Volume 8, Issue 4, page 14

isee for yez,


(ED. NOTE--Louis will be traveling this summer, meeting groups
that have invited his to app:ar before them. so
has asked that no question-asking letters be a nt him until after
I September.)

DEAR LOUIS: While !ny sister and I were visiting in Denver last
summer, a man we did not know asked to
take our Pictures. A few weeks later we -received the prints.
Appearing on the prints was my mother, who has
been dead three years. Was this some kind of warning?

9. H. , Sa I inas, Ca Z if.

DEAR FRIEND -- Undoubtedly someone like Harold Kinney would be
better qualified to answer your question,
but I would be most pleased at what happened, and would choose to
think this was a sign of your mother Is love and
affection. She manifested herself there beside you to send you
love in a tangible and material way . Recently I had a
similar thing happen to me. I was visiting the past president of
Mexico , and since I had a few spare hours one day,
I went on a brief sightseeing trip. I wandered into an old
church, and decided to take some pictures of same. This was
a very old abandoned church, but when the pictures were printed,
there were many people attending a mass of some
kind. I think it best to accept these things, thank the Father
for them, and let it be.

DEAR LOUIS--Did I understand you correctly when you were in
Denver recently; did ou say you were a

.3 . , Denver, Colo.

DEAR FRIEND-No, you misunderstood me completely. Someone asked-me
what church I belonged to, and my
answer was I belong to none, but I did feel a closeness to the
Buddhist (because of past incarnations) and I still do.

D.EAR LOUIS--Can you tell me, when will I die?--L.D., Omaha, Yeb.

DEAR FRIEND--Let's see, you

are in your early 20's now. MY you should be thinking abou~
living, not dying. I'm sorry, but I never discuss death
in my wo rk. My philosophy does not recognize same--Plus, I help
people live, not die.


DEAR LOUIS-Should I take a trip to England? I am 81 years
old.-G.M.J., Frostburg, Nd.

DEAR FRIEND - By all means,
yes - go and stay a year You
have manylovedones ther~ and
a reunion will do you al I 6od .
I'd go by jet and you'll be
there in a few hours. Have a
nice trip and send me a card
from the London I love so very
much. 0

DEAR LOUIS--I would like to go on a good cleansing diet; can you
recommend one? - J.M., Lordsburg, 1.

DEAR FRIEND--As Ihave stat - ed time and time again, I' m not a
dietician or anything related to same, but I do
know of several diets that are used in cleaning out the carcass.
one is eat one dozen oranges$ skin and all, for 10 d
aysplus water, and that's all . Another is eat fresh green
things, such as lettuce. parsley, celery, spinach - all raw -
for a week to 10 days The third- u s e d by advocaies of yoga -
is a fast with no food for a week or so.

DEAR LOUIS --How can we clean VP the "red light" district in our
area? - (1ame and town withheld)

DEAR X--Stop patronizing same.



the Fredericks went on to Taos

N. Mex., and an unsuccessful effort to trade off a Las Vegas
apartment house for a Taos Indian pueblo. American
Indians have " smartened up" a b it from the days when they'd
trade off an,entire island for $24 worth of beads and

IMorris Katzen claims a spirit message has identified "a white
powder that will cure cancer", but he's not ready to
stick his neck in the A.M.A. guillotine by naming it. Maybe the
best cancer cure spirits could come up with is not
"a white powder", which no one dares publicize, but a way to cure
therapy of the A.M.A., and their insatiable
appetite for big cars and control...

410ursection of Enid had two disturbing events at the same time:
tornadoes and a Holy Roller revival. When the


.. saved" got to demonstrating, our first reaction was to seek
shelter in a ditch, so much did they resemble the city's
warning siren system. And wben the sirens really were sounding,
they had so much competition f rom the rain and
strong winds that they were much less effective than the revival
yelling hadbeen. We didn't even know of the alert
until we read the next day's papers. Maybe we're just more
sensitive to sectarian blasphemy than to secular blasts...

11 The Art Coulters are going to St_ockfi_oTm__7o_r a month on
July 17, where Art will attend the
International Biophysical Congress. We predict a few delegates,
at least, will ~o home thoroly indoctrinated in
something American called Synergetics...

J QgX1 jardine, one of our Scientology friends back in the days
when we were Scientologists, telephoned us
from Kansas City one evening, and said he would come down ' if he
could out-postulate others also seeking seats on
the same plane. But he must not have made it-and we regretted a
chance to catch up on "the years between" by one
of the earliest-and we suppose still strongest-diantologist ...

J Thanks toEarl Dowse of

Ponca City for a _Iarge -box of
books for the Lending Library.
others helping to push us into
tents in the cherry orchard
are Health Research, of Moke-
lumne H=1. TaTrf -,Herb Black-
schleger. of Van NuTs-.C=..
who sent us "Hide", and the
usual 1 a r g e s S f rom " Anony-
mous". This gentleman/lady at
one time must have had the
largest library of its kind in
the U.S.t since his/her pack-
ages come to us with all kinds
of postmarks... 41 Altho we can
look at the long rows of books
and conclude that we have suf-
ficient titl ' es to cure anyone
of believing what they read,
there still are readers who
write in and request books we
do not have, and some we fve
never even heard of...

Iq One of Life's amusing sidelights: Raymond Reid, of Trenton,
N.J.. who occasionally has expressed himself
unflatteringly regarding D.D.'s (particularly the editor), has
himself been awarded the title of "Doctor of Divinity" by
Belin Memorial University, Manassas, Va. Congratulations, Dr.
Reid, and we bet you've discovered, as did we, that
titles don't make one one bit better nor one iota worse than they
were before getting same...