Dear Editor (continued)

of the mutilated Bible. Consider when Joshua marched around Jericho and blew the trumpet seven times and the city walls fell down. Again, in reference to the 'Last Trump', we read in Revelation. This is simply soul unfoldment which is referred to wrongly as psychic development. These vibrations of sound do act upon the 'Seven Churches of Asia', the vital glands starting from the wilderness of the sacral center where 'Jesus' was tempted. Perhaps if we can afford the time to think a little and consider the violent noise they call music that comes over the radio, we may find some answers to our state of degeneracy, for it is known that a long continued vibration of sound will drive a person mad, or near to, and quicker if it be of an opposite rhythm to the basic tone of that individual. We all do have our basic sound vibration , or tone and color.

"Let us forget for a time , if we can, those of Scientology, the boys who found a new toy. These folk have absolutely nothing new except terms. Others spoke of 'mock-ups' as imagination, and psychoanalysts of the old days used other terms for engrams, etc. The whole thing is a laugh to those who have attended a few occult schools. All that is new about Scientology is the name. The reason occult schools did not let this out was because of hypnotism involved. This is the negative path, no more."-John Dobbs, S. Burnaby, B.C.

* * *

"My statements in 1954 about Dianetics are NOT my statements in 1961 about Dianetics. Dr. Thibodeau evidently still does not realize that the basic principle of dehypnotization is to disidentify oneself from the past.

"Just as the attitude of some of the most rigid Freudian analysts in 1954, to the effect that Freud (like Hubbard) was infallible, incontrovertible, is not the attitude of most of those same analysts in 1961.

"Electropsychometry is fundamentally based on Count Korzybskils work 'Science and Sanity', and the major developments leading to the perfection of the present methodology occurred thru experiences, not in Dianetics, but in Concept Therapy.

"As to the piece in your June issue about hypnosis, this is a hodgepodge of sophistry, a jumbling together of unethical and ethical procedures. Since the author runs in some arbitrary assertions about God and God'spurposes, and implies that hypnotic methodologies are in contravention thereof, I shall conclude by asking him if the following affirmation, applied under hypnotic techniques, is evil:

'"I am thinking, feeling, believing, knowing, and visualizing both consciously and subconsciously, with increasing vividness, clarity, intensity, enjoyment, and certainty that I am coordinating, integrating, harmonizing my conscious, my subconscious, and my superconscious processes, and thereby I am becoming more aware of the healing, energizing, self - expressing power of Divine Presence within me.'

"This is merely an example of one of our major affirmations which are applied via 'hypnotic' techniques,

"The piece by Dr. Crawford comes along at just the right moment to be incorporated as a perfect example of phony antihypnosis literature in my next book of exposes, to be entitled, 'Where the Hell Are We?"' -- Volney G. Mathison, Los Angeles, Calif.

* * *

"Your auditorial, 'Union of Minds Checks Therapeutic Hypocrisy'-superb! Enjoyed the Crawford article...

"Louis has done much wonderful work for me and several friends here. As a Tarot reader and teacher of Tarot, accuracy in psychic seeing I am accustomed to. But Louis! Batting average is so high I couldn't be higher in my praises. His column, 'I See for You', along with auditorials, and 'Hart to Heart', my constant favorites. Of the serials-well, Faucett and Julaine are the real thing.

"And what's happened to 777? miss Phil Friedman's funny fussyes (as in yes-fuss)."

-Randolph Ray, Laguna Beach, Calif.

* * *

"We allowed our 'Scientists, (?) to poison our air. poison our soil, poison our water, poison our minds, etc. Unless this is planned population reduction, with selected and protected survivors - it's insane. " -- Granville Rice, Lansdale, Penn.

* * *

"Please accept my thanks for having a publication in which anyone can freely express thoughts, attitudes , gripes, or wild opinions without fear of anything more serious than the expressed disagreements of others concerning them.

"Some of your contributors have provided especially helpful and thought-provoking articles. I am more or less well acquainted with some of the authors: Arthur J. Burks. Bob Wingate, and Blanche Pritchett . Am especially pleased to see letters from the two mentioned last, in the May issue.

"My husband, Dean, and I being former students at the Academy and attendants of Congresses in Washington since 1956, have seen how the HCO in Washington operates to get rid of its top people in Scientology.

"It was two years ago in May that Don Purcell left his body and decided not to take another right away. When Ron made that 'amusing' crack about some auditor a few years from now who would call for help in auditing Don Purcell (in a new body) at his Congress of January, 1960, he didn't know that I had a letter from Blanche in the house telling of the visit he (Don) made to her.

"Let me quote: (From a letter dated 12/6/59 written by Blanche) 'A few months ago. a former associate of Ron's died. He was no one I had ever heard of. Three months ago, I had a visit from him, and he identified himself to me by his last known earth identity, Don Purcell.

"'He told me that he was above the body game at last, and that he was not going to take a body again for quite a while at least. He said that he had been betrayed by Ron, and that since he had lost his body he had been observing the various activities going on on this planet, and that he found that our activities were the ones of highest order, and he was aligning his thetan abilities with us.

"'The next day, I found out that (three men there in the group) all knew of Don Purcell, and that he was a millionaire who backed Ron with Dianetics. They broke up in Wichita. Ron claimed that Purcell tried to steal Dianetics from him.

"'I now have the information that Ron withheld too much. The first book of Dianetics was a chapter from the famous "Excaliber", and Purcell wanted Ron to publish the whole book, but Ron refused to give out the information therein, for he desired to set up and control an organization, and set himself at the control point of this planet. Ron was afraid that man would go out of his control. when they dis