Volume 8, Issue 5, page 8

control the international banking system, the politicians of
Christian nations, evidenced by the election of a Roman
Catholic to the Presidency of the U. S. (he may be a lay Jesuit~
, the visit of the Queen of England to the white pope, John
XXIII, and the recapture of Protestant churches. President
Kennedy, before his term ends, will have done much to make of
the U.S.A. a parall)el of Franco Spain.

The U. S. A. is in a hot war now, but few persons are aware of
it. When this war is over , governments, economics, and
religion will be changed. The worship of false gods will cease
and mankind will have a unified religion, worship of the
Creator only. With unity of religion will come unity of
government, unity of economics, and peace, plenty, and security to
all mankind.

All history teaches that when any nation thinks itself strong
enough to push other na



CIENCE has long since discovered that all
creation, the entire universe, is con-
trolled by law, which is called Natural
Law. This law controls not only the visi-
ble universe, but the invisible or subjec-
tive plane as well. There is but ONE LAW.
All other laws are but various aspects of the
ONE LAW, which is "Consciousness Thru Force
Producing Fbrm ".

Nothing happens by chance, but because of a consciousness which
has planned. The image or spirit form for
everything came into being on the subjective plane be fore it
appeared in visible form on the earth. The image or spirit of
man came into being on the subjective plane , and when the earth
had evolved to the point of being ready for Man, this
developed soul (or spirit) was ready for a vehicle of expression
on the earth.

The earth is the plane of development thru evolution, and this is
accomplished thru reincarnation, which is the law for
every form, or center, on earth. All visible forms on earth are
in the process of evolution to a higher species, and at the
time that the first souls were created, there was in earth life a
primitiveman. This creature had a highly-developed mind, but
it was an animal mind, for be was not a true man. He had reached
the highest possible development of his species and was
ready to become a true Man-with both mind and soul.

The true Man is a dual center with a dual mind. He is a center of
Universal Consciousness on the subjective plane, as
well as a form on earth. He has asoul-mind and an animal mind. He
also has free will, and can decide for himself whether be
will obey the law and develop, or disobey and lose his soul. All
other forms obey the law, for they have no choice.

Every soul that was sent into earth life divided into halves, and
these half-souls entered into the bodies of the male and

who were ready for souls. In thismanner ,

tions around, it goes down in defeat. The U . S. A. is asking-nay
begging! - for the worst defeat any nation ever suffered.

The Creator and His God have everything under control. All is
well with the world and "God' s kingdom " soon will be
ours. We prayed for it, and our prayer will be answered, and
soon. However, we are making it plenty tough for the Powers
above. Like a man in a well calling for help, who will not look
up when a rope is dropped to him, this nation permits itself
to be brainwashed and thinks the U.S.S. R. our enemy. The
U.S.S.R. is the destroyer of the Capitalist- Xtian syste~n, and
Will go down in history as the pioneer of the new order.

It is suggested that readers who have never read Bellamy's
"Looking Backward "- -publ i shed in 1887 and picturing the
U.S.A. of the year 2000 --do so. To him with eyes open, much of
this great prophecy is fulfilled now.

every man and woman started together their long evolutionary

Souls, being developed on the subjective plane, knew nothing of
the earth until they learned from the animal minds to
which they were joined. The animal mind is original sin, for all
sin is of the flesh. The sins that man learned from his
animal mind are four: emotion , principally fear; sensuousness;
sex desires, and vanity, all of which are in animals
uncontrolled. A little meditation on these four animal
characteristics will show clearly that they are the roots of all
Every sin that man has conceived stems from these basic four. The
things of the earth are ours to enjoy, but in healthful

Civilization started when man began to realize that his personal
safety, the safety of his family and of his possessions,
could only be achieved thru self control, and that his whole
group or tribe must learn to control themselves or be controlled
by force.

As a species, man had reached his highest development before he
became a true Man with both mind and soul;
therefore his further evolution is the development of his soul.
The true Man is a potential
son of God, and he is in earth life to develop to godbood.

The soul of man, being a center of Universal Consciousness, has
the power and knowledge of
the Whole of which he is a part, but this power and this
knowledge must be developed and
unfolded by man himself thru his own efforts. This is
accomplished thru the will power that
is strong enough to subjugate the animal mind and make it one
with the soul-mind. All
knowledge is gained thru meditation, and the most important
knowledge is knowledge of the
self . It would not be possible to achieve perfect development in
the life span allowed to
man, so we are given countless numbers of lives.

Every pair of soul -mates was created exactly the same and given
the same opportunities
when they began their earth lives together. Some souls have
developed life after life, others
have advanced in one I i f e and then f al I en back , and so all
men are not born equal.
Each soul is born of parents in the environment that he has
earned, or into that which is his
j us t desert . Souls become involved with one another thru ties
of love, common interests,
or nationality -others are tied thru hate and lack of
development. Therefore, because
of"unfinished business" between members of the group, they more
often than not reincarnate at
the same time and in the same place

Soul-mates continu; to reincarnate in the (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 10)