Volume 8, Issue 6, page 15

know you changed my whole life "the day I came to Phoenix I felt
that life no longer had a

Maning, now I Can see myself

e as you did. I can't remember what you said to me, but the
feeling You left with me will remain to the end of my
days. Do any of your other clients report this to you? --D.M.,
Nollywood, Calif.

DEAR D. M. --What I saw in you was the real You --the Christ
Within. As to the feeling you have, I can't
explain this , but many report this to me. As I have said before,
if I can help one of my fellowmen, then my
existence is justified.


DgAR LOL713 - You called the end of the recession right on cue.
Do you look for another one in the near
future?-J.K., New York, N. Y.

DEAR J. K. -,I do not look for a recession within the near
future. I look for an up-anddown pattern, but quick
ups and downs, leading to a good winter and spring.

DgAR LOUIS-In a recent letter from youp I asked you what you
considered to be xants most important lesson,
and you answered: "To learn to love one another". Couldn't that
lead to complications if everyone went around
loving everyone? - L.J.H., Auckland, N.Z.

DEAR FRIEND - Love and sex are horses of a different color,
despite the ads that offer various tooth pastes and
thisand-that will bring you true love. Love is the most elevating
endeavor-but not in terms of the Present
vernacular. Love is understanding, love is truth, love is light,
love is God. Thus, when we love o ne another, the
God within each of us unites, and the earth could truly be the
heaven descrited in the"good book".


DEAR LOUIS -We hear you're re-doing your carcass. What gives? -
L. L., Denver.. 0010 .

DEAR FRIEND-You hearright

My tailor and doctor deoidej that I had a bit too much extra
tonnage, so I went along with the gag. After all, it's
their business to work with bodies; I only work with souls . I
tried the argument that my blubber provided me with
insulation inthe summer and protection in the winter, but right
now, we have 10 pounds knocked off - with about
40 to

go. ( - ED. NOTE - I f . Louis should disappear from these
columns, we'll blame his doctor and

tailor's over-enthusiasm.)

Ed M i T i

"It only takes 40 Tears to change public opinion, but to change
religious belief might collapse the multiverse

"Far back in history: there were only a few people, 3 or 4
donkeys, and no plumbing --but everything thought,
said, or don e was purely spiritual , sacred, final, and the last
word. Altho human living marches on down thru the
centuries a thousandfold[ (with astronauts and psychonaughts).
there can never be a new (sacred) word outside the
covers of alittle black book (period). " - - A. B. Pierson, Se
lza, Calif. 0 0 0

.9Your series, 'From Nine to Two', is most helpful and
enlightening. Recently, I became interested in
Numerology and am wondering if the numbers chosen by Zora are
intended to convey a message in themselves. It
seems probable, since '2' represents a material principle, and
duality is always observed in this material world, such
as positive and negative electricity, and so on. 'Nine' is
described in my Numerology textbook as 'A mystical
number, being twice three --hence the.perfect plural. It
represents Oerfection, or completion.' Have 1, perhaps.
missed the ekPlanation of this choice of numbers in an earlier
chapter?"--A. Johnson, Syracuse, 1. Y. 0 0 0

"In an cient times, the Egyptians branded their slaves on the
forehead. Such a slave had no escape, as Egyptian
puppets and their cohorts were everywhere. A slave that could not
be captured was killed. Nowadays, the Egyptians,
or their offspring and other Judas agents of theirs, don't have
to do this. They have taught (brainwashed) each slave
'to admit his slave-status by sav


ing that he is a 'Christian' or other religious follower, which i
s tantamoun t to a t at too .

"Since these anonymous Egyptians have made'advances in their
nefarious scheming, they have now included a
new type of brainwashing known as 4 psychopolitics'. They are
getting full control of all people in every country.
They will annihilate or assassinate anyone that tries to stop
them in their diabolical scheming.

ma;*A new scheme is in the ing, which did work in past ages, but
to very smal I extent . Now it's a big scheme to
melt all Peoples into one slave class. No tattooing will be
needed. All who belong to this future slave class will
not be white any more, but tainted with colored blooq of some
sort or other. The Egyptians will not permit this
melting to affect them. Of course not. This is the new way to
brand their slaves- and the slaves will like it.

" The ruling class will live at resorts with not a care in the
world. The lesser Egyptians will run the world and all
good things produced will be shipped to them as a gift of the
slaves to this godly class who have acquired 'Divine'
Fights, etc. A 'new golden age' is promised those of the 'Inner
Sanctum'. There is no direct proof of this, but look at
the record. By their works you shallknow them. This axiom is
Egyptian. It works for them, so why not for us?

"How much longer will they permit people to try and enlighten
each other? They are making laws that are acting
against our freedoms and liberties as a boa constrictor against
its victim. It seems to me that the would-be
enlighteners are permitted just enough rope to entangle
themselves inthis plot and Nill be the first to go when the
last move is made for the 'Inquisition '. Once this plan is put
into operation, even decent people will come under the
hatchet. They can afford to do this because there are too many
people." --John latonak, Lorain, Ohio.

(D 0 0

"It is my understanding that God had no motive to appoint himself
to the 'post' (of beingGod), ashe was already
there in the first place. Being alone, he created man in his
image so that he could have companions; he was
lonesome, according to reports. Cayce tells us the same thing,
and so do others. As to where God came from or who
created him, I have heard that he may not