Volume 8, Issue 7, page 4



NOWING the functions of, and the tremendous
force of, the Wil I --which in its higher
aspects is latent in most of us --we can
see how essential it is that it should be
awakened. For, like the muscles of the
body, Will grows stronger with use. it is
up to each of us to determine whether we shall
remain infirm of purpose and weak in Will, or
awaken and arouse this force and use it for
our upbuilding.

The first mental approach to cultivate in order that the mind may
draw to itself whatever it desires is
philosophical meditation. This is a receptive condition of mind,
assumed for the purpose of receiving, from Deity,
knowledge concerning a selected subject.

To understand more fully the elements which compose this kind of
meditation, we will analyze them. The first
condition of mind is a receptive one. The word "receptive" is not
used in a negative sense. Never, under any
circumstances. permit yourself to be in a negative condition. The
moment you become negative, you become
subject to malevolent subjective entities and influences which
may control or obsess you and perhaps dominate your
mind thruout 1 i fe .

The occultist insists that the passive negative meditation taught
by many schools in the orient as well as in the
Occident ismost harmful to the ego. Immortality means the
preservation of the individual consciousness. a perfect
individualization can come only thru the continued efforts to
remain in a positive condition of mind. To remain
negative is detrimental to one's evolution. Negativeness also has
its effects upon the physical body by its reflex
action, producing sickness and often dissolution.

Having placed yourself in a positive receptive condition, you
desire to receive knowledge. Knowledge is the
second element, and is all that youcan receive thru meditation,
since qualities or things are brought thru other modes
of mind.

Direct your demand or prayer to the Universal Consciousness, not
to an individual, for there must be no
intermediary. And the receipt of knowledge from thishighest
Source of knowledge is the third element in our

To demand scientifically from Universal Consciousness is very
difficult, i f you have not entirely outgrown the
idea of an anthromorphic God. It may help you to think of
Universal Consciousness as another individual mind near
you that you may speak to as you would to another person. Or, you
may picture It as a golden sun, or center,
vibrating light within your own heart-for the heart center is one
of,the chief points of contact between the individual
and the Univeral Mind.

Many persons feel so far away from God. God is difficult to reach
only because you make it so with your wrong
conceptions of your separateness from It. Take the Great
Consciousness into every thought and act of life; whisper
to it in the darkness of the night and I t will hear and answer
vou. See It ina mental picture

4 The fif

of golden yellow light and It will fill your body with Its
uplifting vibrations. Depend upon It, instead of persons and
things, to bring you what you need, and your demands will never
fail to be met.

There are two reasons why your demands should be made of
Universal Consciousness. If you do not address your
demands to the Highest , your animal. or objective, mind will
assert itself and try answering you. By making your
demands direct to Deity, it has a tendency to prevent the action
of the lower objective mind. However, nothing but
perfect self-control will ever fully prevent the attempted
intervention by the objective mind.

The second reason for addressing your demand to the supreme
Consciousness, as tho it were another mind, is that
you thereby have a tendency to cut off communication with all
other individual minds who are thinking along the
same general lines with yourself. Otherwise. you way get into a
current of thought and be as likely to get wrong
thoughts as right ones.

Many persons "go into the silence", or try to meditate by sitting
and waiting for any thought to come to them.
This way, they are apt to accept any impression that may come to
them, believing such impressions are Divine
inspirations. ibis is not philosophical meditation and cannot
possibly bring the good you desire. The right
way to meditate is to get your subject before going into
meditation, and then ask for knowledge concerning it
and wait patiently for your impression.

The subject for meditation may be anything concerning which you
desire knowledge. It may be
knowledge pertaining to any plane of being, the spiritual.
mental. or physical. But it must be concrete.

The majority of people do not think - they merely dream. people
think they think, but the
fact is theyjump from one thought to anotherwithout logical
sequence or continuity. Many
think of words-not concepts or of concrete mental things. Vhat
concept do most persons have
of love? force? mind? thought? If these words mean anything, then
these are things. It is
possible tohave thoughts without words, and this kind of thinking
is mental picture-making ,
or concrete thought which is real creative thought. Your concrete
thoughts have absolute.
mathematical results.

Early morning hours are best for meditation , because at that
time the great forces of
nature are sweeping thru you and thru that part of the world
where the sun is beginning to
shine. Your own magnetic forces have been drawn back to you
during the previous sleep and you
have not as yet been drawn into the world thought. If you can
devote some time to meditation
before you rise. you will get the best results.

When you demand knowledge from Universal Consciousness. there go
forth from you. according
to the intensity of your thought, maw little magnetic lines into
the ether. These lines look
like blue ra" of light and connect you with the person or titing
which will be the best
instrument to answer your demand.

Deity provides the best way for your demands to be met, according
to your development and
ability to receive them. The answer does not always come
immediately the demand is made, and
you my continue to demand for a month before it comes.

Beginners are likely to make their demand to Deity and then go
and ask some person for
advice. As a result, several answers are received and none may be
right becaum Mty did


E R R E E NOVEmWA. 1961