Volume 8, Issue 7, page 16

as palliative only, not curative, and strictly secondary to
changing the CAUSE of disease, which is always to be
found in something the patient , or those in his environment, or
both, are DOING, which is at variance with natural

"I was trained as an allopathic physician, but after a few years
saw the error of this approach in the incurability of
my own diseases and those of my patients, by that approach. I did
not believe that Nature, or God, intended this
state of affairs, so concluded that my training had been wrong.
At this point, having opened my mind, information
about the opposite, positive, or constructive approach began to
come to me... I began to find that arthritis, asthma,
allergies, to mention a few of the more common diseases, instead
of being treatable butnot curable, as is still the
case, began to improve and to disappear in the overwhelming
majority of cases. The reason all cases cannot get
better is because the patient has dallied too long before seeking
a better vay, therefore has wasted all his energy. He
has nothing left to work with, or he was born without the
capacity to be normal, which would be directly traceable
to the habits of his mother, or interference by somebody in the
environment, including birth injuries by doctors who
are poorly trained and too quick to give too many drugs, and to
apply forceps or other means to interfere with

"Prof. Hotema was essentially right. However, to take the
analysis one step further, gas, and all matter, comes
finally to energy --so I teach that it is the energy in food, not
the calories, which is important. Moreover, since there
is energy in all things, good and bad, there must also be
discrimination (knowledge) as to which foods, used when
and how, judged only by the ultimate effect. Also, right
combinations of food are necessary or energy will be
wasted, just as it is when an acid and an alkali are combined. So
I use the law of polarity, or energy values, in
selecting food for combination. Allo

pathic medicine teaches none of these provable facts, and to a
great degree promulgates the philosophy 'Eat what you
like'. Conse4uently, most diseases are incurable and
nonpreventable to them and their patients, whereas, to nature,
all disease is preventable and most of it is curable, even after
it is established....

"Suppression of symptoms, miscalled 'immunization', is never
necessary to those who practice scientific health
habits; and it is never the best solution, or any solution ,
where it is used. There is a natural immunity, which we
all have seen in operation. Even during the worst epidemics a
comparatively small percentage is affected, yet all are
exposed. Those of us who practice according to the laws of nature
can teach any normal person how to have this
natural immunity to all contagious and infectious diseases. and
not by chance.

"So far as immunization is concerned. what is the difference if
this or that symptom of poisoning (miscalled
disease) is suppressed by the introduction of another poison-and
the death rate from cancer, heart disease, diabetes '
and a hundred other degenerative diseases (all caused by excess
poisons I has risen 200%

300%, 400% in incidence anj death rate since 1900? Allopathic
medicine disclaims any connection, but that must be
because they do not want to see. Any thinking person can see the

"Civilization has gotten rid of many of the communicable diseases
for us, but this was accomplished, as in the
case of the Panama Canal, by hygienic or engineering methods
(killing the mosquitoes) ' rather than by following
the medical approach, which would be classifying and treating
various kinds of malaria.

"Removal of outside toilets manure piles, and other sources of
filth removed also, at the same time, typhoid,
paratyphoid, diarrheas, small pox. diphtheria, scarlet fever, and
many other diseases which are now rare or absent,
but which formerly killed many infants. Hence the apparent
increase in longevity, statistically. It is only necessary
to go to any country where the hygiene has NOT improved, to see
for yourself what accomplished the prevention of
many of the disseases we no longer see much of. Of course the
public here is told that 'shots' and 'immullizations'
were the reason.

'In the meantime, civilization has been responsible, thru wrong
food, bad a i r, unnatural habits, even of
thinking. for the great rise in the OegeneTative diseases, w h i
ch are far more prevalent and deadly than the
communicable diseases ever were. Moreover, both types of diseases
are preventable a nd curable, if taken in time
(which depends

T h e A B E R R E E NOVEMBER, 1961

upon the intelligence of the patient, or of society); but only on
the basis of fundamental change of living habits,
especially, but not entirely, eating habits.

f8so, to the 'ruffians' of destruction mentioned by Wing Anderson
can be added the medical hierarchy, the A.M.A.
and its counterparts in various countries. Not the individual
doctors; many of them are sincere but misguided: many
of them see many of the facts presented here but are afraid to
let it be known, and with good cause. I have been
reviled , persecuted, ostracized, subjected to 'smear programs'
in local yellow journals, miscalled new*.papers, and
finally ousted trom the Medical Association, having committed no
crime but that of daring to disagree with
'authority', especially since I have the patients to prove the
authorities are incompetent. One is able to see the point
of view of the authorities. Peace would be cheap and profitless
compared to war and rumors of war . Health would be
a major disaster--to those who I ive off disease. And doctors are
not the only ones who live off disease. It is BIG

"The viciousness of this big businesst monopolistic.
dog-in-the-manger attitude of allopatbic medicine, and its
unfortunate implications for sick people who know not where
elsetogo, andwho are daily brainwashed to believe in
methods which have never worked and are not working now, has been
told in several books. Two of the best are
'The Real American Tragedy'. by C.Edward Burtis, published by the
Lee Foundation, 2023 Wisconsin Av.,
Milwaukee, Wis., and 'A Matter of Life or Death' by Herbert
Bailey, published by Putnam's. New York. The first
mentioned is concerning the little realized prevalence of the
degenerative diseases and conditions to which I have
referred. The second book is an account of th* treatment received
from the A.M.A. by a top-flight American doctor,
formerly head of a great university. when he had the misfortune
and audacity to investigate and prove superior a
cancer remedy which was produced andthoro-ly tested by reputable
and highly efficient doctors. Unfortunately, the
originator of the idea and the material was a foreigner, not in
the inner 'charmed circle I, and, in spite of
welldocumented cases of its proven efficacy. the A.M.A. turned
thumbs down on this remedy and