Volume 8, Issue 7, page 17

also all who sponsored it...

"Another book tells about one of the great causes, attributable
to 'civilization

of our rapid decline in beal t;

This is 'The Poisons in Your Food' by Longgood, published by
Simon and Shaster. New York . My book, 'The
Philosophy and Science of Health,' published also by the Lee
Foundation of Milwaukee, tells of a method, used by
myself for 25 years, to Prevent disease, and to cure many cases
of disease which are still regarded as incurable. It
represents an easily Provable better way of life, not a way to
achieve a miracle without effort ... Miracles have tobe
left to God ...

"Being a professional person, a scientist, and a realist, I will
give no advice by letter or otherwise to oatients
about their problems. -My book gives all the information
possible, which is all any book can do ... Anyone who
will attempt to advise a sick person without nersonal examination
is a fool. and the one who expects t h i s t y o e
of advice (opinion only) to be successful is a bigger fool.
Millions take advice acout health on this basis, even from
unqualified quacks and amateurs, thinking they are saving

"A word about hypnosis which I have seen mentionei many times,
Dro and con, in The ABERREE. Hypnosis is
a too], an instrument, of proven value, clinically, especially in
childbirth, surgery, dentistry, and in psychotherapy,
when indicated. Hypnosis, like ~ny instrument, is neither good'
nor 'bad'. If it is indicated, used by a fully qualified,
i)roperly trained person, one with a large background of
knowledge of human nature and a large experience of dealing
with people --an ethical, moral, healthy operator of the highest
integrity with motive only to help the patient -- the
results will be good, and not achievable any other way. No other
than those with the above qualifications should be
permitted by the patient to use this powerful instrument upon
him. What might happen if hypnosis is used as a
prank by the ignorant on the stupid is completely irrelevant and
immaterial to its proper use...

"No therapy should ever be regarded as curative, or sufficient.
Until the patient is regarded as a complete entity,
treated thus; and until diseases are regarded as wellearned
states of being, rather than 'enemies', disease and


degeneration will continue the
present increase, and health
will continue to decrease. "--
E.g. Rogers, N.D., C.M., 239
W. 10th Ave., 7ancouver, B.C.
e 0 G

"We enjoyed the last ABERREE, especially the anti-hypnotism
article. We ain't agin it, we just liked the article.

"There is a classic Dianetic case history in the latest JOURNAL
from the C. A. D. A. 1. The Preclear
demonstrates all the Hubbard phenomena. 2. They do not get
anywhere with the case . 3. They don't get any money
out of the Dre-clear."--gd and Terrie Talley, Denv~r, Colo.

0 G E)

"In reference to Mr. Eure's letter, isn't his ego equal to his
vanity and in what way does his vanity differ from
mine? If I did not blow my own horn who will blow it for me? Why
should I try to conceal my vanity ? I am proud
of what I write. I write with the objective of making my writings
truthful and therefore lasting regardless of my
crude style. MY creative writings are my babies and what parent
is not proud of his creations?...

"A critic may want to know
what good it will do to know
that outer space is substance
instead of emptyspace It will
help some members oi mankind
to attain a better understand-
ing about the mysteries of
I i fe. P r ogress depends on
knowledge. Every natural fact
that is introduced and accept-
ed leads to progress in many
directions. Rocket experiments
were ridiculed in the 1930's.
About 1934 1 saw a newsreel
making fun of an inventor who
failed to explode a hydrogen
bomb with the theoretical dev-
astating effect he claimed for
it How many lives might have
be6 saved if instead of ridi-
cule there had been a more
serious interest in rockets
and hydrogen bombs three dec-
ades a go ? " - - Morris Katzen,
Cooks Falls, 1. Y.
E) 0 0

"I have been studying metaphysics since 1910, but your magazine
is the first I have ever beard of the terms
Scientology or Dianetics. I am thrilled with the articles I have
read so faT. 11--Marie We I Is mur~hy, Miami, Fla.

0 E) 0

"individual healing prayer service is paying off, and I am
pleased to help those that respond. It should interest
your other advertisers that advertising in The ABERREE can pay...

"As president of National Congress of Healers, that work well
with doctors and hospi


tals,we see a wonderful future for the recovery of health to many
people that otherwise might never recover.

"I do not see Russia or Red China or both seriously considering
actual attacks on the U.S A. When we follow
theguidanc; of former President Teddy Roosevelt, we begin to win.

"This country will have the greatest Union this world has ever
known soon, 'The United Citizens of America' --a
union of citizens, non-partisan political, non- fErctional
religious, and non-racial favoritism --that will straighten
our internal mess out:' --Rev. George H. Clark, New York, 1. Y.

0 G (D

"I now apply for formal recognition as a member of the Order of
Infinites. My qualifications are terrific. The
membership card I need for reassurance that I am not alone."
--George F. Smith (Lt.Col. US AF, Retired,
Berryville, Ark.

0 E) E)

"Religion has 3 main phases and 12 lesser ones:

Stellar - solar -human

Primitive -savage -civilized Feminine -masculine -neuter

"The stellar religion was supreme before the Flood. Stars, Moon,
Serpent. The Serpent was electrically charged
clouds of water that fell in glacial snow and rain.

"Under glacial conditions, the warm sun was worshiped. Then the
warmed-up equator began to be civilized, men
increased in number and importance, the biggest country hav

ing the most powerful divin; king, Son of the Sun, in Egypt .

"The primitive people didn 't do any writing. The Sun people
began to write as they became civilized, copying
down the traditions of the stellar people and putting starmaps on
paper, clay, and stone. They killed off or enslaved
the serpent (El) worshipers as devils, or devil-worshipers. The
Sun people killed the Set people inEgypt and built
their Sun temples in front of the Star temples, cutting )ff their
stars. The temples were like giant telescopes on the
ground , pointing to stars or the sun on the horizon. TheSet
temDles pointed to rising or setting stars near the
poles, while the Sun temples pointed to the Sun at the Solstices,
winter or summer, later changing to the

"Whenthegods became human, civilized man killed or enslaved
savages and conquered nations and destroyed every
scrap of writing that revealed the gods as stars instead of men.
They, like the Sun wor