege I
but there is one that has aroused me enough to write this letter.
This one is 'Dr.' Karl Kridler.

"His articles are so filled with drivel and misconceptions that
they border on the ridiculous. Where he obtains his
research material is questionable, or perhaps it is the way that
he thinks it ought to be.

" Any person that has studied the literal history of the Bible
can prove by archaeological findings, by recorded
statements as well as by the Bible itself that statements made by
him are erroneous. Whether one wishes to accept
the Bible as theinspired 'word of God ' or not (and I for one
do!) is beside the point. The fact is that historical
findings have proven that these manuscripts were existent long
before Constantine and before Egypt was a world

"Dr. Kridler had be;t read

the Bible in a different light ... he tries to interpret it ...

to bend it to his way of thinking ... instead of letting the
Bible interpret itself. Has he ever used the 'cross
references' in running down a particular subject? or does he
think these little letters and numbers usually seen in the
center column of most students' Bibles were put there by some
kook that had nothing better to do?

"In his article 18, 'The Lost Word,October 1961 issue, he states
first that the name that is represented by the
Hebrew consonants J H V H has been lost to later ages because of
being hidden by copyists and this is correct. The
early scribes venerated this name to sucha degree that they would
wipe their writing instruments and bathe before
putting it down in written form. They developed a.supero stition
about it ... which, according to the Bible, the
Almighty God never intended for them to do. Psalm 83:17,18 of the
King James version and Isaiah 42:8 of the
American standard version will show this. He wants His name to be
known by men ... it is men that have keDt it

"Secondly, he does the very thing that God clearly states in the
Bible shouldnotbe done. He ascribes this name to
a mystical and hidden meaning, having to do with an occult form.
He states that the Apostle John was the only one
that seemed familiar with the 'lost word'. Picking out one
scripture and trying to twist its meaning is senseless. A
crossreference on this scripture will refer anyone interested in
true Bible research to numberless verses that show
thatJohn was speaking of Christ Jesus and NOT Jehovah God.
Reference to the Diaglot (original Greek) Bible reads
as follows: 'In the beginning was the Logos (wordl, and the Logos
was with GOD, and a god was the Logos.' It
istherefore clearly evident that the 'Word' was a god (or
powerful spirit creature) but not THE God known to us today
as Jehovah. The'Word0was made flesh and dwelt among us as Jesus

"He states further that mankind is the 'flesh' that is here
meant. It truly amazes me that he can come up with
some of these theories and apparently believe them.

" The B i b I e does not say that God created man to look like
Him.. . this is another falsehood that has been
taught by religionists, or rather false clergy. The scrivture

R 17 12 R 1E E NOVEMBER,1961