Volume 8, Issue 4, page 18

believe, than any one party since I started reading the magazine.
He should have credit for making a lot of people
think (which is an unusual accomplishment in these daysl, if
nothing else.

"He seems to be suffering from the pangs of disillusionment. It
seems that he must have started out all starryeyed
and looking at the world thru rose-colored glasses. The world
accepts no teaching until it is forced down their
throats. The Catholics killed people by the millions in giving
their church a good start. The Protestants murdered far
too many themselves, but between the two of them, Churchanity is
the accepted way of life for millions of people.
So, unless he expects a long, hard grind, he will have to go out
and murder and kill if he expects his teaching to be
accepted quickly.

"If he actually does have a truth, then he has the alternative of
preaching and practicing and being satisfied with a
few followers who are actually seeking the truth.

"His pet gripe seems to be that 'I gave and now I do not have
with wh at to buy. ' N o w that isn 't a very practical
attitude to take in this 20th Century ratrace...If he wanted
money for his services, he should have said so ... He
gave, and the Law of Life is that when you give, you receive in
kind. He gave healing, so he receives health. If he
wanted money instead of health, he should have stipulated it. Now
he is giving resentment because he didn't get the
money, and what he receives for that ain It



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fonna be good. Judging from he tone of his letter and a few
others in the past, it aintt good!

"He further states that, because of their attitude, 'a healer'
'is inclined to look upon humanity as just a flock of
worthless vultures that deserve the misery they suffer'. ... It
is one of the truest facts that has ever been stated.
Humanity gets what they deserve and-that includes Morris Katzen
and myself. It is the Law of Compensation, Cause
and Effect, Action and Reaction. Let Mr. Katzen realize that he,
too, gets what he deserves and then do a little self-
analyzing ...

"Let's go on. He says there 'is something wrong with the idea of
giving healing free ' . In the first place, he, nor
anyone else on Earth, can 'give' healing. Healing comes from one
source only, and that is from God, Spirit, the
Inner Man. This Source might use Morris Katzen or it might use
someone else as the agent thru which the healing
comes, but when they get the idea they, themselves, are the
healer, it's time for an analyzation." --Russe I I F.
Jones, Raxona, Calif.


"Symbology of the June ABERREE cover:

"I. The man clothed in blue and white depicts truth and loyalty.
His pipe is an ornament rather than a deterrent.
His cap or head covering showing checks denotes a change in
mental faculties.

"2. He holds in his hand a mirror with a rear view and a
futuristic v i e w. He is only looking with one eye
which is a sign of spiritual light, which he sees in the coloring
and the parts of 'The Whole'.

"3. The red color is becoming less physical and more spiritual as
is the accoutrement of the wife or mother . The
rose -symbol of material love - is more deeply significant since
it is a mixture, of yellow and red.

"4. The global aspect features four and a possible five body
(unit or erg of energy), while the two white
bodiesflying saucers-depict two and a possible three operators at
the switchboard.

"5. The two Centers in the pupil of eye (iris) convey the idea of
the cellular structure which is that of a seer or
philosopher, being able and endowed to use super-sensory
perception to analyze situations and solve some of the
problems of the human family.

"13. The Madonna herself


sees in the darkness of closed eyes more than the average mother
sees with open eyes. Her constancy and fidelity is
depicted by the g e In on h e r turban. Her hands, symbolic of
grace and healing, are those of a true mother or wife.

"7 The epitome is this: The light of the body is the eye; if,
therefore, thine eye be single, thywhole body shall
be full of light (illumined).

"True or falsell~--Mihnie V. Bahr, Enid, Okla.

(ED NOTE-Frankly, we didn't kn~wthegunwas So loaded.) 000

"I want to thank Morris Katzen and Stanley Clason for their kind
words about 'Power of
Negative Thinking'. Also, want to tell Stanley C. that anyone can
get a D.A.-as long as he
studies directly under THE MASTER. If he is really interested, I
would be willing to
negotiate thedetails. There will ' of course, be a small
fee..."--mulliel Griebe, Dover, N. J


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