Volume 8, Issue 5, page 6

right hand on that other person; then, after drawing into himself
the force, he permits it to flow thru him into the other.
This force can be used advantageously in all nervous troubles,
because it is the nerve field, or life force, which restores
depletion. If properly directed , it will build up diseased cells
and restore wasted tissues in any of the physical organs of the
body. Many persons possess this magnetic force to a great degree
but do not know how to use it, while others perform cures
unconscious of the powers they possess, and without the action of
their own will.

A person who makes a practice of using his animal magnetism or
life force for the treating of disease becomes greatly
depleted at times , since the natural inflow of life force is
never so greatas theoutflow. if the natural inflow of the life
were thruout life as great as the outflow, our bodies would last
forever, because this would make an even exchange of atoms
and no robbery could be perpetrated. There is anactual emanation
from one person to another, and this emanation causes an
exchange of physical atoms. Remember, please, not to confuse this
force with the higher cosmic forces which can be used
for healing purposes without depleting the healer; I am speaking
of the natural life force within the physical body, that can
be used as a curative agency , as Mesmer used it.

it is because of the outflow exceeding the inflow of magnetism
that many drugless healers suffer so much depletion after
their professional manipulations - which are good for the
patients, but hard for them. Sometimes the drugless healer
absorbs the old diseased atoms from his patients, thru
manipulating with both hands at the same time, thus forming a
complete circuit for the magnetic force, which carries from
himhis bestatoms and returns the cast-off ones from his
patients. It is not conducive to the good health of the drugless
or magnetic healer to use both hands while treating the sick.
In severe cases, where it seems that a life should be kept from
going out, it may be done. Immediately afterward, both hands
and arms should be bathed in hot water, rubbing the arms and
hands from the elbows down to the tips of the fingers. In this
way, it is Dossible to remove, by aid of the hot water, many of
the low vibrating atoms which have been taken into the

When a mental healer begins to lose his force, or power to heal,
as many do, the world says:"If mind is infinite, why
has this healer failed?" The reason is this: First. the brain has
become tired by continuous concentration

and its material atoms have taken a slower, rate of vibration
because the outflow of magnetic force has been much greater
than the inflow. Thru his intense interest in his cases

perhaps his sympathies have gone out to his, patients with his
treatments, and there was an expenditure of emotional
force. Without understanding the reason for his waning power, he
tries to go on with the work of healing when he should
rest and sleep, and in this manner draw back to himself the life
force he has given away. After a time he finds himself
depleted and is compelled to retire from service humiliated and
chagrined - perhaps because of unkind criticism he has
received from those to whom he has given his life force.

There is a better and a higher way to treat the sick than by the
magnetic force which made Mesmer famous, and that is to
remain in a positive condition of mind, control your sympathies,
and thus hold your own magnetic force

as a basis over which you may draw the higher cosmic forces, and
pass them on toyour patients without so greatly
depleting yourself. If you can control your sympathies, and
remain positive, you can treat without serious depletion as
many patients as you can entertain during business hours. If you
cannot remain positive, it is then better
to direct mentally the cosmic forces without physical contact
with the Patient.

But, you may say, this is not the aspect that modem science is
investigating. It is true that it is not practiced along the
lines Mesmer laid down-except by physicians who are beginning to
use electricity intheir practice, and who attempt to do
with electricity precisely what Mesmer attempted to do with his
magnets. I am not sure they are any more successful .
because Mesmer also used the greater force of mind to assist
these currents.

Modern science is more concerned with hyDnotism - artificial
sleep - which may be Produced upon one's self or upon
another. It may be produced by the power of will, by mechanical
processes, or a combination of the two. Mechanisms used
to Produce hypnosis are revolving mirrors, bright lights, or
anything that will excite the optic nerves and raise
them to a rate of vibration which will enable the subject to pass
into hypnosis, or sleep.
Unnatural stimulation of the nerves of the eyes, or of the nerves
at the base of the brain,
or by focusing the sight at an angle of 45 degrees, and then
gradually raising it until the
pupils are turned upward toward the upper lids, will produce an
abnormal nervous excitation.
While the subject is in this condition, he readily accepts the
mental suggestion of sleep,
passing into hypnosis. In this manner, he is forced out of his
physical body, is under the
control of the operator's mind, and is also exposed to any or all
influences upon the
subjective Plane which he has abnormally invaded. I f the
byDnosis is complete, then both
minds of the subject are absolutely under control of the
operator; if the hypnosis is only
Partial, then nothing but the objective, or lower mind, of the
subject is controlled. While
in this condition, and passive to the will of another , the
subject must accent as true
everything suggested to h i m by that control I ing mind

whatever command is given him in sleep he will obey when be
awakens, and without knowing why.
From the first moment the subject yields his will to another, he
becomes that other 's slave
, if that one desires to make him so. So long as the operator
lives in this world, so long
will he be able to control the subject, unless his power is

It is gradually being understood that morality does not enter at
all into the question of
control, but that it depends wholly upon whether or not both
minds of the subject are
controlled. Occultists believe there is no disease, no trouble,
nor anything in the world
that can justify a person in attempting to hypnotize another. If
a person consents to be
hypnotized, then it is because he does not know the dangers he
incurs by consenting, and his
ignorance should not be taken advantage of by one who knows

(Next Month-Part 2, De~ense Against Hypnotism)

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